Black Sabbath - Iron Man - Solos - Metal Guitar Lesson (with Tabs)

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- Tabs, Backing Tracks, On-Line Tuition - Facebook - For REQUESTS Support me - /> Here's the lesson on How to play the Solos from Iron Man by Black Sabbath. There are 2 Solos - The Main and the Outro Solo. Nothing too complicated. Using the pentatonics mostly. The Rhythm guitar lesson - />The Cover/Play Through -

Chno Sixxtus
Thank you very much ! Not so easy to play, I think it needs a lot of practice for the first solo. It sounds good only at full speed, so it's not easy to remember all the notes when learning/playing slowly. Again, thank you, you're a very good teacher !
Joey Messina
Great job with these solos, can't wait until I master them. Thanks again this was a great tutorial! :D
tony_warrior 250
Mano, admito que n entendi nada do que vc disse mas, cara que perfeição... Vlw pelas tabs
Mike B
Alex you're the man! You honestly teach music the best throughout youtube. The tabs you provide I'm very appreciative of. I'm proud of my progress with this solo. Trying to nail the rhythm and lead together to play to the cover. Definitely going to tune into more lessons. Another volbeat fan so I'm pumped about devils bleeding crown and doc Holliday
Da Silva Michaël
merci merci
Noel Langlais
I'm new at guitar, but you are definitely the best at teaching , thanks
Carolina Peres
thanks, you're great!
Dhulipala Chandrasekhar
Awesome!! thanks for the detail regarding notes! best details till date.
Алежандре Цемин
Nice lesson! Subscribed! And nice site is too! Thank you for share your knowledge!
Espreitador de Gudul
Perfeito, me ajudou demais, muito obrigado!
Arvinn Mohan
The white stripes-Hardest button to button plese! Great video.
Thanks for posting this. Well done brother!
Awesome stuff, thanks for this!
Michal Cendrowski
Awesome lesson as always Alex!
WoT Blitz И не только
so easy, thank you
Brendan B25
Is it a Gibson or epephone
Vitor Ferreira Guimaraes
Are you have the tabs in pdf?
Carlos Vargas Rioja
hoy many bpm is the first solo?
Shahin Tajeri
man this is confusing as hell ! not the song, the way he keeps explaining everything note for note and then playing all of it fast. it is triggering constant Brainfarts and makes the song 10 time harder than it is !
James Bailes
You're an amazing guitarist and teacher. Thank you so much.
Nicolas Becerra
thanks you so much, you helped me alot, you won a subscriber and a like
Rogério Nascimento
Excelent class ! One of the best music teacher of the youtube. Thanks a lot. Congratulations from Brazil. Arrebentou cara!
That is a nice Les Paul
andres nador
great!! congratulation, very good, thank very much, i must to practise
Vinícius Vieira Dalbem
Hello! Excellent lesson! Is it possible to make the tabs available as a PDF? Thanks!
นายไกยสิทธิ์ จิตพินิจ
Thank you very much.
Jerry Hernandez
Do you use alternate picking for this solo?
wath is the pedal that you used in this video ?
Hey man I'm new here but, do you think you can teach war pigs any time soon?
Alexandre Imamura
wow! great video... very clean, not slow... i really learned that solo.
Joshua Boyd
Just subscribed / found your channel. Like your style of lesson, this is helping a lot. Can't find the corresponding tabs though on your website? Anyone know where i can pull the tabs. Rather use the video and printed tab / combo?
Lorenzo Degani
Grazie a te grazie sei perfettooo grazie guitarforce mi illumini il cammino della chitarra ok
Robert Grand
Francisca Santiago
Aaaah obg por sua causa eu aprendi essa musica
Roasted marshmellow
You should go slower, I'm mean it is a guitar solo and it could be hard for people like me who have a hard time playing as fast as you do. But I mean who wouldn't want to go crazy fast on this amazing solo I'm just suggesting for the viewers sake go a bit solo. P.S amazing job
scott šzabo
Tony Iommi needed one guitar
scar the cat
fuck my english is so bad but your video is the only video with good tabs in youtube saludos desde México
Anushka S.
Thank you for saving my ass