Frank Sinatra (He's Dead...Dead) + SexXxi!i[v.1920X1080--a.SuxXx]enjoyXP{Bloodline}

Re-converted. Audio is horriable, video is smooth. I will repost a new version of this video with higher quality audio, but until then enjoy this high resolution of this video. So I re-touched this video. this is a low quality version upconverted from a youtube .mp4 video I had found on youtube. Below are specifications of original and the new. [ORIGINAL] ..VIDEO.. Length: 00:03:52 -Frame width: 320 -Frame height: 240 Data rate: 233kbps Total bitrate: 289kbps -Frame rate: 14 frames/second ..AUDIO.. Bit rate: 56kbps Channels 1 (mono) Audio sample rate 44 kHz + Size: 8.07 MB ========================== [NEW] ..VIDEO.. Length: 00:03:20 -Frame width: 1920 -Frame height: 1080 Data rate: 10000kbps Total bitrate: 10320kbps -Frame rate: 29 frames/second ..AUDIO.. Bit rate: 320kbps Channels 2 (stereo) Audio sample rate 44 kHz + Size: 225 MB

I did not know Frank Sinatra was dead, thanks for letting me know the sad news
Cary Groneveldt
This is music from the DEVIL.
D. Albert Garcia
Glad you like this video. It was a lot of fun editing it.
espaneye B
Sniffing in the VIP area....
Amazing song. Thank you!
thank you for this! i was searching for this a long time!
james davies
thanx thought i lost this one god bless youtube to mp3 converter.
Ahh the scene years
So noiceee
Holly Alto-Langerak
omg hahah this is gold!!!
D. Albert Garcia
how did you get this video?
Fashion Tv all the way!!!:)
johan surget
creepy vid... disastrous effects of drugs ^^
Sam Chianello
A good punk rock interpretation of HIS  attitude.  "The Voice"  would have a big laugh!  Great Fun.
liz Vincent
love it
Leo Ferreira
Raven brought me here
fransico alejandro martinez ramirez
Aun me acuerdo cuando les hicieron la entrevista...  que despues de que hicieron la cancion Sinatra habia muerto y sacaron el video jajajajajajajajaja...
Alma Luna
Настя Савченко
Что за дерьмо
Mr 80's
What the fuck is this shit
Gifford Hampshire
This shit bumps
Jorge Pineda
the beat is sick but the lyrics are stupid