Korean style roasted seaweed (Gim-Gui: 김구이)

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/>Gim-gui are crispy and salty roasted seaweed sheets. They are a common item in lunchboxes because they taste great and are a good source of protein, vitamin, minerals, and fiber. Their saltiness also makes them a great accompaniment to beer. Try out this recipe and let me know how it goes!

seriously, how can you not love this lady
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You are the most adorable chef ever! :) 
I always want to hug Maangchi after I watch a video.
oh jamless days
I started laughing so hard when the guy said " korean taco" in Spanish.
What an informative video!  Packaged roasted and seasoned seaweeds are so expensive compared to the non-seasoned and non-roasted seaweeds... even when you purchase them from Costco.  After viewing your simple instructional video, I will be saving money by buying the plain seaweed and roast and season them myself!  Thanks!
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Morgan Rakes
Not only do I love seaweed but this looks like it's a pretty healthy snack! Definitely going to try this one out!!
"Taco Coreano" hahaha Very nice video Maan-chan :p
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when you watch her video in the middle of the night ㅠㅠ
I smoke sea weed everyday
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Thanks to you maangchi eonni this 12 year old can cook a lot of korean dishes! ^,^
6:43 Trying not to drool... Nope that's not happening looks so delicious maangchi!!!!!
My friend brought a pack of them to school and I loved them afterward. She's Vietnamese.
Christine Nguyen
Thank you so much Maangchi for the tutorial! My mother bought a lot of nori to wrap sushi rolls but we rarely use them. This was the perfect way to help clean out the pantry. Thank you!!
Megan Bowen
나이스! 집에서 김구이 한번 안만들었어요. 만들어볼께요! 혹시 더덕구이 만드는법 아십니까?
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Within 2 second I subscribed! You are so amazing and happy! I am going to spend lots of time watching the rest of your video! :)
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헐..김굽는 동영상을 멍때리고 보고있는..... 어렸을때 어머님이 김구워 주시던게 생각나서 보고 있기만 해도 감사합니다
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5:17 that crunching sound.. oh... that's some good sound there..
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You make cooking so much fun^^
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I love you maangchi
English caption is up thanks to one of my viewers' contribution!
Love watching your videos :D!!! makes me so happy and hungry :X
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Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy... you so cute.... As I'm from different country, I dont understand about your recipes... but the way you present inspired me very much.... I can not try your recipes.. but I'll enjoy seeing your receipes.. Keep it up.. You Lovely :-)
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every i watch your video, im always feelin' hungry. so delicious! great maangchi!
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ur friends r so hipsters
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I LOVE Korean food, especially kimchee with rice.
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and all this time my girlfriend was telling me i was weird for eating gim with salt! lol i'll try grilled! :)
Why do I insist in watching your videos before bedtime? Now I'm starving!! LoL You should open a restaurant!! 😀
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Maangchi you are so sweet ❤️😃 thank you for you recipe👏🏼
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I love gim-gui! Never made it fresh, but I love to eat it with my rice even if it's not a Korean meal. Thank you, Maangchi! <3
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Brazil loves maangchi <3
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You are so amazing! So talented and cheerful, it is a pleasure to watch your videos! :) 
I'm shocked . It's so amazing that 김 can be made at home :) I just always buy them in the supermarket.
Brandee Michelle
My mom grew up in Hawaii and grew up eating this, she's Japanese so we call it nori, but I ate this all the time growing up too and I loooove it. For me it's the perfect salty snack when I don't want potato chips, I just eat these by themselves.
thanks for the recipe it tasted really good, I also have a question can I use just sesame oil?
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Can you show us a noodle receipe with baby corn? :D I looove your videos!
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I love you Maangchi .... Salanghaeyo your cooking shows are too good. Thank You love from UK
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"Don't fly away" made me feel so warm inside :3
when i dont have appetite, i eat rice with 김구이. i love it tho :D
One of my favorites!
Tara Wright
I've tried the packaged kind before. It was nowhere near as good as this recipe. This will be a staple in our house from now on.
My mom had a table just like that when I was growing up...I sure do wish I had it now. My Mom passed away.
Love you mangchi! Love the way you cook! So easy and fun :)
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You're amazing, thank you for sharing all this amazing and lovely korean recipes with us! :D
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Love it. Thanks,for teaching. Sab
Yummy! Better homemade, since most pre-packaged Roasted Seaweed has MSG! 
Davin Lie
So this is how my favourite seaweed snack was made!
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OMG Maangchi i really love your recipies, i made the kimchi that you taught us, it was so good!
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every time she says " is smell so goo " i love here even more
i did it, very well. thx Maangchi. i love u :)
Lemar looly
You are so nice to share meal with your friends and with us
OMG I LOVE THESE. I buy them premade but they're expensive, now I can make them myself omg!! <333 I love you Maangchi! ^_^
Delphine Kirkland
Wow! Thanks Sweetie! Just ate a pack of wasabi flavored ones in a minute. Realized I have 50 nori sheets! Fun! Yummy fun!!
MJ- JaeRon_Joo
thank u maangchi for sharing this video..it really helped me too make a roasted seaweeds at home..the roasted seaweeds so expensive too buy at supermarket .. now I can make more at home with this!^.~d
ericka shiu
jajaja , taco coreano
They have gim gui at Costco now
Finally u made something HALAL Cant wait to try and do that I acturally thought that most of the tutorial is HALAL but not so sure .... can u do more tutorial of HALAL food ???
Thank you for your recipe, you so lovely!
Adriana Miramontes
I've really enjoyed this clip, very informative and I will be giving this a try! I like the host attitude: she's bubbly and fun. Thank you for sharing!
You are such a charming host. I love you!
Thank you Maangchi . You are a pearl. You make people feel good.
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''Taco coreano'' lol... why that guy speaks spanish?
망치언니 고마워요~~~ <3 thank you for ur uploads !!! yum yum
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thanks 4 your lessons! im chef and with your method i ve been raising my skills in korean food. (my wife taugh me, she was korean and passed away)
first and yum
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Very cute channel <3 <3
Maangchi Fighting!!
아오 소리봐 아흐 미치겠네
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you should have a tv show
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gim gui product cant never outdo homemade gim gui. it's totally different taste
That looks YUMMY.I just eat them right out of the bag,never toasted them,will give it a try! Thank you! HUGS
Sheila McDaniel
Thank you for vlogging. Good to know I can do this.
I would love if you made a lunchbox video :D (If you haven't already) 
Oh my gosh childhood. I had Korean neighbors growing up, so I got to enjoy all the homemade Korean food at a young age. This and a lot of your other recipes remind me so much of my childhood I love it <3
Shes so cute and charming! :D
I love you Maangchi 😍😘😘😘😘
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So happy to see this recipe, we love roasted seaweed and now we can make it at home. Thanks so much Maangchi!!
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Thank you for your video, you are simply adorable, cute and bubbly. Your friends are lucky to have you as their buddy. Be blessed. :o)
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You looks lovely and your English good .Thanks for your share :)
hi maangchi! Can I use olive oil?
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You become cutter ,, I love your recipes ,,thanks a lot
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+SweetKiss03 They Have Wasabi Flavors
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i'm still watching you Maangchi! :D
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i love all your recipes ...u rock <3
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I love your channel Maangchi! :D I was wondering if you could tell me how long gim-gui will keep in the freezer. Thank you
Now, I have an excuse to buy the counter top grill.
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you have a great personality
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Wow! Those must've been yummy! I tried those before and uploaded a video about it!
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Maanghi. Hi, you cook great! I will follow you and try to learn from you. Greeting from Venezuela
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I 😍😍😍 seaweed snacks!! Thanx for posting. I can't wait to try this
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thank you for this recipe! i really love this crispy seaweed. and you are so cute too. :)
I adore you and your channel sooo much ☺️❤️
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lmao go to 6:36 at half speed and look at the guy's reaction on the far right!
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hi.... i like your recipe <3 but i don't know what is the first oil name is. Can you tell me please ?!!!!!! Thanx :)
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I've try it , that's sooo yummy ! I really love your recipes <3 !
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omg, thank you soo much! I've been really into eating the roasted seaweed lately, but they're quite expensive! Now I can just make them myself at home! :)
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my favorite snack, it's so crispy but healthy >3<