In My Darkest Hour Guitar Lesson (Rhythms - Part 1) - Megadeth

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Check Out My New Online Guitar Academy! /> Subscribe for new songs every week! /> Check out my theory and technique channel! /> Follow GuitarLessons365 on Twitter! /> Please help support my lessons on Patreon. /> In this In My Darkest Hour guitar lesson video, we will take an in-depth note-for-note look at this epic classic by Megadeth. This is one of the most requested songs in GL365 history! The tuning is standard tuning. "In My Darkest Hour" contains so much stuff, that I will be breaking it up into two rhythm guitar videos, and a third video to cover the solos. The intro section contains acoustic guitar that is eventually backed up with huge power chords. This section leads into a cool chromatic guitar harmony section. I will demonstrate how to play each part individually. As I go though the song, I will let you know the exact minute and second mark of each new section that I am teaching. This is probably the easiest way to do it since there are so many riffs. By the end of the second lesson you we will have completed all of the rhythm guitar parts. In the third lesson I will tackle those insane solos. The first solo is played by Dave Mustaine and contains a lot of Mustaine's trademark lead playing style. This is one of those solos that isn't something you will recreate note-for-note. He won't play it exactly the same either every time. It is more about knowing the scale shape he is using and the two or three licks he is repeating through that scale shape. From there, you simply just let it rip. It will be hard for anyone to hear a difference since it is basically just chaos played incredibly fast. The second solo, played by guitarist Jeff Young, is a little easier to get note-for-note except for a couple of the licks. This solo is very challenging and requires some very fast alternate picking chops along with a heavy dose of legato licks. I will go through each solo phrase-by-phrase. I hope you guys enjoy learning this Megadeth classic! #inmydarkesthourguitarlesson #megadeth #guitarcovers Carl...

So glad I can now learn Megadeth from someone who formats the best guitar lessons on the interwebs!
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Yes, one of my favorite Megadeth songs. Thanks.
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Well I am glad I found this channel 2 years ago... Learned alot
Wow you actually did really good on the sound for this one I know it's only a lesson but you got the guitar sound pretty accurate
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Awesome Carl!  I have always loved this tune.  I can't wait to learn it from my favorite teacher!
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Sooo excelent Carl, thank you very much for this great lesson, its an amazing song from the MAster Dave Mustaine!!! Congrats!!!
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probably the most accurate lesson of this song on youtube.
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We miss you Cliff
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Mr. Slappy
Hey Carl could you please do a guitar lesson for The Day that never comes by Metallica.
Mr. Slappy
Hey Carl could you please do a guitar lesson for The Day that never comes by metallica
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