Raw Deal Commentary (Podcast Special)

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Thomas Finnegan
I've been watching and really enjoying these Arnie commentaries I think this and Commando might be the most fun. I do hope you do Red Heat
shanta gurung
westing my time
Ah sorry I've not been on Facebook for a while albeit liking a few posts etc. I'll check just now and prepare for the rage!! hehe
Oliver Harper
Well i'm sure you saw Facebook? Richard isn't happy with it, like most people lol. But Im sure will discuss it soon.
"COCAINUM!!!" hehe it has so many great Arnie one liners....Really looking forward to it buddy. Can't wait to hear you and Richard's opinion on the new Robocop trailer too. I assume you'll be recording a podcast just for that?? Thanks
Oliver Harper
Cheers Stew!. yeah i had the same situation as a kid with this flick. Im looking forward to Red Heat, I haven't seen it in ages.
Great commentary as always guys!! This was one of these movies that I didn't get when I was younger. It just didn't seem like an Arnie film but as I've got older I appreciate it a whole lot more. I totally agree that you could easily transplant Charles Bronson or Clint Eastwood in the role. Robert Davi is a legend!! Thanks guys....looking forward to Red Heat!! (And good ole Sven Ole Thorsen at the beginning....Arnie really put him in everything eh?? Hehe)
Oliver Harper
Yes Richard and I will cover Conan soon.
Nick Michalak
I live in the suburbs of Chicago. This film was definitely shot there. I can recognize the skyline, downtown on Wacker Drive, the defunct Meigs Air Field, and Navy Pier. Fun commentary, guys! It's great that all the Arnie films I bought on DVD last December are paying off with these commentaries. I've got "Red Heat," too.
Oliver Harper
haha. We are doing Red Heat next!.
gonna run out of Arnie films at this pace, but im deff not complaining :D
DJ Ritty
I probably laughed hardest along with you guys during the kitchen scene at 11 mins or so...that shit was hilarious! ...I'm surprised this wasn't Raw Deal 2...
Obscure Entertainment
RAW DEAL 2: a troublesome ordeal. Coming this summer.
Not sure if you have watched Sabotage. But that seems to be a similar problem to not being an arnie movie.
geet on duh plane!
Trembling Colors
I agree that Arnold didn't belong in this movie. This movie should have had a smaller budget and starred someone like Michael Biehn or William Petersen.
I thought Richard said he was black and bald. Lol
Yeah, The Last Stand should have been a sequel to this.
John Ninnis
I like Raw Deal even though it looks like a 1970's crime film starring Charles Bronson or Franco Nero. John Irvin always seemed to one of those underrated directors with films like Dogs of War, Hamburger Hill & City of Industry.
Jamie Sutherland
I do have a minor affinity for this film. Mainly because it's the closest thing we have to a cheap, direct-to-VHS Arnold shlockfest.
A.shams Shamselden
انت ابن مره وسخه
Van Halen were not Hair Metal!!!
Trembling Colors
In Predator his name was Alan "Dutch" Schaefer so he was actually playing someone of German or Austrian descent. Predator and Escape Plan are the only movies where he's actually played a character that makes his accent make sense.
This movie only existed because De Laruantis (sorry for the spelling) as Arnie didn't want to do a Coan 3 so they did this instead. Was directed by the guy who did the Tinker Tailor tv series which might explain the sluggish pace.
So that's the second film so far including Eraser which has Arnie going into a gay bar. I wonder if there's more.
Lee Jones
The forgotten Arnie film and did not make alot of money I guess after Predator everyone was anxious to see Arnie fail and that came true with Last Action Hero
Maybe it was just the cassette of Raw Deal I rented back in the day, but in my HUMBLE opinion, this movie looks like it was shot on jvc mini tape.