Attempting home made seaweed sushi sheets. Foraged Lava/Nori from Wales!

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Intrigued by the lack of information online I set about making my own seaweed sheets at home. This amateur attempt was a lot of fun, I'm hoping this might get the attention of someone with a bit more knowledge than me who might be able to shed some light on how to do it better. I tried it with a paper making deckle with limited success.

We tried this in the Bay fog, and had a tough time drying the seaweed. After drying over an hour in the oven at 260F, the seaweed was still sticking to our silicon cooking sheets. Raising the temp from 260F to 310F (and another 45min) did the trick. Hard work!
did u heat it in the oven or just let it dry in there? awesome video btw!(:
i wonder if using cabbage or spinitch would work similarly well.
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How do v know if those are edible or not.. How to differentiate
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andrew kennedy
can you freeze this and how long will this last
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Is any seaweed in Canada poisonous
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Hello, I am a YouTuber looking to to the same “tutorial” on how to make seaweed as you. I want to add some clips into my video but I think it would be better to ask permission first. Using your video will include a link to your video in my description and a small shout out to your yt account. Thank you very much for the consideration