Black Sabbath - Iron Man - Guitar Cover (with Solos)

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Support me on PATREON - />Here's the cover of Iron Man by Black Sabbath. Good 'ol classic tune by the Godfathers of Metal! Click here if you want to learn this song -

Mr. Propagandalf
I am the ice cream man running over fat kids in my van When I ring my Bell, all the big fat kids run like hell They're running as fast as they can but they cannot escape my van
Tyler Mcay
All the dislikes were guitar store employees
first person I have seen play it right on youtube
Sheo The Mad God
And Jesus plays the drums.
Christian Whitmore
POWER CHORDS E: 7 10 10 - 12 12 15-14-15-14-15-14-15-14 10-12 12
Shadow Dragon
You will be missed Tony
Stevie Wonder
Ha! Where was this this when I was a kid? We had to keep repeating the album over, and over. Thanks for posting this!!
Pretty damn good, man. Did you do the drums for it as well?
Ryan Stonestreet
my opinion is the solo is tough at first and everything else is pretty easy and fun, definitely a must learn song
Youyou A.
Really nice cover :)
Luis Romero
best cover i watched
Simply excellent. That's really all there is to say.
If i could give you a million likes for this I would But know that I am in spirit all the same This was AWESOME :)
Monkey Brains
Man it must have taken u a long time to master the guitar nice job man
John Neira
Thx bro. Great, and beautiful presentation. Love the dry, B&W theme, clean. Made it easy to focus and follow you.
who was waiting for the *"I AM IRON MAN"*
John Shepard
I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite video on YouTube.
Stephen Mitev
Pozdravi ot Stara Zagora!
Nate Calhoun
What are the equipments used here? Thanks a bunch!
john ryan edwardo
Why can't I take this video offline??
The typical dude
Vince Russo theme? Btw Excellent if not flawless cover!
Ac gaming 999
I’m currently practicing this as this is one of ma pieces for ma higher exam in March 2019 👌
vladimi valerio
que solo perfeito ta,na,nanana,tananananana
Kela Pearse
I AM IRON MAN Robert Downey Jr will always be the best Avenger to me✋😎✋(cue Badass explosion)
Karl-Henrik Arendt
12 envious guys gave this video a thumbs down! Great performance!!
you're stupidly good with the guitar🔥🎸
C&S pets
wow great job it sound amazing best iron man i've heard on guitar
Alexander Estk
I’m over here trying to learn sweet dreams by Marilyn Manson🤦🏻‍♂️
Siddharth Sen
Awesome cover!! Also really liked your patch, its almost like the original!!! Great Work!
Hanging Ape
Superb man! This is what ive been looking for..
Valentin Angelov
Pozdravi ot Plovdiv, super si! :)
Henry 994
Very good, flawless solo! THank you for uploading.
udai raj
so much talented guy you are santos ...iam nicely played by you...thanks for it
Arturo cuautle de luphita
Rifas morro yea. Like
sti guy
You're awesome man really doing this classic justice
Максим Логинов
Отличный кавер! Молодец!
Ricardo Queirós
Nice sound, gratz!
Rafael Freitas
Amazing cover dude :D
Killer Cover  The Solo forget about sounds  hard to play Lol
Rodo Cantú
Nice cover!
Gilmar Coimbra
Que linda música bem tocada, hein! Inté parei de conversar aqui com amigos e dar um grauzinho nesse petardo. Bom demais!
Kela Pearse
I AM IRON MAN Robert Downey Jr will always be the best Avenger to me✋😎✋(cue Badass explosion)
Diego Garcia
I swear every time I go to guitar center I always hear this😂
Clo Bou
I'm in love 😍 (with the sound)
Oh, so that's how you play the intro
Nuri Can Selver
I'm going to buy a new Guitar(Normal) soon so what do you guys suggest ?
Totally Brett
Nice job on the solo!
Jim O
Awesome dude! Thanks for making this video! I looked at the tabs for this on songsterr and thought, "how the hell does one do a full bend on the low E without fretting?" (tabbed as O full^) But you cleared that question up nicely!
Hunter Frye
This was Awesome
Lael Destan
Would love to see you do this with an actual band. Even if you keep it an instrumental it would be awesome.
Oscar Edberg
so good!!
This is perfect!
Patrickation 1109
you are very good 👍👍🤘🤘
Monish Jasbird
Excellent cover keep rocking, check my cover of iron man(guitar(solo)+vocals with ending solo) & paranoid(bass) you may like it
cedric cedric
bravo, super interprétation. j'adore
Cpt.Cancerous _
I'm I the only one amazed by how shinny his pickups are?
Alex Blazquez
This has to be the best equalized instrumental version on YouTube even for vinyl versions. Perfect balance mids and lows.
Irene Jennifer
the aesthetic of this video is amazing. great cover!!!
scott šzabo
you hold the bridge much like Tony Iommi
Awesome cover, Man!!! :-D I really enjoyed listening to it. :) I am currently stuck on learning the solo myself- :P
Evan Perrine
Dude you rule at this guitar cover!
Симеон Валентинов
I thought you would fall asleep any time.
Fucking awesome cover, thanks!
Pompey DeAngelo
Great job and clean! @ all the haters and naysayers, please post your YouTube vid link to how you play it correctly for us to glean from.
anthony griffin
The Road Warriors would be proud.... Lol
Daniel Paiement
Finally someone knows how to start that dam song 😜heh heh. Tx ✊
Yow Mama
ooh so thats how you do the intro i just like tighten up the tuning keys and slowly loosen it
Casey Pilarczyk
Keep rocking and really hot ball
Ryan garrard
I don’t understand how people have disliked this ???
John Lopez
This is the best guitar cover not only of Iron Man that I have seen but of any cover I have seen on YouTube! Keep up the great work!
Ryan Hoskins
Nice cover and thanks for the link to the instructional video, this is great for noobs like me.
Cristobal Baeza
Are you best
timmwpro vlog
i allso now on clasific guitar
Nikola Gochev
Bravo, strahoten cover!!!
Owl Gifter
i know this video is 3 years old, but where do you find what he was playing in the background? (drums)
Nightmare Nova
Joey Hernandez
Hell yeah brother 🤘🏼
Lewis Michelle
Bad ass matt, you picked this, I love this, memory from my growing up
Frank Catanzaro
Makenzie Berry
OMG so good I am a sucker for elertic guitars
Lip Studios
Os dislikes foram tudo do Captao América
RsBG Prods
bravo ma6ino strahoten si !
j jen
amazing, that's all there is to say just simply fucking amazing \m/
Even though some parts were wrong, good job on the solo!
Song of love official
I can cover this on bass
Thaís Artagnan
I'm glad I found you. playing along with you to learn the parts. Thanks for dong this. Have you done this for Fade to Black?
Lou Reed
Ice Kyle
Can you make it so we know where your fingers are on the strings?
Matt Simpkins skateboarding
Sweet cover dude! nice job..sounded great!
Nolan R
Dude, great job on those opening bends. Most people just use a whammy bar and it sounds bad.
GaëlB Galbar
I don't play it like that, but he sounds good!
Carlos Vargas Rioja
can you upload the drums and bass that u used?
X Studios
I just love Your tone... It sounds great!
Александр Ламзин
Nick Fooligan
Sounds great, but try adding a slide to the main riff in the end before you repeat it :)
This is a great cover, thank you.
Oblivious Assassin
Fake he missed a part
Captain Freedom
Pretty sweet playing.