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ONEDROPZEN.ORG Zen Meditation Breathing subtitles:Danish,English, French,German,Hungarian,Italian,Spanish please, turn on caption! A short film for beginners about zen meditation by Taigen Shodo Harada Roshi, who is the abbot of Sogen-ji zen monastery in Okayama.

Josefine J
"Alright, I'll try and do this lotus position...." .... "Oh, so that's how bad my flexibility is..."
Eldrich Blacklion
It's funny that science backs up how healthy meditation, good posture and stomach/nose-breathing are when this practice is thousands of years old.
Fish poem
Best explanation of zazen I've ever seen! Worth watching multiple times. Thank you for posting.
Earth Water Air Spirit Fire Lebanese Buffalo
Loving kindness for people in jail, may they experience much peace and healing in meditation. Practice zazen. May good meditation instruction books and buddhist sutras be available to people in jail
It's ironic that for such a peaceful and informative clip there is so much nonsense and bitterness in these comments. Thank you Taigen Shodo Harada Roshi.
Gracie Garcia
I am really grateful for Mr.Roshi's teachings! Once you link your body and your mind then you will be in a calmer state of life. We need to rest our minds because they are powerful things. I will definitely start practicing this method today =)
David Hermanson
I've practiced Zen for 43 years, and still offer my appreciations to the Roshi (a title meaning "teacher,") or his taking time to offer this video. it is an excellent introduction (and corrective reminder for the experienced) of the fundamentals of Zen meditation.
Arigato gosaimasu. Sugoi desu.
Vytautas Spokas
This made so much sense, love it!
Tomasz Skaba
Breathing is the important factor in meditation.
Jordan Thorpe
What if your back aches after a while :( ?
He seams SO calm. I'd like to hear more from him.
Lola r
Muchas gracias por compartir.
Norman Albano
Thank you Master Harada
Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss
Thank you so much for uploading this video!
love from India...just amazing ...and for those who wants to understand in other languages click the captions button and select your language
Siva Kumar
John Austin
I was was reallly happy to see a you tube video on zen meditation iv'e been meaning to start meditaing and learning the zen practice. So I get in the lotus posture start the video im alll ready a little excited because I really want to walk this spiritual path and commit to zen mediton the vidieo starts and it's in japanese without subtitels """ REALLY'''''''
Do Zazen, teach Zazen to your children, Be monk in your home, live your life, you dont need celibate. I lived in Buddhist monastery in Thailand. Monastery is boring, good for practice, not good for spending all life. Buddha had women, is not good to idealise Buddha. It is something wrong in relationship beetween man and woman? Is like day and night, ying and yang, without that you will not si here and listening teachings of Gautama, without that Gautama will not exist.
And you understand what is Zazen? Chakras works in Zazen, no matter if you oficially dont works with chakras. During Zazen chakras works indepedently without special technique and all body and breath is in harmony. I do Zazen, but I dont understand Zazen, nobody understand Zazen. Zazen is our home without home, Zazen is our form without form. Why body and mind are in harmony during Zazen? Its a mystery.
Andrea Nicol
Se me entumió el pie.
Zazen does not involve chakras
JUAN Carlos
Zazen it´s fundamental to Zen Buddhism.
JUAN Carlos
Find a Zen center in your city
They may be part of Buddhism, but they are most certainly not fundamental.
Aaron Lewis
Vajrayana is not a form of Buddhism. I'd suggest watching the video "Introduction to Vajrayana 1 - Its Place in Buddhist Teachings" Its a set of practices in Tibetan buddhism. All roads lead to rome, and therefore to assume that we must follow one way, and that it cannot be apart of Buddhism if we do not follow that way is pompous. There are many different Buddhist vehicles to take.
Aaron Lewis
Actually Chakra working is apart of Vajarayana to achieve the Great Bliss which is apart of Buddhahood. The idea that "no one has ever gained enlightenment by playing around with chakras" is untrue. Its apart of reaching Enlightement in Tibetan practice.
Aaron Lewis
In Vajrayana training the Chakras are a fundamental part of the exercises in Dzog Rim (perfection stage), in fact the exercises are entirely focused on working with Chakras to achieve Great Bliss, and thereby walking up the steps to achieve Buddhatva. So it is an important part of Tibetan Buddhism. Philosophy and actual Buddhist practice are two different things.
zeus guinoo
w/ subtitle pls
Sabrina Tom
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Vajrayana Buddhism took a lot of things from Hinduism and folk religion of Tibet, it's not really the most "pure" form of Buddhism. Buddhism has a lot to do with the Buddha, he's the reason Buddhism exists. But practice doesn't, unless you consider accepting the Buddha as your teacher to be part of practice. Also, insight meditation is the meditation the Buddha taught, and it has nothing to do with Chakras. He did teach about the Jhanas but those aren't the main goal of Buddhist meditation.
Well "Buddhism" is not at all to do with Buddha then...Reiki Healing and Modern New Age Healing, Vajrayana does accept Chakras etc. Aaron Lewis is correct in a way.
There is various exercises to do, if you want i can send you a photos and comment with ths exercises.
Thanks for this very helpful Peace
I did some research, and I think some regular flexibility excercises will help.
Really good, Thank you
Zazen Monkey
Thank you.
Use closed-captions.
Zazen Monkey
Subtitles would be nice for those of us who don't understand the Japanese language.
I can't even do the half lotus, my legs are too stiff. Anyone have any suggestions how to deal with that? lol
Arthur Ullrich
(cont) Buddhism is often misrepresented a a religion or philospohy, but at its heart it is practice. I said earlier that it is comfortable to do zazen lying down, but i would not recommend that now honestly, doing it like i the video and facing the wall is the best way to start. when you get good you will be "meditating" all the time. the reason i put it in quotations is because when youve done it enough youll realize that its just being, without perception or action. our primal face.
Arthur Ullrich
well, the best thing you can do is probably go to an apprved dharma center close to you. I practice Zen, so i would go to a zendo, but maybe your ore interested in theravada, or hinayana, so you would look for something like that. (indian/thai and tibetan buddhism, respectively). I learned mostly fro books and the such but honestly that was probably a mistake and took a while to undo. and it is definitely important to remember meditation (zazen) is the core of buddhism.
zanny manny
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I think you understand little about Buddhism if you think Chakras are at all a fundamental aspect of Buddhist meditation or Buddhism itself. The Buddha never spoke of Chakras
just me
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one of the best videos out there if you follow all the steps you will find yourself in a very deep meditation ... thank you ... gassho
Geoffrey Allen
All the old masters (Lao tzu, Hua Neng, Buddha, etc) have been warning us not to waste our time with the chakras they will only corrupt us. You will still not be enlightened. How do we overcome suffering? The same question from the beginning of time. This video is really good to lay the foundation.
Geoffrey Allen
Arthur I agree the basics of Buddha's teaching is; how do we overcome suffering ? Aaron seems to have missed the whole point of Zen. Buddha tried opening his chakras, being tempted by power and he failed, but still he wasn't enlightened. It was only when he practiced zen he became enlightened (I suggest you listen to the video above) this is exactly what Buddha practiced. The chakras are only part of the senses of the body and once the body dies they will be gone. It's all for nothing.
Arthur Ullrich
This is my point exactly, however you phrased it better.
Geoffrey Allen
Arthur raised an important point and I agree with him as all enlightened masters would. No one in the entire history of mankind has ever gained enlightenment by opening ones meridians (chakras) or playing around with them. This is the advice of Master Nan Huai Ching and just look at Buddha's own spiritual awakening it was achieved by Zen meditation not opening ones chakras. If buddha couldn't do it how can we? He was very critical of the Indian chakra system.
The Realistic Nihilist
a zen master does not try to communicate zen mastery.
Shareef Taylor
LOL @ Internet bullies arguing about Zen (of all things) in the Youtube comments section!!!
Arthur Ullrich
I do accept what he thinks, god knows i will not do anything about it, try to make him feel bad or whatever, i was just pointing out to him that what he was saying was not the Buddha Way, and more often than not people are turned off to buddhism because of all the mysticism surrounding it. A lot of things have happened in those 4 months since i wrote that comment and my entire outlook on zen, life etc has changed so i want to apologize if i offended him or you.
Accept what other people think ,that's what a true Buddhist does, not insulting people about their possible mistakes.
How beautiful is this to look at.
Warning: Do not listen to this with ear phones! I just lost my sense of hearing from the ding of the bell at the introduction.
Gracias por traducirlo. Muy inspirador.
I seen it in English playa just understood playa
To understand the shit you need to turn on the captions playa!
How u put up a video and the shits in another language lol wtf I can't learn I don't understand lol
yes.agree.good man you are
Hat Dag Cat
In a sense, he's telling you a way to get high without drugs.
Nicholas Redick
Im 245 and I can do it. Just takes practice.
Марко Апић
You can do it on chair, but your spine need's to be straight. I read this from Walpola Rahula..
Ralston Mendes
It takes a lot of practice.. for beginners you should try one leg at a time.. it is also know as half lotus!
Ardeshir Moeinian
I can not sit in the lotus position what should I do?!
Arigato, Master. Wonderful video and life lesson.
Stop it.
Pivot Spiritual
止+戈=武 (wu) dagger on top stop on bottom, means military, violence and martial art, the best fight is no fight, crystallization of The Art of War. 手+戈=我 (wo) hand on left dagger on right, means I. Both money and false concept of self are double edged swords, one can easily hurt oneself or others. 口+人+人=肉 (rou) a man eating another man into his big mouth, means meat and flesh, they will switch role next life.
Pivot Spiritual
知+日=智(zhi) knowledge on top sun below, means radiant conscious intelligence. 丰+丰+手+心=慧 (hui) 2 harvests on top hand in middle mind below, means the harvest of deeper wisdom for being aware of the unconscious or self-nature. 今+貝=貪 (tan) today or current moment on top treasure chest standing below, means greed. 奴+心=怒 (nu) slave on top mind below, means anger. 知+疒=痴 (chi) knowledge inside a sickbed, so knowledge lying on sickbed is ignorance and insanity.
Pivot Spiritual
音+心=意 (yi) music on top heart or mind below, thought frequency, means intention. 今+心=念 (nian) moment or today on top mind below, the thought arising from this moment, means thought. Rest is 休息, 人+木=休(xiu) man on left tree on right, rest the body, 自+心=息 (xi) self on top and mind below, rest the mind in the space between exhale and inhale or stimulus and response lies our freedom is Anapanasati. 金+戈+戈=錢 (qian) gold on left 2 daggers on right, means money.
Filip Tcaci
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When counting, should one only count the exhalation? Can the inhalation be as quick as the body wants it to be (my inhalation went very quick i noticed)?
Plamen Petrov
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Paul Artwork ✧ ASMR
Well said Naruto!
Did anyone else notice he was speaking Japenese? I was lucky if I u deer stood every fifth word. If you could see I'm flashing someone the bird.
Silent Void
my legs are dead
steven de rives
arigato senseï !
Thanks for posting. Even though I have practiced zazen for many years, this explanation taught me things I will now incorporate into my practice. It is always good to return to the mind of a beginner. Gassho ..
thank you for upload. this is actually step by step zazen for beginners with his zen wisdom. i think i needed to hear what he said today! i'm gooing to japan, where does harada roshi oshyo come from? i want to go to see him!
Joshua Paul
Where can I get one of those sweet coats?
Pascal Moreaux
Domo arigato
Arthur Ullrich
cont I would say dukkha is not very similiar to mood disorders because (again, im not sure) most mood disorders come from hormone imbalances within the brain. this means everyone has some dukkha, but not everyone has mood disorders/depression. but you do have the right idea! sorry that it turned out to be so many posts
Arthur Ullrich
continued Gautama buddha had a teaching that should apply to everyone, without having to help everyone individually. This does not mean that he didnt help people idividually, indeed his teachings are written by a disciple who listened when he helped people, but much rather that he said the same thing to everyone. cont
Arthur Ullrich
I believe Gautama buddha was a man who had many thoughts on the human psychology, which he and people of his time called "human condition", however i would not say he was a psychologist or psychotherapist. this is because (at least according to what i know) psychologists deal with how the brain works together with human psychology, and why we have dissatisfaction other things like this, and a psychotherapist is someone who helps people individually with their problems. contiuining
Fascinating. Was Gautama essentially a psychologist and/or psychotherapist of his time? How similar is dukkha to mood disorders like depression?
Chris Tibor
haha the real master Roshi
Tj nomadi
what is he saying? ;)
Clark Kierstadt
Wow this is focking superb. Good jaerb. It really feels like I'm learning Zazen. Totally with Roguewolf on this one. Saved me a lot of time and travel. Thanks
Arthur Ullrich
who the hell deleted all my comments?
Arthur Ullrich
Hmm i didnt delete my comment but somehow its gone and im not sure what youre referring to. I define the mind as that with which we think, and so it is the ONLY thing i truly have evidence for.
Andre Quattra
3 days a go ive started with meditation after years of "mabe i start tommorrow" saying and i came on zazen (after i read the steve job bio, i have to give it a try) .. I hope its ok to start with this one ? thx for sharing
Keith Williams
Thanks Violet, kind of you.
Violet Viva
Click on the captions option to watch the video with subtitles. It is a rectangular shaped button with two horizontal lines. (look at the buttons on the opposite side of where you can control volume)
Keith Williams
While totally agreeing with you on the wisdom of Zen, I was unable to receive the translation which was, presumably, in subtitle form. Not sure how you managed to achieve this on your own PC, but delighted that you did.
Cornelius Corcoran
Hi. (I don't believe in chakras),but position is important. The brain 'reads' positional feedback from muscle tone and position. (try slumping and frowning followed by head back and smiling) This becomes more noticeable as the mental chatter lessens in meditation. An erect posture causes an alert mind. Lying down tends to cause sleepiness. 'Lotus' (I can't do) is incredibly stable and when achieved makes long sits much easier.
Cornelius Corcoran
Hi. (I don't believe in chakras) Position is important though. Mental states are mediated through body position. (The muscle position and tone are like a book the brain references to know any given moment) I don't mean this mystically. Try slumping your back and frowning, then throw your head back and smile you will notice a change in 'feeling'. This is much more pronounced as the distracting mental 'chatter' lessens in meditation. The brain 'reads' an upright posture as alertness. ...
Cornelius Corcoran
Hi. (I don't believe in chakras) Position is important though. Mental states are mediated through body position. (The muscle position and tone are like a book the brain references to know any given moment) I don't mean this mystically. Try slumping your back and frowning, then throw your head back and smile you will notice a change in 'feeling'. This is much more pronounced as the distracting mental 'chatter' lessens in meditation. The brain 'reads' an upright posture as alertness. ...
Cornelius Corcoran
Hi. (I don't believe in chakras) Position is important though. Mental states are mediated through body position. (The muscle position and tone are like a book the brain references to know any given moment) I don't mean this mystically. Try slumping your back and frowning, then throw your head back and smile you will notice a change in 'feeling'. This is much more pronounced as the distracting mental 'chatter' lessens in meditation. The brain 'reads' an upright posture as alertness. ... Cont.