*SOLD* 2004 Mercedes-Benz C230 Sport Walkaround, Start up, Tour and Overview

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*SOLD* Insanely clean C230 for the amount of miles it had!

Henry Williams
Waiting for him to direct my attention to the emergency exits
New Thinking Reviews
love these older c230s
Umer Sohail
Better than the new ones
You have to review the early 2000s C230 Kompressor. Its the only Mercedes hatchback I've ever seen.
Car Nation
wonderful video jake😊😊 as usual. do you like the car jake?
I don't know why so many people scream about how this car is non-reliable. Yes, this is a pre-facelift model, which has rust, electrionics and some other problems, but w203 in general post-facelift is a very solid car. Just buy 2004-2007 ones, and you would have to look for the same things that you would be looking on a toyota or any other car you are buying.
Basil Fabian
hey Jake,could you do a review on a Acura RL 2005.pls I seriously need your opinion on that car.thanks man
Dinosaur Studios
Plan: do a 2004-2006 lexus ls430
Super Man Alpha
Awesome Review!
Steven Giammona
Selling a 2004 c230 kompressor manual, interior needs some work, exterior needs some work but the engine is in great condition, six speed manual with a new clutch, message me if interested
shahzaib khan
Still this is a beast i love it so much
Honda Jay
Saw a Volvo from your dealer out here in Jersey. The Promo plate said Haley
PeeBeeAre Fitness
just bought mine and has 90k miles.
Kashif Hussain
Avg Km/Lit ??
Eric Woodard
Why is he talking like a robot?
YouTube user 12345
New audio source?
Kerim Çil
Super, super super.. Thank you..
This car is sexy
Stariaette Gomez
hey I understand that the car is clean and beautiful that's great but I really really want to know how to program it because I believe my 2004 C230 is not programmed the and I'm talking about on the dashboard and the light is dim and it's hard to see so I need to bring up the light and then figure out what to do I know the buttons on the steering wheel does programming but I don't want to mess it up please please please please help me your video is quite thorough but it's not helping me and what I need and if you could do another one on the dashboard information and how to program it step-by-step that would be amazing cuz no one has it out there
I love Mercedes cars!
Very well made video, might wanna take the numbers off the end of you name though, that trends been gone, but very nice and in depth video!!!
my Dad actually bought a C180 Kompressor in blue last week and I didn't know until now it has sport mode on haha, comfort mode is fast enough!
Alejandro Lozada
Put some fuel in your cars man it's bad for the fuel pump
Kerim Çil
Super, super, super..
Antonis Giaslas
you sell it
Why does a c230 have a supercharged inline 4?! Isn't it supposed to be a V6?
earl painter
Saabkyle wannabe
Itachi Uchiha
How rare is this car?
Ftuuu Fhuu
Sammo Sheriff
Great car indeed!!!!!!!!!!!
Cooper Harrington
Hey Jake, thinking about a ford freestyle, think you might be able to do a review of one?
David Rogers
A cassette player in a 2004 Mercedes?! Cassettes were out of fashion (and use) by 1994, never mind 2004! Other than that, a lovely example.
I have a 2005 same model
David Prosper
Are they reliable?
Lev Lev
very good car
Car Nation
do you like the car?
This is cringe to watch
Sasa Studios
Don't buy this car, or any Mercedes car Mercedes is not a trusty car it's only good for 5 to 6 years and to fix the car it can go up to 800$ 900$ just to fix ONE part But you can get some parts for a cheap if you look good! But cheap parts in Mercedes car is a Horrible choice. Yeah so if it looks nice ITS NOT to not buy this car. Trust me we had to work with this car For 5 years and it was just horrible we had to get it fix like every time! But don't worry If you look good I guess on the we'd or go to Mercedes it's self TIP: don't Buy used ones IF YOU do buy used ones good luck
Tripple Threat
Nah that's shit, get an s500 bruh😂😂
No Life
are these the same ones as in europe? all the ones in europe (2000-2004) are rusty as fuck, do you have the same problem in the USA?
RIP LA 504 Nola
I am selling a black 04 with 160k in mint condition for $3,990 if you are interested email me [email protected] it's my artists email but I will get it and call you. I am located in Louisiana but we can arrange something
Niki Bujupi
You cheap ass put some gasoline