⭐ 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac - Does Not Start - Does Not Crank

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Video on diagnosing a 2004 ford explorer sport trac that does not start or crank.

Billy Underwood
Y'all crazy. That deserves a like.
Bill Lincoln
Good video. Excellent knowledge.
Im rick james bad Azz Mofo Hold My Drink lol nice guys i remove All After Market Junk, those alarms Cause Nothing But Trouble Eventually
Robert Rodriz
i have a 2001 sport trac the colors are diff but you say these are ignition wires ?
eric christensen
awesome diagnosis.......just subscribed
Horror Head
My boy flinging corrosion and acid everywhere lol y’all silly and I actually had fun watching someone work on a car today.
Robert Rodriz
lol are yall from Texas? im going to try this on my truck today because i think its my alarm not letting it turn off. its cuts off the fuel pump but hopefully this works i will let you know
Pat Armstrong
I am hunting the exact same thing on my 05 Sport Trac. Fantastic video. I'm about to try that.
Timmy, I think we gonna have to straighten ole Mr. Billy Bob out...he just acting a fool since his little vacation..lol...y'all did an excellent job...keep it up
Dino B
My 04 explorer Is a no crank no start and I have dashes on my odometer 😅
2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac won't start...so just another day then...(I speak from experience)
gee ess
Yall a trip. Good video. Enlightening and funny. Can you dig it???
Gwynn Ingram
My daughter has an 02 Sport and its in a parking lot at the moment. Its acting alot like this.It wouldn't start and then hours later it fired right up. Next day started right up and she went to the store. She came out and it won't start again. You showed me where I need to look for the prob. I'll let you know how it turns out!
Charles Gunter
A little trick! When you cut the rubber around a wire I use a lighter and heat the rubber around it!
Cay Rome
Appreciate the great lesson, good video guys, thanks!
Dez Blyan
Bad ass Billy Bob did it again you taught him well Timmy
major 007
good job. remember Tim be nice. you two crack me up." looks like he's brushing his teeth." LOL
It's a Ford you you're going to see a few wires that's not factory here and there. Lol
mike baker
Hey timmy where can I get one of those power probe
me 2
My dad has the same truck 2004. Was driving last week and it all the sudden just died. It would turn over but not start. He tried so much it killed the battery. He got it towed home charged the battery and still won't start so he's not sure if bad gas or maybe along the lines of something else.. But also now his windows won't work, seats don't work, no radio, or dome light. Fuses are all good I checked them yesterday and Everything else works.
Those dang aftermarket accessories will get you every time. Great work guys.
Billy Bob must have a sinus infection.
The Unexpected Mechanic
Very interesting problem and diagnosis. Fantastic job, and I learned a lot from you, as usual. I'm curious though....why was the alarm system connected to the ignition switch? I thought during the video, you said the ignition switch was a different color ... So are they always tied into the alarm system? What did bypassing it do?