La Dura Complete: The Hardest Rock Climb In The World

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Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra spent two years working together to climb La Dura Dura (5.15c / 9b+), the world's hardest climb. This film tells the story of their unique collaboration and shows Adam's historic first ascent and Chris' second ascent. Presented by prAna, Black Diamond, Sterling Rope, Evolv, Petzl, and Walltopia. With music by Build Buildings, Abel Okugawa, Okai, Animals on Wheels, Pascal Savy, and The Green Kingdom. For the full backstory on Chris, Adam, and the route, check out the original film, "La Dura Dura" available on the REEL ROCK 7 DVD and Download here:

Joe Foxwell
"I'm a pretty laid back guy when I climb"..... AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
merope alcyone
At first I was turned off by the grunting and shouting. Then I realized it was coming from me.
When you carry all the shopping bags from the car in 1 go. It's the same grip
He has a mustache on his bottom lip
The same sounds come out of my bathroom every morning while I'm having a La Dura Dura.
You think that's hard? Try climbing out of $30,000 of college debt.
I wonder if people exactly realize how fuckingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg difficult this is. These guys are hanging onto literal half-finger spaces, by their whole body weight. Literal half-toe lengths as well. And then they have to concentrate all their body weight onto these tiny tiny spaces. And they do this over and over and over again. I don't think it's exaggeration to say that 99.9% of ppl wouldn't be able to do the hardest part even once.
Uncletaco supreme
I think you need to yell louder. That will scare the rocks into submission.
My favorite part is when he said 'AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!'
Even if there was a ladder there, I wouldn't make it
PlsCallMe Rook
When my mom walked in, I switched to porn because it's easier to explain the moaning and horse noises going on.
John Pizzurro
The exact sound when I step on a lego.
Wayland Smith
I really love how Ondra and Sharma are with each other. In a sense they are rivals - Sharma was the best extreme-difficulty climber in the world until a little while back, now that title has probably passed to Ondra. But each of them is so genuinely helpful and supportive to to the other - what a great example not only of sportsmanship, but also of well-lived lives.
Wayland Smith
As of 2018 this is no longer the hardest rock climb in the world. The hardest to have been climbed is Silence, 9c (15d), in a cave in Flatanger, Norway, It was climbed in 2017 by Ondra: no-one else has climbed it since.
Doesn't look that hard. (I mean the standing on the ground and looking up at it part)
I like to use this screaming tactic on the indoor gyms. Helps asurt my dominance
Tony Lee
Shit, their resting holds, I don’t think I can stay on them for like a second
HalJo Dav
This is where the first Super Saiyan transformation will happen.
Love the rabid intensified screaming. Really goes to show the passion they have for the sport.
Costa del Artlepool
Wow, listen to them... they must really hate climbing
Probably the best climbing video I've ever seen. Unfortunate that my neighbour thought i was being murdered and called the police.
ed lugo
you know how people’s palms usually sweat when watching videos like this? yeah. my feet sweat. lmao
J.P. Larson
12:42 closest real life smeagol from lord of the rings there will ever be
Skydiving Squid
You should hear him when he tries to carry all the groceries in side the house in one trip.
Vera _
5:10 kdo je Čech a rozuměl tomu?😂
tapio järvinen
I know nothing about climbing, but daggomnit this seems awesome (and hard)!
Bartek Kay
This was a fantastic watch. Major respect to Chris for sticking with it and completing the route. What a champ.
Be Positive
Wow, I like watching 'the struggle' over the final perfect edit. The strength in these guys is incredible!
The guy from Split ????? Ya know the guy that can scale any walls
I always like to think how great some of these climbers would be as assassins, scaling the sides of mountain fortresses thought impenetrable to reach their targets. Then I came across this guy and that idea shattered.
Changsoo Hahm
I recommend this video to people with dry hands
"PÍÍČE to snad... MRDAT" Feels really good to be slav in situations like these haha
15:18 - How non-climbers view climbers
Zachary Kelley
8:06 "I'm such a, kinda like, laid back guy when it comes to my climbing" ...5 seconds later: "AAAAUGHHHH!!!! xO"
They are making these screeching noises when they climb the hardest route in the world. I'm here making the screeching noises when someone kills me in Call of Duty.
The shaggy headed guy has one of the longest necks I've ever seen on a human
thrilling to watch. ive climbed just enough to know i have zero chance of ever reaching this level of excellence. amazing.
Sergio Carmona
I live 20 km from there and one day i was walking this way, cause there is beautiful romanic church in the end of this pathway. i didnt know that this rock wall next to Oliana is call " la dura". And the most funny thing is that i have seen Adam Ondra training there, and i had no idea that this was so important. If you can, visit L'alt d'urgell, in (Lleida), Catalonia, Spain. Is one of the most beautiful and amaizing territories of Spain. Forget the crowdy Barcelona and come, its just 2 h in a bus from Barcelona, next to Andorra.
Hard to watch. Wanted to put it on mute after the first scream.
try climbing that neck
THE cool guy
if you climb and are looking at the comments for talk about the route, you wont find anything here. summary of below is basically "honnold did it with no rope" and "free solo lol"
Alejandro Aceves
7:55 to 8:00 is the scariest rollercoaster that you will ever go on
Length of that neck! Too much screaming
why my manz screaming like he giving birth
I love this video! Adam and Chris are freaks of nature.
Everything is Possible
Question to the author, how did you make this picture on the preview, when the muscles are so well viewed, what is the effect of computer graphics?
townes v.
I ll stick with ALEX HONNOLD  thank you,  this guys screaming  is too much for me,
Mati Carc
Increíble! En San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina, tenemos rocas gigantes de niveles sólo para expertos, acérquense a conocerlas! Bendiciones y saludos!
Georgia Millis
Does anyone else get sweaty hands just watching people climb??
Joseph LaChance
Why are they expending all the extra energy and and oxygen by screaming like a bunch of nutcases? I get that it probably amps them up but they seem like they would know better then to waste all that energy for nothing.
The fact that a Human can climb a rock like a spider is beyond me
Jordan Rawls
When she say don't stop. aaaahhhhhhh!
Akaki Yohada
What if someone came up behind him and free climbed that route?
C Dubs
Never fails. Bring a bunch of people together to hang out around a fire in the wild and you'll always find a dirty hippie playing some stupid instrument like a wooden flute.
George Samaras
During those explosive climbing moves, he sounds like a wild animal.
Griffith _
This video started my interest in climbing. I’m just getting to v4 bouldering :)! I have a lot to learn!
Dan Lyday
I completely understand what these guys are feeling it's basically a metaphor for dark souls
The Wonderland Show
The next challenge is the first quiet stealth ascent of La Dura ;-D
Patrick Edlanger in his prime would have smoked all of them...
Don Johnson
Lol armchair experts crack me up. Most of you guys claiming this shit isn't difficult or making fun of the yelling don't even know the difference between sport climbing and top roping. What these guys did is truly incredible. These two are truly the pinnacle of their sport. Is it really so hard to recognize someone else's skill and accomplishments?
Alex Prideaux
Incredible to watch. Didn’t even realize this was possible. Thank you guys.
Respect Gentlemen. I'm in Awe..
stop shouting and save your energy
Kima Sailo
Any palm sweating, holding a phone?
Tim Miller
Is all very impressive but I find the way they learn to fall and not injure themselfs to be a skill that allows them to continue fighting healthy time and time again to be a skill perhaps over looked by some
he screams so hard his head is starting to take of
Climbs mount Olympus* Killz Zeus*
Fabrice Da Silva
wow, unbelievable ! congratulations guys
Dr Fumesta
I was thinking about going indoor rock climbing but now it seems like I'd be wasting my time.
Jemerson Diaz
Sharma will always be the best, living legend!
Miss Lamb
*Man screams in guttural pain several times before falling ass backwards into solid rock Man this looks like a fun hobby
Andy Wright
Sounds like you hate climbing 🧗‍♂️
Climb you majestic mountain giraffe, I believe in you.
Oto Sonet
I recognozed that guy is Czech, acording to "bad words" said when he felt... :)
Matthew Lau
I expected to hear some flamenco music on'd be so sweet!
When Chris Sharma says a climb has "really crappy holds", son, you better believe those are some crappy holds.
Aaron Hawley
oh my gosh those handholds are nearly nonexistent its actually insane! must hurt WORSE than fire.
Mat roupsup
« It has really bad holds on it » Love it
Ive seen this video too many times now. Always worth it tho
Sean Wagner
Awesome, now my neighbors think Im a serial killer after blasting this from my computer
Max Doubt
I feel his pain. Everything is harder wearing jeans.
Parker Walton
If you watch this upside down it looks that much harder.
Is this extended footage for Lord of The Rings? Sounds like I'm watching Smeagol...
harry phạm
jesus this is painful to watch. respect!
Hrishi Alda
sharma???great climbers..It 's almost 90 degree and are pictures taken from dron
Jack Sagehorn
*Female tennis players try rock climbing*
Tony Edwards
are there any 200 pound climbers
My feet have never been this sweaty in my life.
I don't think I've heard people shout this much while climbing ever
Jilly Senk
How did I end up here
Aadin Heals
I just love the rock climbing community
Samuel Debas
When goku and vegeta is climbing
Wow! That is amazing! Those guys have amazing talent!!!
Eric Heagan
Thanks for the post. I agree they are all the best in their respective niches.
Counter Punch Boxing
These people make me feel so out of shape I have a hard time climbing into bed
Sławoj Ch
I'm here by accident, but boy am i glad. That is some truly incredible stuff.
Border Man
I was able to skip ab day simply by scrolling through the comments on this video.
Navraj Gill
Omg i think i found what my body is madr for, skinny guys climb!
Mister Fusion
Remember, the equation of force due to gravity is: F = mg - AAAAGH!