Simple Man Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitar Solo Cover

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Simple Man Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover Solo using 2009 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro (with a glued broken head stock). This is only my interpretation of one of my favorite Skynrd lead solos. Thanks for stopping by.

Mitch Andopolis
That tone is MURDEROUS.
thank you, best way to teach a solo. all biz no bull. great job thank you, 10-4
Damn dude, that was sick.
Bob The Boss Saget
hell yea brother. i always just improvised this part. no more. spot on from what i can tell. i appreciate the camera angle and picture quality more than you could imagine. ty king.
How about "That Smell" next?
Mud Wiser
Nicely done KB!!! lots of bends and vibrato always a good thing. Great Stuff.
Jamie Smith
great job mate! thanks for this !
Amazing mate
Brandon Jordan
Plasphemy!!! You playing says Gibson but your shirt says PRS! Haha naw just kidding but great cover man!
That was just awesome! You've covered a masterpiece without a mistake sir! God bless U.S.A and Lynyrd Skynyrd...
Danny Flores
awesome cover! love this song.
Richard Fr.
Awesome :3
Great job!
Leah Sancrant
he'll yea
Sassy Sasquatch
Amazing tone!
Sea Hawks
Tight........But it cut off just as you started going wtf! I hate you now lol.
Rockin' Z's
Well you must know the language cuz U interpert it very well!! I'm going to bookmark this video for future reference. I have an Epiphone Traditonal Pro Les Paul (black & cream) and I love the sustain. The guitar tech I just recently had re-set it up said he felt that my Epi played just as well as the Gibson LP's he has worked on. Keep Rockin'...............Z
Will K
Love the low end growl blade, what amp are you using ? The Gibson is still working despite! Nice rendition.