Jörmungandr: The Great Serpent Of Norse Mythology - (Norse Mythology Explained)

It's been a while since we last looked as some Norse Mythology. So today we can take a look at another child of Loki, Jormungand and his bitter rivalry with Thor. Support the Channel - /> If you enjoy mythology and folklore and want to learn more. Please consider subscribing to the channel to keep up to date with all the latest uploads and news. If any of your artwork has been used in a video of mine please don't hesitate to contact me and the appropriate credit can be given. Music by Adrian Von Ziegler - /> ➧ Twitter -

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it's been a while since we covered some Norse Mythology and most of my videos on the topic feel kinda bad compared to the new videos so here you go.
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Anyone here after playing the new god of war
"This one time, Loki turned himself into a snake, and he knows I LOVE snakes, and so as I picked it up to admire it, he changed back and said 'SURPRISE! It's me!' and then stabbed me. We were 8 at the time." Watching that, I was laughing so hard, I think I was the only one who got the joke...
I want to hear this in mimir's voice.
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Anyone else here from God of war?
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After hearing this video. I feel really bad for Jormungand... seriously because it seems like he was used like a tool or been looked at with disdain. Odin tosses him into the ocean hoping he dies from the impact... Jormungand survives. The Giant King, or Loki in disguise, uses Jormungand to trick Thor... Jormungand gains an enemy. Thor during his tasks, pulls Jormungard out of the ocean... Jormungand gets his rest disturbed because of a cock fight between other gods. Thor tries fishing Jormungand out of the ocean for revenge, Jormungand only saw a tasty treat on the hook... Jormungand had his time wasted because he only wanted the free munchies. At Ragnarok. Thor kills Jormungand in their 'final' battle and Thor dies to the poison... yet all this time Jormungand was wanting to be left alone. Jeez Thor shouldn't you have been angry at Loki all this time? Maybe Odin for tossing said snake into the ocean?
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Man, jormangand did nothing wrong
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Will you do Chinese, Hindu, Celtic, and Aztec as well?
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I do like that snake. He kills Thor, and is terrifyingly large.
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Jormangandr literally means serpant monster. Not great beast. Jorm (wyrm) means serpant or dragon. Gand (gandr subjective) means monster. Another name for Fenrir is Vanagandr, monster of the river Van.
Commissar Purity
The son of Atreus... AKA the boi of boi No really... The bad guy over here is thor, jormungand was just minding his own business...
What if jormungand is the equator 🤔🤔🤔
Loki wasn't the giant. Loki was WITH Thor at the time. He too had a task to complete and he too failed. I think I it was an eating contest. I don't think Thor was bitten. The Midgard Serpent spewed a toxic cloud from its mouth. On the day of Ragnarok, it would unleash its breath into the air like thick fog or clouds. Thor slew Jormungand, turned, took nine steps, and fell over dead, overwhelmed by its very breath.
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Wait till Kratos and Atreus find Jormungand
Here before God of War comes out lmao
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Jormungandr meaning, as you said, "great beast/monster" is the nickname of the serpent, the actual name of the wyrm is Miðgarðsormr meaning "Mitgard wyrm/serpent". So from my knowledge it's just the other way around. Great job though I don't mean disrespect 👍👍👍
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if jormungand kill thor, what then? can the avengers win the battle?
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Now we know a bit of what will happen in GoW5
We got people from god of war and smite. For honor anyone?
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Mimir has something to say to you if you came here from God of War(like me) Mimir: YOU’RE ALL CRACKED!!!!
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I could be wrong but wasnt it Thor, Loki and a normal human that went into the giant's castle story? Loki was also tricked by illusions so how could he have been the giant king
He cannot be loki because before Thor, even Loki and Thor's slave were also tricked by the King
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This was bigger than Pythons and Anaconda. To be honest I liked the story of Thor and world serpent in god of war and since I was born there (Sweden) this is why I love Norse mythology. Also I would like to see this serpent in assassin’s Creed future series. If not in main story, I would like to get a boss fight of him as a part of DLC. Same in god of war 5 I know Atreus said that he is friendly but this if we get a fight with him I believe that this will be a good development for god of war story.
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Jake Ryker
Why are Loki's kids so powerful?
Daimon X
Magnificent Beast. Jormungand eats his own tail just like Ouroboros
Imagine having an army of old age women!
John Merced
Anyone hear after the Marvel Panel at San Diego Comic Con 2019? Turns out the 1st rough draft of Infinity War Thor was going to fight this Serpent to gain Storm Breaker! I hope they give us this fight for Thor Love & Thunder!
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Norse Mythology is my favorite of all mythology. Thanks for an awesome vid! I read a book on Norse Mythology, but it only gave mild information on the Gods and spoke of nothing else.
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Any plans to do Scottish myths and legends
Norce story in a nutshell: “you tricked me, hence u must die.”
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Because Loki is a d****
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I found your channel by chance and have been binging the videos all day.. your content is amazing and your delivery is second to none... keep up the good work man... you have a new subscriber..
His name is not Loki is *BOI*
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The king was actually a giant named Utgard-Loki
Sin Of Wrath
Who's here from The Hammer of Thor? Author: Rick Riordon
in all the versions of the story I have seen the Jotun king was Utgard-Loki, he is a different character than aesir loki
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I want to get the Great World Serpent, EATER OF WORLDS tattooed on my chest
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As always, kind Sir, thank you for your marvelous work ^^
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Maaan I'm not gonna lie, when I saw the title I thought jormungand...was the serpent from FF7.....🤦🏿‍♂️😭😭😭😭
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Just look at GOD 4 clips and then you'll have a good reference to how big jormungand is.
I want to see jormungand vs thanos that would be lit
Atreus! Look what you’ve done! 😂
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In the Hebrew mythology, Jormungand is called Leviathan, the great beast of the sea, and with his mate, Akalthon, they rulled the sea, till Jehova cut them to peices and saved their undying flesh to the End of Time, when the righteous holy ones would feast on their flesh.
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something similar I encountered in J.R. Tolkien when king of wooden elves talks about great serpents of the north. of course it is "Hobit" movie Peace!
Simply Mari.
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Can you make a video on hindu mythalogy creature sheshnaga 🐍
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The version of the story i have goes as far as to refer to that Jotun King as "Utgard-Loki". Unclear as whether he's meant to be perceived as Loki himself, or simply as "the trickster of Utgard"
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I love Norse Mythology & Viking Culture
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Giant: The game was rigged from the start
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What do you know about the world serpent? I know he's too damn big!
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jormungand can easily fit inside kim kardashians bottoms
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There goes Fenrir's twin, his eyes are open wide the serpent rises from the waves Jormungand twists and turns mighty in his wrath the eyes are full of prima hate xD best song by Amon Amarth imo xD
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I think u should do a novel on norse mythology and Egyptian, like i did with greek
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Too bad Jormungand wasn't in the MCU. I would've loved him ending Asgard instead of Surtur.
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Thor Ragnarok was terribly inaccurate. Hella, Surtr, and Ragnarok? what were they thinking?
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*Odin..! Your old friend has returned I bring the destruction of Asgard.*
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After playing God Of War like 5 times... I can't help but hate the Aesir... I know the game depicted Aesir in a bad way but still it did a pretty damn good job at doing that...
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"The old woman who bested thor was infact "Old Age". Did I hear wrong? Could someone please explain?
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Who else kept imagining Chris Hemsworth
I've always loved Jormungand, he's such a bad-ass >:) Thanks for the great vid!
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I think it was a relative of Lokis after he is part Giant
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Ah the greatest god of all, Old Age!
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This is amazing. I knew alot of greek mythologie. But i never actually thought of the norse mythology
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Ultraseven will defeat Jormaugand, that very interesting
It is sometimes debated if it he is large enough to surround Asgard or large enough the go around the world with his tail in his mouth
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Loki has some seriously dangerous sperms
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Thank you for the knowledge. Your voice is good.
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Sounds like Mortis Media narrating.. 😁 Side job?
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Not just Midgard but the whole world
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Why thor is an enemy in GOd Of war???
I fall asleep listening to this amazing K N O W L D G E
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Anyone ever play final fantasy Vii? Midgars Zolom :)
I want to know how common huge ass snakes are in ancient religions, and if they always represent the same thing. We have Jorungand here, the vengeful Apep, the complicated Quetzalcoatl...
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You said Loki had 3 children. What about Sleipnir? The 8 legged horse that Loki is the mother of and gifts to odin.
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Just wondering isn't Loke in chains for the rest of his life after he does something to Odin or Thor or someone
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The gods aren't so good as everyone thinks. They are no different from those who do wrong. It seems they do even worse things then their enemies themselves. Like what they did to Vàli and Narvi. Not everything is bad although it may look it, and not everything is good as it may seem/claim.