Dexter Season 4 Finale Sneak Peek

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Deb confronts Dexter with shocking news. The Dexter season 4 finale airs Sunday December 13th at 9pm ET/PT. It will take your breath away.

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Mirea Andrei
rip rita
Jesuv Guerra
@FunktasticFour20 if they try'd to top season 4 finale they would of made it seem unrealistic i'm sure.
what page are you on deb coz we all got there 3 seasons ago
@SmokeyJurnt7 wait what? when do you found that out? cuz i just finished watching season 4, is it in season Five?
Debs a bit slow.. =P
Abdul Abdi
@SmokeyJurnt7 haha funny...theres idiots correcting u sayin the baby didnt do it and it was trinity haha...
ART by pinsetter1991
@SmokeyJurnt7 Love the idiots correcting you lol. as if they think you actually think..... just wow.
C'mon guys, SPOILER ALERTS!!
@ericmsandoval how awkward s that?
Joseph Price
@SmokeyJurnt7 Trinity(Arthur) killed Rita.
Justin C
the baby didn't kill rita.... trinity did... trinity left the baby in blood
Ryan Mc Dermott
@jaguar11586 Lol me neither. I must have clicked reply on the wrong comment xD Sorry :P I remember somebody said something about the next season being about Dexter tracking down who killed Rita, and I must have replied to the wrong one. Oops :D
Ryan Mc Dermott
@jaguar11586 It Was Trinity Who Killed Rita.. Before Dexter Killed Him.. Did You Not Piece Those Parts Togethor?
@dalejrfan800 season 4 finale asshole!
@SmokeyJurnt7 hahahahahahahhaaha
Alfonzo Kesner
@Matt561 Yeah, I know. My mistake.
@dalejrfan800 Um no, season 3 was the wedding
Alfonzo Kesner
This was the season 3 finale, assholes.
@jaguar11586 really? how so... even rita already dead... hope they will no make dexter become weird without his wife
@swiftluv4eva knife to the throat in her sleep
Rofl baby killed her good one
i cud tell that this was bound to happen. he shud have never told Deb that Dad cheated, espesh with a CI :3
does anybody know if there is a site where i can watch dexter season 4? i used to watch the previous seasons on watchtvsitcoms but they suspended the site... anybody??
@tvshowgeek Go away. Youtube needs to figure out away to stop these bullshit spam comments.
i flipped shit at the season finale! i was like omg!!!!!!! and i wanna know what is gunna happen with harrison, with the whole born in blood thing omg..cant wait till the new season starts!!
@Zombiefae, season two left a void in mine. His brother was awesome! Now it seems like nothing more than a soap opera. :s
WTF Showtime , killing off Rita? @ the very last second of the season? Now he's gotta take care of the baby, welp i guess no more time now for killing! No more Dexter the Dark Defender, its Dexter Mr. Mom
You're very good at it.
@s420s666s91 HOMO
good show but was like oh shit rita died
israel vasquez
@playstation360gamer everyone has seen dexter so im not an asshole everyone knows rita dies, trinity dies um... well tats the only shocking things
DAMM your right I thought you where kidding but your not lol that must be weird on set lol
israel vasquez
RITA DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eric Sandoval
Oh, fun fact: "Dexter" and "Deb" are a couple in rea life!
Eric Sandoval
@DumbassNo3 good Lord. He was obviously joking.
Christine Tran
that was a messed up ending in the finale... everything was going fine then BAM it happens. made me sad :( season 2 and this season (4) are my faves so far.
You are joking right >_>'
i havent seen all of dexter season 4 yet so dont ruin it for me but does this conversation continue or does it just stop right there?
I fast forwarded into the future using my Bio-DVR Flux Capacitor and watched season 5 already. It's great. Looking forward to season 6 - but who's gonna replace Dexter as "Dexter" in this series now that he's been killed off? Can't wait until September 2011!!
Mike W
anything is possible really, but to be honest i dont think it will be a nightmare, this whole season you have harry telling dexter how bad his family is for him and how he needs to leave them, also the name of the baby, harrison- harrys son, you see what im getting at? harrison is going to become just like harrys son, who is dexter, born in blood just like his dad
Arran Grant
It blew my mind. The way his son was left in the pool of blood like he was, amazing episode. Can't wait for season 5!
ohh yea gimme a break i can't remember the details of 5 seasons lol
Mike W
your predictions suck....
Mike W
only 5th so far..... before the end of the 5th they will have decided weather to make a 6th or not
Mike W
lmao... maybe you've never seen season 1, where dexters bio dad is killed, he goes to the hospital to see the body and takes blood, then gets masuka to test it.... guess what, it was a match, debra is NOT his biological sister, i dont know what would make you think that
Mike W
i have a feeling that with ritas death, dexter might abondon harrys code and just kill whoever, the list of innocent people who have died becaue of him is piling up, i think ritas death might send him over the edge, because it WAS dexters fault she died, he could have killed trinity many times before, but didnt
Mike W
that is exactly what i cant figure out.... also it was pretty weird how all of a sudden his phone beeps even tho she must have left the message on dexters phone shortly after she got in the cab in the morning....
His character is growing. Hes evolving as a person. He can't be a 1-d character
Jesus Christ!!! Was that ending real? I'm like lost here. She cant be dead, right? OMG!! I'm so effected by a friggin show Oh, my god. LOL!!! Oh, I need a drink
James Parks
If the ending stands and Rita is off the show. They lose a viewer. She was one of the best reasons to watch! Screw you ShowTime!!!!!!!!!
Hammer Skater
its the highest viewed show. obvi they will make another season
loved this season...great ending to a superb season...the best yet cant wait for season 5 already
Dalton Robertson
the ending was so sad!! however rita got in dexters way too much, now he has to take care of aster cody and harrison while being a blood spatter analyst and a serial killer. wow
Dalton Robertson
hahahaha now that you mention it i noticed!!!
Mike W
this episode was pretty shitty if you ask me, after 4 seasons of dexter thinking he doesnt have emotion and slowly relizing that he does, they really make it look like he has none at all at the end, they need to make up their minds with the writing, does he have emotion or not....
you think they will make season 5? I wish they want it
and now he has to worry about his son being just like him...maybe he'll teach him the code lol
who the fuck wants to see shit like dexter killing his family...Dexter's appeal is THAT he goes by a code...they should never of killed off rita.
I hate that they killed off Rita...she wasn't a bitch !!and to those people crying don't spoil we havn't seen it yet...quit watching on youtube then dumb assess !!
You know whenever they kill somebody off it means their contract is up,I still miss Doakes,he always had my ass cracking up!!!!! LOL!!!
Why couldn't it have been Deb? She can only make facial expressions out of one side of her face at a time.
STOP SPOILING IT other people in other countries won't be seeing it for a week
Not 100% sure when.. (or even if he is the one who killed her). It could be when Dexter and the police Squad is at Arthur's house. Or it could be just as soon as Dexter leaves his house. Maybe Arthur was watching Dexter's house in the morning when they drove off.
*SPOILER* Sorry, but could not hold my joy! I'm so fucking glad... that fucking bitch Rita is finally dead!!! I hope Trinity (or whoever killed her) made her suffer.
oct. 2010?
after visiting Debra morgans apartment?
Oh Guys, please don't spoil. Some might did not seen the final yet, it's just unfair.
Dexters going to be pissed,All this rage and no culpret to focs it on,He is gonig to snap,debra will find out who he is they'll hunt for him and it'll just be a big shit stom.....Any Other Therories....Oh yea best serires and as good of an ending that was,That was roungh.
@matdevil, I dont think the kids will actually go live with the goofy grand parents. They might be the ones baby sitting from now on but dexter wont give them up, and debra dosnt have the time to babysit. Tell you the truth I think both batista and quinn will go hard on dexter. quinn for sure and it will get him ended up like doakes, but remember the fbi has the case now so without getting there asses chewed too much, batista and quinn will dig, but I expect another fbi top dog/ lundy fiasco.
The main point Dexter took away from Trinity prior to the season finale is that serial killers CAN hide, have families, look normal, etc. Now all of that is thrown out the window, especially since Trinity was leaving his family anyway before he was killed. So, the lesson turned out to be an empty one. Besides, the whole family theme waters down the overall theme of the show in the first place. Maybe Dexter will kill all of his children in season 5 and the series will be back on track.
It's just so sad that Rita died that way. Especially cause I remember that it was said how she always was surrounded by bad people or attracted bad people.(Im not sure) And her last scenes she was so sweet to Dexter and the things she said to him. It's just fucked up and shocking, but amazing for taking it that far. <3 Dexter
Rita got on my nerves this season sooo much....but now i'm so upset she's dead but mostly b/c of how the kids are going to be raised and how dexter is gonna deal with it
Season 4 was the best. The ending was just 100 times better than I expected. Best show ever.
i thought quinn was going to be the doakes of season 2 this time, good thing he never went that far even though he did do some background research on dexter half way through, glad he didn't go too far. personally i hope dexter goes mental and start displaying his work like his brother used to....not sure how that will be helpful but... and you're right... trinity went to the police station, maybe a few people would hv seen him with dexter, he would hv been on the cameras... ooh dear
yea...especially it will also link him back to "kyle butler", their family knows dexter by that name, and the fact that he was in the crime scene way earlier than everyone else, now the worst part, rita is killed in the same m.o. as the trinity killer, so unless dexter goes ahead and chop her into pieces and dump her into the ocean, there will be alot of questions.... my god these writers are crazy, they're not making their jobs easy, which is why this show's so incredible.
every season i think..."there's no way the writers can make this work this time"... and they've proved me wrong everytime, i hope they'll do it again next season. and remember, dexter used to work alone, all this family stuff was just a front which took more and more part in his season will be really interesting.
Elizabeth Torres
i was soooo pissed i cant believe shes gone just seeing that scene and thinking how he did it and what she went through and how scared she must have been and the baby just sitting there crying the whole time damn you dexter were you argghhh
To hell with that. I think the show needed Rita. For one she was the one person besides Debra (that needy bitch) who kept Dexters mind together. Now without her I think he's gonna go fuckin crazy for real in season 5. Imagine coming home to see your wife murdered by the same man u just killed and now having to deal with 3 kids, a demanding job, and an urge to kill ALONE. I wouldnt have been this much upset if Debra hadnt survived her gunshots, but killig off Rita was not the way to go.
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K-1 Hungary
dont spoil, goddamnit, it was obvious that Deb will find out Dex's mom, but the Rita thing is a big spoiler!!! dont mention it agai plz
Bradley Johnson
fucking bullshit
Deaven Swickheimer
I wonder what is gonna happen next year how is he gonna manage the kids, job and his killing
This has a lot of interesting lead ups for season 5. Quinn for one already thinks that Dexter is unfaithful to his family. Dexter will have to inevitably call the police for them to deal with Rita's death... Questions are going to be asked like why Trinity would have time to kill Rita while he was supposedly fleeing the country. VERY VERY EXCITING. Also wtf is going to happen to Astor and Cody. Is Dexter going to be Mr. Mom/Blood splatter analyst/Serial killer?
@minmayforever I think peoples major complaint about lack of darkness is within dexter rather than the show as a whole, I know his whole humanization process has taken away from some of the darkness of the show- in that, I can look at dexter and most other characters and find evil. Now I can only find whatever arch villian they've set him up with.
yea they are..they didnt have to end it like season is gonna suck
wow the ending blew my mind...i am actually kinda pissed
oh man the writers are fuckers.... season 4 ends like a bomb going off
there will be no twists,artur dies and deb finds out dexter is brother of brian.and thats it.dexter will tell that he doesnt know that and bla bla its over.:))))))
Rangi Weider
Youre right, the books get really crazy with Astor and Cody having a 'dark passenger'and eventually killing... like WTF.
whats this? is it a show?
dexter has to be one of the most brilliant minds next to hannibal lecter! very controlled. yo stop over and SEE how to not get your HEARTBROKE in my video CHEATIN ON ME.
Rich j
Why doesn't he just say the truth. Deb can handle it, Rita can't.
Bugs Bunny
lol thought you would say the opposite
The books are nothing like the show. The first book was similar to season one, but after that they are completely different. The show is way better than the books.
ahhhhhhhh i clicked on the link because i subcribes to get it out of my new video box... but i dont want any spoilers for the season finale... and after i clicked i clicked on pause straight away so i could say that i dont want any spoilers or previews!!!
i still need to watch the last episode