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MicroTouch Solo is a dry razor that trims, edges, and shaves. It's a lot like the Philips OneBlade, but $10-$15 cheaper. This is my first look review. Watch a short update here: /> Written review: /> Buy it: />Buy the Philips OneBlade: /> Buy some of the popular products I've reviewed in my As Seen on TV store: /> My Camera: /> Questions are best asked on one of my other social accounts: /> /> /> My personal IG/SnapChat: baldvegas Music by Epidemic Sound. "City Night Lights 1" by Håkan Eriksson

J ellowpy
Someone who shaves his beard, shaves his arm and shaves his body just to get a proper review deserves my Like and subscription plus clicking that bell icon. Great job
Small Town Music
i have one its good for neck line and arm Pitt so i like the phillps one blade better i probably get another oneblade
Muhammad Dasy
I bought one like that on the internet but instead of “ microtouch”, its written “maxtop” I don’t know, is it original or fake?
why can't it be used for the head?
I seriously do not remember how I found one of your videos or what I was buying but I am mesmerized by your reviews to the point where I subscribed and watch them even if I am uninterested in the product. Such a cool channel.
Thank you for making up my mind, very informative video::: well done :: 👌👌👌
Stephen Carroll
This is the same guy from the Facebook add!!! 🤔
George Williams
I don't know why everyone says that this is product is not a good shaver to purchase, but it seems to do alright by me. But again it's all in the matter of how you use the product.
Abhijeet mehra
Sir when this product willbe launch 2019 aur 2018
Kymmberly Warren- Arbiso
PS: Subscribed! Great reviewer~
Justin Swerdloff
Question: Thinking of purchasing one. Is the USB cable able to be used separate from the AC charger block?
Chrislov3 Bigniggy
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! I am telling you by experience, it will dull very quickly and just pull out your hair ,so there it sits ,WASTE OF MONEY!!!
Great review! Thanks for this!
Scott Campagnolo
Just picked mine up! Love this thing. Thanks for the great review
Demon Hybrid
Oh good, because I bought my dad one and I wasn't sure if it worked or not. He wanted it really bad and so...I caved. Thank you for your review!
The Hotone1
Your beard looks so much better with the gray instead of being dyed! Leave it natural.
How did you guys manage to get away with trademarking and using a trademarked name, "MicroTouch", which is already owned by 3M?
Sami Durm
Everything except my balls, I love it!
Chris Biernacki
I always enjoy your reviews.  And thought I would finally let you know
Can you do a review on the MicoTouch Max?
Abhijeet mehra
This will give totally clean shave aur not
ps2 Sports Gaming
are you sure it works?
Carl Martinez
MicroTouch Solo is a piece of crap. Don't buy it. I bought one and broke right away.
H Whitehorne
What about trimming down a more full beard? I have one of these but I am somewhat hesitant to start trimming my more full beard. None of the videos show this.
Peter Hernandez
Your review was great to see i think i may buy one of them them now 🤘😎
LG Voiceovers by Osagie
I never try the MicroTouch solo before. : (
Gregory Jones
Excellent review! I just bought one online. I haven't received it yet, but this video serves as validation.
Excellent review sir. Keep up the good work.
Decepticon Allbro
Does this work for taints?
Hassan Ajgoune
wich I can find this item with cheap price
Hey man I love using the Phillips one blade on my beard
younis jafari
Don't waste your money or time! It's dull as can be and pulls the hair rather than cut it! It's pretty cheap but you pay for what you get!
Coryn May
That was weird. The way you have to do it opposite. Take some getting used to. Personally I like your beard/goatee.
kovagi studio
Heisenberg )))) ❤️🤣
To be honest I'm only interested in this thing because I want to use it exclusively for my downstairs but it's sadly not to be.
Philips One Blade works better
Manaa Alshammari
I wanna get the same razor but people don't recommend it to me ...should I get one ??
Voy 11
looks like a clean cut going to buy it
Anyone here because you bought it online and wanted to see if it works ok only after you bought it ??
samir jumaa
Broke in I day
Louie Montano
It looked like you were pushing kind of hard to get a close shave..
HooverLux Restorations & More
Awesome, it's a perfect tool for certain cuts, depends on how you want to style your facial hair, great for additional facial hair product.
Douglas Silva
Please, subtitles in Portuguese Br..
Mark Gibbs
Walter, this review is EXCELLENT!!! Thank You!
J Malden
Great Review Thank You
Gas Nobile
You are handsome 😍
User1 Last2
Thanks a lot for the review Got it down to the very DOT! Good Job Thumbs Up
Artur piraskov
Качество не очень, Порвалась сразу при снятии Лезвие ,Лучше бы суши заказал За эти деньги !
Hell no!
You're hilarious dude! I love your videos!! Definitely 1000 likes :-) keep up the good work 😎
Paul Hernandez
I just went to get one
Mr. Schmoe
I can only agree with everyone in the comment section here. New subscriber as well as bell button tapped. Have a great day! Lol
Carolina Barber
I wonder if the Philips heads fit....
Ratnesh Mishra
4:05 u will see Stone Cold 😂
I thought it was for shave to skin like a normal razor. After shaving my beard with this, my skin was super red so isn't for the soft skin kind people I suppose.
Luis Zepeda
Excellent, demonstration, I say by a professional. Right on.👍
miguel mendez
I want to know if you can shave your head too
randy ranjel
TooShortToTurn SS3
Does it work on the Gooch?
t c
Its a good beginner shaver ... Or for travel but not for a fine line shave ... Bottom line .. It sucks
Sam Owens • 11 years ago
Just liked commented and subscribed and turned on post notifications love your videoan
Joshua Childers
Rasputin... that you?
richie dichiro
is there nay way to turn off the light? I just got one and I would like to turn off the light it hurts my eyes
Supermonkey 1964
Did you experience any Razor Burn? or Skin Irritation? :)
Lucian Ludi
Just one question when you plug yours in does the red LED turn off after a few seconds while plugged in? Because mine does and I don't know if that means it's still charging
When Walter white comes to YouTube
Don't buy it's a ciofeca!
Salem Storm
It sucks as a shaver. It needs a shaver foil head but does not come with one. It is ONLY a trimmer NOT a shaver. Buy a trimmer for half the price at a retail store.
Manuel Fco. Miguel Pires
Es una basura yo la compré y en el primer afeitado a dejado de funcionar y no consigo contactar con el vendedor
William Thompson
I got one and then saw your video before I used it. Thanks for sharing. Now I am using it and think it's pretty good.
Ələsgər Cəfərli
You look like Walter White :D
Zavallı Adam
Thansk bro, good video...
Carlitos Gonzalez
I bought it and honestly I like how it works.
Matthew Knight
Yeah but we need know how well it works on the pubes.
Darlene Johnson
Thanks I wanted to get one of theses for my hubby.But didnt see a live review.
2¢ Chicks
"Downstairs" made me 😂😂! 😜 Do you think it would work on legs?
Chow chow
I love you
Tudo Of Today!
hello heisenberg
Leroy Winters
You are awesome thank you
Joseph O Reilly
Can you use this on your scalp
LV Streeter
It does a good job but it's not built to last like a Wahl tho
jarrod barkley
any man who shaves thier body like a woman must want too be a woman
To bad or won't work on the head. I use magic cream to shave my head but would have changed it this works well for skin bald heads
Tony Nathanson
Great review.  Seems like a pretty good product, since it works on your thick beard.  I'm surprised that it works better than the pricey Phillips I have, which requires going over areas many times.
savage pandas
What do u know about scalp
Harvir Singh
1:36 .... lol really... smh
Sean McGuire
You can go against the grain, you just have to hold,it right. You were using the wrong side. I just prefer pro trimmers for my face. There's A lot of good brands. But for body hair it might be ok.
Just saw you in an ad for this product on IG
ray jackson
great review. you presented it very well
Dennis Adkins
Wow we think that it works pretty good... I'm happy with your review because we've been thinking about buying me one.✌ Me and my girl thinks your beard look better cut down a little bit thinner, not so high.😎👍 we can't wait for your next review.😂
Chauncey Cardinal
How neck hair can you use it for neck hair
Maryellen Garvey
New York times
The A Channel
Angel Louden
My 19 yo son doesn't like to wet shave either so he has an electric razor that he found and loves it but, I watched your review because my hubby saw the commercial for the Microtouch and wants one. After your review, I will def get him one! Thanks!
Pc Bosis
Don't buy. Does not work. Blade broke after one use. Customer service won't help you. Take back to store get refund. Can't beleve the good reviews here unless I got a bad one. I let charge overnight and when I went to use it cut maybe a couple of hairs (and pain from the razor when cutting) then it stopped cutting. Tried to take off the blade and the unit fell apart so called the 800 number on the manual and they would not send me a replacement blade unit but wanted me to purchase a 2 pack of them. (bad customer service and why do they even put on the manual) I guess the people putting up the great reviews must work for the company selling them.
Micro touch how to the cost?
Sooner Science Nerd
I bought mine from Amazon and it came with an USB connector. I charged it up and tried it on my face hair and it was pretty good. it left a little bit of stubble, but that was fine. I tried it on my arm hair, and it did great! I got carried away and cut most of it off! Anyway, it is the best razor I ever bought. I wondered why mine has an USB cable.
Little Flow
Gonna use this on my bikini area
Sale Randi ke pille bebkooph bana raha hai . I have puchased this machine . This bad quality machine . don't puchased anyone.he is just making fool .
ray jackson
From your review I chose the Philips oneblade. Simply because you said It felt more powerful in your hand. I got the micro touch solo off of Amazon for $13 for my gifts to give out. Thank you again