Duke Dumont - I Got U ft. Jax Jones (Official Music Video)

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Tibor Tudja
0:42 - Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Pool Villa Hotel 1:03 - Royal Phuket Marina or Phuket Boat Lagoon 1:06 - Maya Bay, Krabi 1:13 - Monkey Beach in Phi Phi Island, Krabi 1:18 - Elephant Trekking at Kathu District, Phuket 1:29 - Tri Trang Beach or Paradise Beach, Phuket 1:42 - Phi Phi Island, Krabi 2:16 - Welcome to Bangkok (Capital City of Thailand) 2:21 - Khao San Road, Bangkok 2:25 - Some hotels in Bangkok 2:51 - Jet Ski rental in Patong Beach, Phuket 2:53 - Jungle Bungy Jump Phuket
Reyyan Açıkgöz
To me this song is the literal definition of "chill". Makes you feel like you're in summer times even though you're in the middle of winter
mohamed BEN FERHA
5 years after who love this song again ?
JFW 5123
“Reality is often disappointing” -Thanos
Olivia Madeleine
does anyone else see how depressing this is?
john doe
he upgraded and woke up as a white guy
More things happened in 4 minutes than in my entire life.
Someone who is listening in 2019?
Australian Guy
Virtual reality thailand paradise, bonus: makes you white.
This video makes me really sad for some reason.
If you're reading this in 2019. Good things will happen in your life just wait I promise.
Cristofer Jimenez
Finally I spent f*cking four years finding this song! I finally made it guys! mission complete.
Karoline Busk
2014: VR is going to take over the world! 2019:
Must have been amazing making this video
Muziek Producertje
Can you make a track like this again? 🌴😎
Leo MMedeiros
Amo a batida desta música, uma vibe boa 😊🧘🏽‍♂️🏞️🗻
So this is the lost episode of Black Mirror
Black 110s
im looking but i cant find the 4k144 VR option
Piotr Duda
👏 nobody 👏 cares 👏 about 👏 what 👏 year 👏 you 👏 are 👏 listening 👏 in 👏
Jacob Goyette
Duke Dumont one of the most underated artist of the modern era!
Jayden Shaw
I just realised this is a remix of Whitney Houston
This is my dream vacation
Marta Blajdo
Published on 22 Dec 2014 nddjnxd Small (C) 2014 Blase Boys Club / Virgin EMI Records a division of Uinversal Music Operations Ltd
BEST SUMMER SONG ALWAYS IN 2019!❤️ what do you mean?
sar . aque
TheReal J.C.
this just makes me depressed
happy 2 years to one of the best summer songs ever
mias nieuwoudt
This song makes me want to stop everything and take a backpack and travel the world!!
karla menjivar Granados
OMg this song still makes me feel so good 😊😁😁❤️
changed later
This dude had a colgate bath before he woke up lol
Straussi 4K
#2014 when Virtual Reality was science fiction xD
Maso Byrd
Unrealistic. Stuff never comes with batteries in the box
every summer i come back to this.
Me singing: "ask me what i did with my life.." *starts crying*
I wasn't expecting this to be Duke Demont's track. Ocean Drive and this. Good work yo!
Bo Brick
This a bop Summer listeners wya?!
Mr. Someone
When you realize some people actually live like this....😭
Big Smoke
The most perfect lives will always be in the hands of those who don't deserve it..
Anybody can please tell me more videos like this? Because you don’t even realize how satisfied I am right now 😅
where's the link in the description to buy that helmet?
I JUST LOVE THIS SONG. I THINK IS AGELESS, it makes you feel like you are in a tropical place, even if you're in your gray cubicle at work
this reminds me how poor i am xD
Bruno Sena
Ae Duke Dumont da próxima vez q for fazer vídeoclip neste estilo pode me chamar como ator ✌️
Raquel vescio
my childhood song me and my friends did for chorus when we were little lol along with a video lol
Party Slayer
Now this makes me feel that im missing out on life
Yeşil Sevda
April 20 2019 <3 Listen
dan bilzeridan simulator 2015
Sellena Marie
In thailand is everything filmed❤️ The most amazing place I have been🥵
reminds me my best hollidays ever, i feel sad but happy at the same time !
Anibal Aw. Barrera
does that device really exist? 😮🇨🇴
Muratcan ÖZBEK
Gerçek hayatta böyle yaşayan zengin piçler var ya,ne diyim amk.
Alan Tukmatsev
I wish i would experience this every single day.
ItzKiwi O
This song makes me think of summer and make me think I'm in summer but I'm not
Valentin Mihai Marin
I Love sow much this video !!!!!!! I Love you Duke Dumont and your music
De La Meme
This song had a different idea of what VR looks like
Anthony Niroshan
Hands down his best song ever!!!
this video is better than my life
Dora N
Thanks for making Thailand famous ❤️
Alex D
still one of my favourite songs of all time...never gets old
Alfonso Bautista
Quien La Escucha En Pleno 2019? México Presente 🇲🇽😎
Raymond Adrian Brown
This video the my perfect definition of paradise!!!
Keagan Wilbee
This songs makes me smile every time I listen to it ❤️
Ashlee S
Ask me what I did with my life...
dullcesiita ramz
Alguien en 2019? Waoo como me encanta esta canción 💜👌excelente
Sam Fowler
This video makes me wanna lose weight and be in shape for some reason?🤔
So where do I sign up to be in these kind of functions
Have a great summer you guys!
I was in Thailand for 1 month pls take me back. I can't stay in Europe!!
Winston Chen
This is youtube not a calendar
why are the greater things in life harder to get to :/....
Colin Chin
Who's here for Jax Jones?
simon pro
Takie moje spostrzeżenie, czy Murzyn otrzymał właśnie symulator życia białego człowieka?
No one: I when I put on my Oculus Rift S: (the guy in the video)
Emilio Coronel
I Never Seen Before A Million Times Liked Video. Great Song And Great Video. Ask Me What I Did With My Life...
Until now, never has a music video unleashed such a dark, depressing feeling of desolation and such a happy, bright feeling of euphoria at the same time. It's like I want to cry, but can't because I'm feeling fine. This music video is quite possibly the most moving thing I have seen/heard all year. To whoever came up with the idea: kudos to you. This has made me feel more than any video has before.
Songs like this one are making my day far better. But it also brings me a lot of memories.. PERFECT
Our wedding song. Sincerely the best day ever. <3
Fernanda Michelle
Basically, Black Mirror S5 Ep 1
alialtntas legendturk007
First thing he gonna do is change his pants and underwear :D
Emre Gültekin
best summer song ever (edit : dont you think a video like this for vr glasses would be aweesoome ?
Jermaine Philpotts
February 3 2019?
Киласхан Умаров
Кто-нибудь просто возьмите курните хорошенько и посмотрите . Вот тогда будет 🔥
Csaba Ioan Szabó
Sooooo? Why is nobody commenting about 2:32? It caught me so off guard :) LMAO
Mr Might
2019 anyone???
Mary Lou
Dan Bilzerian's life
Heinrich “Harry” Gehrsack
Man, this song gives me fckn LIFE, i don't know how to describe it, but it just makes me so happy that i'm almost about to burst out in tears of joy. wtf is wrong with me
Cavalinho do Vasco
Alguém aí sabe que local é esse? próximo destino de viagem
Mike Drewett
Hold on. Tried that.
NikobsuperGaming PL
Thats just makes me cry, idk why.
This is a commercial for VR.
Sonny Dee
I just realised that this song is remix of Whitney Houston’s song ‘my love is your love’
Anuja Modi
Ask me what I did with my life I spent it with you If I lose my fame and fortune (Really don't matter) As long as I got you, baby As long as I got you, baby (Clap your hands, drop so right) As long as I got you Ask me what I did with my life I spent it with you If I lose my fame and fortune Really don't matter As long as I got you, baby As long as I got you, baby (Clap your hands, drop so right) As long as I got you As the years, they pass us by (years they, years they, years they) We stay young through each other's eyes (each other's eyes) And no matter its okay As long as I got you, baby As long as I got you, baby (Clap your hands, drop so right) As long as I got you (Clap your hands, drop so right) As long as I got you, baby (Clap your hands, drop so right) As long as I got you, baby As long as I got you As long as I got you As long as I got you As long as I got you As long as I got you
Camilo Cano
Something I have to do sometime. Perfect life ❤️
Get Lost
2014 was lit 🔥 like if u agree!
J Chuck
He became white.
Bruce Butthole
2014 going into senior year. Haven't heard this song since then. Getting WAVES of nostalgia lol
Ramzi Productions
anybody else have a huge smile while watching this? ^^
malcom max
This music is just Amazing and perfect very beautiful song 😌👍✌️👌😆
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