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King Sean376
Who came here because of his video about "Solo player bankrupts a clan"
Jacob Jun
A 26-minute video with no ads this does put a smile on my face.
Professor B. Bacon
You know your content is good because people who dont even have the game enjoy it.
Lucas Baildon
Welyn: No one would ever roof camp from this tower again. *Proceeds to leave behind a trail of ladders leading to the top of the tower*
Trent White
I love how when you are building, you cut the clip so the placement of the walls and stuff matched the tempo of the music. Absolutely love that
Jake Shumway
My temper doesn't allow me to play this game.
It's weird how you and the detective have the same hairline
Guy With N0iQ
i really like it when he syncs his building sounds to the backgroud music
Cian Daly
No ads actual skill and a sense of humor this man is a god
Paul Runstrom
Nobody: Welyn: I then respawned on the beach.
21 ruffer
I just love that he uses tha gta5 background music XD
Man, you are an awesome Narrator. A+ for Literature!
Meh Gaming
Dude freaking write a book, your amazing
Red Casualty
Yo, that spear throw. What goes up must come down. You have gained a new subscriber.
Oliver Robisch
Can't they just climb ladder?
Arjhay KaniKani
Welyn I appreciate your hard work on your videos and I really love them keep up the fantastic work bro
Nobody: Welyn: “AND THERE I WAS”
KV-2 Heavy Artillery Tank
thank you for protecting the nakeds of rust. i salute to you
DaMastaMax // Weirdest CSGO clips
I dont even play rust but this is some top quality stuff. Great work.
not_the _FBI
Welyn: A stick half a rock and a dirty thong I can use this to raid Later at hackers base Hacker: that’s a lot of damage
Skeleton king
A beautiful sunrise covers the land the screen fades to black "Hey you finally awake i see"
Vinicius Campos
man, he put so much effort on his videos! with the storytelling, the music edit, even the thumbnail. he deserves more subscribers!
Adam Ting
Your videos are really random, but I enjoy watching it xd.
I love the GTA music in the background I also love the fact that Rust is something I've never played, yet I'm addicted
Paulyolicous Salazar
Nobody: Welyn: Imma loot this base
16:22 "im new to the game and not one mothertrucker has helped me. love it" "welcome to rust"
One Dinosaur
21:05 you could actually hear the fear in his voice
Spaceship Studio
dude you're the most amazing rust player i've seen and you tell us all of this like a story it's so cool! a solo pgm vs everyone (exept newbies)
Cody Murray
Nobody: Welyn: *casually 1v4s every thirty seconds*
DumbBums c
Damnit I lost my shit 😂 the brainwashing part made me laugh way too hard!
Mateo Kohler
I don’t watch rust so I was confused why this was in my recommended. But I’m glad i found it your videos are awesome.
At the video start you can hear GTA V music. (When you fly with a helicopter..)
Sl3nd3rmen823 YT
Seing a duo building to infiltrate a base... It fills you with DETERMINATION.
Aminium Music
I haven’t played rust ever, but I LOVE THESE VIDEOS
Lock Lynch
Gourd through with a knife.... This man is a goddamn genius
4:26 Cuban missile crisis portrayed by Rust.
Survival Tactic: You've been injured by someone else. Start singing Piano Man.
hoang pek
People: our base is the best Welyn: am about to end this whole gang career
Tekozuru Mottomo
It's not /just/ the timing with the music. It's not /just/ the humor. It's not /just/ the moral code you're playing by. And it's not /just/ the level of detail you continue to show, in your plans. It's your damn story telling. It's so damn immersive, and it drags me in, everytime. Every twist, every win, every loss, every character interaction - its a damn story, every time. Subscribed.
That One Dude
Rust: People can team up and build bases to hide their amazing loot and traps to make it impossible for solo players to raid it Welyn: Hold my beer
Nobody: Man bleeding out: "Sing us a song on the piano man"
Weebus Opus
I think this is my fav accent in the beginning
ashton harris
Everyone that disliked this video is a roofcamper
Mossy V.03
Why are Rust youtubers the only gamers that actually put time into there vids and make them interesting these days.
Alexander Pittman
I need the music from the tower climb... so good I love these vids
12:30 when I need to make a video for an english class on some novel in highschool.... but no one else participates so you do all the work
The Ryandra
How are you became the master of video editing?
Can you show us your own clan Please please 😭🙏
I usually can't sit through 20+ minute videos but your editing and commentary is literally so entertaining
Zeke 010
Bro I love your vids and your thumbnails are super good (just subscribed)
Jayden Weekes
why the skit / role play
Hooman Thing 101
I love the sound of the squishing if blood on the barbwire
Dave Morris
3:40 My mans sounds like a professional author
Toba _YT
Lmfao i enjoy your vids so muchhhhhh
that GTA V heist music in the background. *Perfection.*
Nice GTA V music
He playing rust or in the middle of a gta 5 mission
Im here EXCLUSIVELY for the deep lore.Nail biting stuff.
Welyn should be a anime voice actor
Matti Kaelin
4:45 I can tell hes Swiss😂😂
Salem Joy
I love your solo raids, they send me one edge and your chill voice during the heavy moments only make it better! Keep it up bro!
Justin Y.
Me: **buys and downloads rust goes on it but keeps on crashing so I try some other time** Some time later Steam: yo imma sign u outta your account is that okay? No? Welp that's your problem oh how come you can't sign in? Forgot your password awwww that's a shame....... Oh look you found it out wait but I have to send u a verification first okay sent just kidding you aren't gonna get the verification code haha (edit: I got a verification code!!!!!!!! ....... The day after........)
Hardhitter1738 Hardhitter1738
When u built that wall every 9year old be like OMG ITS FORTNITE
Lmao! I'm 3 vidz in & I luv it.
Chaos Knight
How rare tho, finding someone that uses GTA 5 long stretch soundtrack, respect fam
good name
Love the gta 5 flying music
Bradrich Bird
I love watching your videos. Your editing is amazing, i appreciate the good content.
I love taking rifle bullets to the skull, while hitting a tree with a rock.
OMG your aim is incredible !
The editing on all your videos are always amazing 🔥
diogo 122
I like the music, i like the soundtrack of gta 5
Gavin Brooks
15:30 started to sound like music😂😂😂
when your fortnite skills pay off
Diego Montecino
Never ever had played Rust before but you are making me enjoy every single second. Good job man <3
0:21 Starting the video off with the _sickest_ of transitions. Hat's off to you.
Hey can I just love you rust vids I never played the game but I love it can I get it on Xbox one bc if I can I’m 100% going to get it and I watch you every time I get my Xbox gets taken off me. Keep the videos up and follow you dreams.👍🏾👍🏾❤️🔥
Justin Jams
Anyone else actually own Rust but really dont wanna update it so im just watching videos of rust...Or just me ?
Ur Nuke
I don’t play Rust but love your videos. Keep doing what you do man!
ryan petersen
I don’t play rust and don’t think I ever will but your content is really fun to watch
Just here for the perfectly time building music montages.
SG Evan
Watching these videos is better than actually playing rust
soldier or cop which are you?
The Kebabman
I love when your music is synched when you are building! :D
young N559
Gta heist music in the background
Bizzy Wizzy
I love that GTAV music it fits perfectly!
Anon Entrepreneur
Do more videos like this
Philip Yates
I think the question is "Who nailed a panda to a tower?"
Joseph Falcon
New to the channel and I Love the thumbnail art.
Roy Silva
Tower camper and panda murderer. Totally deserves it.
The first song is gta v long stretch soundtrack
XBI 007
You are filled with DETERMINATION
Kretzsch Games
Watching 30 minutes videos of a game i never played. You make great videos
Pro_ Gamerz
Dude ur so funny when u fine a good loot HAHAHAAH I SUB AND LIKE
along campak
Welyn: Yikes so many loot ... Random roof camper: Hold my beer
XS Gaming
These edits just made me laugh so hard especially the one where u brainwashed that dude
Christian Rasmussen
That transition at 0:19. Damn, boi!
Challenger Z
i never knew you could reload eyoka pistols
I love that guy that was singing piano man by billy joe also u make super good vids keep up the good work