Why Vision is the MOST Important Character in Avengers Infinity War

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Director Anthony Russo, half of the Russo brothers, has chosen to shed a little light on what kind of role Vision will play in the film and why Wakanda is so important in Avengers Infinity War! ★Subscribe Here: /> Help us make better content by joining our Patreon! ► /> Royalty free music provided by bensound.com Connect with Hybrid Network! ►Website: />►Facebook: ►Twitter: />►Soundcloud: /> Hybrid Network is a community delivering the best content in pop culture whether it be news, speculation, reviews, podcasts, rumors, & more! We deliver educational & entertaining content leaving each viewer informed on any franchise we cover. Hybrid Network is pop culture annotated. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Matthew Wedgwood
I'd love to see Vision and Thanos debate philosophy before Vision dies.
The PowerPoint Animator
*Pans to shot of infinity war release countdown* Warner Bros: The entire time I knew him... Warner Bros: He only ever had one goal... *Shows Wonder Woman,Aquaman and Suicide Squad Director* Warner Bros: To wipe out half of DC... Warner Bros: If he gets this movie to release... Warner Bros: He can do it within seconds... .... Warner Bros: Just like that Zack Snyder:Tell me his name again... Warner Bros: Kevin Feige... *Pans to shot of Kevin Feige writing scripts* *MCU and DCEU logo* *Ezra Miller running to shoot Justice League* Zack Snyder:We got one advantage... *Zack Snyder heading to shoot Justice League* Zack Snyder:The Most iconic superheroes of all time Zack Snyder:We have what the audience wants... *Henry Cavill,Gal Gadot,Jason momoa heading to shoot Justice League* Zack Snyder:So that’s what we use Joss Whedon:Let’s talk about this *movie* of yours I think it’s good except it sucks so let me do the *movie* and that way it might be good Zack Snyder: *Annoyed* *Whole Justice League Cast going to reshoot scenes* Walter Hamada (Dceu President):The end is near... *Justice League fails at the box office and ends up sucking* Kevin Feige:When I’m done with this movie *Kevin Feige takes the infinity war script* Kevin Feige:Half of the dceu will still exist... *Kevin Feige squashes Justice League movie DvD* Kevin Feige:Perfectly balanced... Kevin Feige:As all movies should be Kevin Feige:I hope they remember you... *Warner Bros. delay “Avengers:Infinity War from March 16th to April 27th”* *Kevin Feige about to release infinity war early but Warner Bros. stops him* *MCU Vs DCEU* Kevin Feige:I’m Kevin by the way Disney:Mickey Mouse... Kevin feige!Oh we are using our made up names... Kevin feige:Then I’m the god father of marvel
Annael Adu
Didnt you see him on Shuri's operating table? Vision is vibranium. Shuri can separate him from the stone and keep him alive.
Talon Boyd
I say most important character is Thanos
The poster looks like the ragnarok one
Maximus Genitalia
Wait! What happened to Hawk Eye guy? Edit: and Ant-Man?
Jared Quass
Does anyone else think that the Russo brothers are purposely making Vision weaker or less powerful than he really is or is it just me?
Vision and Scarlet Witch represent Perfect Balance, and are thus the key to defeating Thanos.
spartan ghost
I think his death will highly trigger Wanda
Christian Deo
Correction: Shuri is the MOST important character in Infinity War.
Chubby Panda
If he’s most important then why is he at the very back of the poster
Great Knight
didn't Thor say in age of ultron that vision can keep the stone So he should be able to survive without it
Thomas Kolter
Stupid tactics take the time stone,  give it to Vision and send them using the magic of Dr. Strange into the multitude of dimensions to get lost forever before Thanos arrives on Earth and the Infinity War would be far easier make it not worth it to attack Earth for nothing.
Troy Rebel
Vision is powerful in his own right. He’s made up of vibranium, can phase through matter and all of the tricks that comes with the mind stone. I’m very curious to see how the black order get the upper hand on Vision.
James Estrada
Imagine Proxima Midnight vs the dora milaje!!!!
Keith Campbell
Can't dr. Strange just turn time back????
Badong Cabiles
Still no hawkeye
faith waipouri
I'd like to state, marvel made some irriversable damage to Apocalypse's character, although pleased to say they've done an excellent job with the galactic titan thanos
Vision is a SIMP 🤦🏿‍♂️ UNFORTUNATELY LOL 😎🇻🇮🙅🏿‍♂️
Adam Warlock
well if he does die then I hope he at least got to get it on with scarlet witch
XChaosBladerX Op
Why is the is vision so important in the infinity Wars.... Gee I don't know maybe cuz he has a stone embedded in his head you know that would be a probably pretty good guess there I just saved you three minutes of your life
Kapa55obest 333
In my opinion the most important will be Tony
Great video thanks for the update
Its Abie Art
Why are your logo always angry at me?
The Stutterer
Because he's got an Infinity Stone
Sampson Ray Simon
Shuri is probably going to build him a new body. One without the stone.
Ooo ooo I know why, because he has a mcguffin in his head.
Binu Sethu
Thor is most important vision is also important
I didnt understand all this infinity stone stuff. Please make a video on that. Thank You
Joseph Molo
The gem of vision that's the power of Loki's staff...so I think loki is useless and die in infinity war.he maybe a guest of the movie...lolz...
Nicholas Leon
Yes he's has a freaking infinity stone
Dr Strange , his ability to teleport other heroes to different worlds . I think Dr Strange will travel to the far depths of the cosmos to seek help of the celestials once Thanos gather all of the 6 infinity stones. Remember Thor and Loki uses Tesseract (space Stone) to travel from Asgard to Earth but since space Stone is at the hands of Thanos, they will rely on Dr Strange to travel around different worlds.
Calvin Slawter
You always know it’s Will when you hear that background music lol
Jeremías S
Oh thank goodness
Marcus Caldwell
I think everyone is going to die remember there is 2 parts to this movie. I think part 1 thanos will do what he do best and destroy everything and everyone. Than Dr strange will use the time stone to reverse time at end of the movie and than, part 2 will be coming up with a plan on how to beat him
Jeremiah Flagg
In the trailer when Thanos says "I hope they remember you" he kould be talking about vision i bet he kills vision and takes the mind stone
Thomas G
According to leaks the man dies like halfway-3/4 if the way through and still loses the damn stone and if that’s not bad enough it’s like the 4th stone gotten by thanos. Not that important if he isn’t surviving to the next film
Ruin Reyking
I really want vision to die since I hate him in the MCU
Aaron Siewert
Maybe because he has an infinity stone in his head?
Keith Campbell
Why would he be more important than dr strange???
Yun9 Slim
ayeo philly
Just tell the whole movie
adrizzals casillas
Christian Hoffmann
If I’m Thanos, I’m taking my ass STRAIGHT to The Sanctum Sanctorum to get that time stone.
MCU Spider-Man
Mannie Lopez
johan majid
Dr strange is the important character in this movie
Why don’t they just make vision turn all white without the mind stone?
Why is there a huge emphasis on protecting vision because he has an infinity stone but no mention of protecting dr strange when he has a stone too
Tjulie Sukanto
Honestly vision sucks
Jan Wouter
Ugh Vision is so boring...
This will sound really stupid but I think what will happen is: vision is getting the stone pried from his forehead so the will be painful it’s like our hearts getting ripped out so cap and the others will proberably take him to wakanda and freeze his body to preserve it so when they get the infinity stone back. Or instead of the black order prying it from his it might have a reaction and shoot a big energy beam or charge every were and then they might all (including vision) pass out sort of. Then thanos might take vision and the avengers will have to get him back? This is the least likely to happen but the first suggestion isn’t half bad!
Praveen Kumar
Actually speaking Thor is the most important character , Thanos makes his people extinct , kills his brother and leaves him to death .Thor makes a new weapon to protect his *other home* and ensure that it doesn't suffer the same fate as his original one , and also to get his revenge on Thanos.
Andrei Ionut Neagu
Nicolas Pajuelo
vision will most likely die because we know thanos is going to kill him to get the stone
Praveen Kumar
I want vision dead within 10mins of the movie.
Josh Alan
Vision is probably the one character that if he dies, no one will miss him.
Wow vision is a pussy
xgoonzx needless
Vision is a prick and a boring character.