A Teaching By Zen Master Jinen - The Fukan-Zazengi

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The Fukan-Zazengi: A Universal Recommendation For Zazen English subtitles added. Filmed & Edited by El-Branden Brazil in Irumashi. Enjoy the constant sound of insects in the background.

This old man has the aura of a child with the way he smiles as he talks. It's very pleasant watching him speak lol
Trevor Smith
He is so cute thinking of the right words in his accent and his smile. I feel happier just watching him speak.
To solve the paradox, one must realize something first. You can be satisfied even in unsatisfactory conditions because you realize your power to achieve what is satisfactory and yet also be satisfied with the current moment's beauty on your way. You can feel safe even in the certainty of death because nothing can threaten that which is beyond living. Conquer your beast fear of death and embrace life not as an escape from death but as the vast potential you hold and offer everyone you encounter on your journey to bettering this spiral.
0:36 - 1:26 Greatest teaching, in my point of view.
Aaron Bonner
this guy is now my friend
John Doe
Subtitles saved my attention span. Thank you!
Love this guy! Every expression is a Koan in itself through his broken English and deep practice and wise mind. He is clear and compassionately unclear.
This is great! Master Jinen is just wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing!
Oswald Phills
Wonderful video Branden. It's like darshan. Appreciation to Master Jinen. Thanks so much for sharing this. Blessings. :-)
<3 ♪♫*¨*•.¸¸ ॐ . . `•.(¨`•.•´¨) . . . . .`•.¸.•´T
Gypsy Commander
This is Awesome! Thank you! Gassho.
Thomas Rough
Thank you so much for sharing. I am happy to see and feel this. Gassho.
Marcio Soller
This is wonderful! Thanks! When possible, please, share some more with us again! LOL
Michael Pearson
Very wise with a young soul.
André de Carvalho
G. Alejandro Trivi
CLAP and you just accept it
William Rosa
thank you for the subtitles!
Very Practical Meditation instruction. It works !
Ratan Jyoti
The master's speaking shows that his mind is clam and peaceful, a lotus mind, Dharma mind.
kieren bonner
thankyou for sharing. kind thoughts
Hello Branden! Hello Master Jinen! Thank you!
Dònal Brügge
hi. What about a new video? last news I had from you, 5 months ago. Don't mean to bother you. How is the Roshi Jinen? thanks
Chris Davis
I see you've met Mr,Ryan Mc Mahon!
Gerrit Slembrouck
Thank you !
Othmar Rey
INFINITE LOVE IS THE KEY..... to success without success everything else just ,smaller or bigger ILLUSION
Catalina Popa
Thank you!!!
Thank you .
He kinda looks like Patrick Stewart.. ty for video
Mikhail Mikhail
It will be great to have English subtitles on this video someday. Anyway, great job, Branden! Thank you and thanks for Master Jinen!
happily subscribed :)
Thank you Branden for your great effort at producing / posting these videos of Master Jinen for all to learn from. These videos are jewels... I am also interested in hearing more about your personal journey and possibly meeting Master Jinen.
Arturo Alvarez
This soul is enlightened. Subtitles help. Bless all of you. The way is Universal
Shreds of Wisdom - Buddha's Dhamma
Sadhu x 3.
Ramunas Simulis
Amazing video. It found me in the very special time for me. I guess everything is in "the Right Time" and I mean EVERYTHING!
Sam Alkattan
Thank you for your teaching mate
Chris Davis
Yeah, stop the world!
G. Alejandro Trivi
He said it! from 33:33 to 34:10
Dònal Brügge
hi. Is there any chance tha master JInen could come in Europe? Italy, France,.....how is he? long time no post about Him. thanks
sun flower
Simple. Thank you.
Shuhei Ito
Hello Branden san, I was visiting Master Jinen last week, and he told me that it might be the time to record the second part of “Fukan-zazengi”. Please support again. Following to his encouragement, I am planning to host weekly Zazen session at Cleveland OH, USA. Best Regards, Shuhei
I can feel joyful just by looking at how happy this man is.
Cosmic Sea Studio
what is this f..g noise, I can clearly hear it's ducked against the speech, what is this for?
Chris Davis
Aye, your a good man! hey bro , I like you, but I walk my own path! My AwAkEnInG, happened a long time ago and I've been connected to what I needed! We are divine, and the sovereign self is a reality! We are the creators, Yeah! Expression does deepen perspectives and my path expresses me well! Great syntax! Impeccable even! Keep up the good work! I've been where you are! Good man!
Things you already don't know you can never learn..
Francid Ybarra
No clue.aarigato master Zen professor
Lee Tao Dana
Soon it will be time for me to move back to a temple. Gassho for video.
The Blue moon on the autumn sky and a rice bowl full of a steamed rice answers all your questions, no...? Why to make Buddha...?
Iam Alpha
It is refreshing. It feels like I am child
Tashi Sangpo
Thank you great master
RJSS Sounds
many insects
Okay, why to invent the Blue moon...? The moon is white of course...! Are you sure...?
Le Coeur de BJJ
Andrew Hibberd
few understand. the great masters do not control anything at all. they wor simply on own mind. and the reason. The reasons why we do that is because the people are controlled by religion by school by video. you are complete you came from the core truth and you are this. zan zen. haiku. dougen masters. kookai. Tetsumonkai. japanese live and live historical stories. now is the only time to figure out
Ong Ong
From meditation arises wisdom.
Beau Johnson
shi shi
Thank you
Tomas Grisconejo
This guy's been downhill since Star Trek, the Next Generation. This performance seems too derivative of his Professor Xavier. I love when the Master laughs at the futility of trying to tell people about the part that people don't understand. I think, IMHO, that this teaching is the penultimate realization of all experience - why are we playing this game if we have already attained the thing we thought was the ultimate achievement, Buddhahood. Why do we have pain? Why do we hunger? And I think the answer for the West is a re-examination of Cartesian doubt and the Cogito Ergo Sum, ie.in the West, we are slavishly tied to our existence and our independent mind, and maybe this is true in the East as well though they might not frame it this way. The only thing I can see is that I am here, and I have invented this game with all its physical laws and social structures. So why at some point should I question why I came up with these rules, eg. I must accept that I had a reason for gravity this time. The question then switches from why things are the way they are to how do I live within them. I see I gave myself this body as part of the game so I must feed it. I allowed my ability to feel pain so I learn to deal with that. I get happy, but know that it won't last; I learn to enjoy and accept all things in their time. I used to get mad at flies when they landed on me. Then one day I realized I was no more conscious than the empty fly. We are both just biological machines, so why should I feel more privileged? I told the fly he was my friend, and told him as such I must forgive him and never be angry with his presence and his nature. The fly bit me. I realized although the fly was my friend, there was no guarantee that I had become his. So then I came upon a tiger. I wanted him to be my friend, but I remembered the fly. I decided I would take some time before I asked the tiger to let me be his friend. I am in the middle now, but I practice shrinking the outside to me. Getting to the middle can be great fun, but it was never intended to be the end, only a place to operate from wherein I could experience the greatest harmonic resonance. It is the crest and from here I radiate.
Roland Sopterean
How does one get in contact with Master Jinen? Would like to go to Japan to spend some time there.
Exit Paradise
thanks to this monk and thanks to the monks that made the internet possible
Wir haben Schweine
oo 1
Too much sake'
Patrick Leahey
Thank you.
but does he have to pay taxes.. make money.. or have to care for family .. his world is so peaceful.. its easy..
ธวัชชัย จันทาคีรี
Cory Lee Markert
That's what happens when they don't kill insects. Lots of nice music.
The essential teaching here is that the annoying sound perceived as hissing through my speakers really does not exist at all it's only a figment of my imagination it's all in my head
Carl Lazarraga
You know what's really strange? If you try to listen to him speak, it's hard to understand and very frustrating... but if you dont try to listen to him at all... and listen to the sound of the wind and the leaves and the chirping... then you begin to absorb what he's saying effortlessly.
Mister Zhan
ありがとうございます。 My spirit now longs to learn about life from master Jinen.
Misha S
wow..very chatty monk!
Funny I don’t see any subtitles
There is no master............only God.
Hi everyone. Just one question: In the zazen we should keep eyes close or open?? I seen so many films, documents and many people looks like keep eyes close. As far as I know I should keep eyes open. Any suggestions? Tom
Joeyb Theman
Reminds me of papaji
I one
Alan watts yall
Evan Turzanski
Watch at 1.25 it will help. Great video
Simon K
if you do not want to waste one hour of your time, here is the conclusion of his speech : "Be Here Now"
Seth Bush
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Or...thinking may be dangerous. I think this is a concept that is 'foreign' to the West where people believe that thinking is the solution. The psychologist Alexander Lowen explains this problem. Here is a playlist Lowen & Bioenergetics that confirms Zen theory. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9301B7790C4B86A1
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HollywoodSaint 57
HollywoodSaint 57
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