HTC myTouch 4G Unboxing

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HTC myTouch 4G Unboxing by Aaron Aaron unboxes the HTC myTouch 4G, T-Mobile's newest HSPA+ (or 4G, as they're calling it) capable device. 1 GHz processor, Android 2.2, 3.8-inch screen, and a 5.0-megapixel camera place this device in the big leagues. T-Mobile myTouch 4G Unboxing /> T-Mobile myTouch 4G Info /> Facebook: Twitter: Forums: Win Free Phones: Visit for all the latest cell phone news, reviews, and more.

Abraham Babo
Flávia Sechini
Matt Levesque
They're calling 4G LTE
Peter Serra
Anyone know where I can get a battery for this phone ??
On my 3rd one it keeps having battery problems
Llama Del Ray
I miss my my touch 4g so much :(
L9 - no comparison
optimus l9
Xavier Wade
I remember when I had this phone, I gotta iPhone 5 now ^_^
Can someone tell me if you had the choice between this and the Lg optimus L9, which would you choose?
Tech Defender
wished phones these days had that sort of packaging!
Mine died :(
Elijah Suazo
Should I get this phone or Samsung galaxy s blaze 4g?
meek miLL
ughh my ZTE phone is better than that
True that bro in about a week ima get a new one , time for a change :) and he said there's the mytouch 3g in the vid lol
Webster Kollie
This phone was the boss 3 years ago.
Funny thing is, this is from 2010
As with a million other badly edited YouTube videos, your intro is TOO LOUD compared to your presentation. Get it right already.
can this phone get instagram...
Xavier Wade
I love my MyTouch
Holy shit aaron looks really different
Akash Shah
Aaron really did slimmed down...............
steve lezama
have it
Yofo Dragon
Darien Blanco
I would kill for that phone
The funny part is that you set up the phone before you did this review. because the FIRST BOOT takes a long time and then there is the setup.
I rooted mine and have MIUI rom :) :)
Mine does not start up that fast
I had this phone but it sucks it crashes a lot n resets a lot as well
My friend has this phone and it lags like crazy.He has a bunch of shit on it tho
akbar hossain
get an extended battery
Grêgory Gentle
that was fast
I'm watching this from my mytouch 4g
Khalid Al-Omary
wish i can lose weigth like that
My phone doesn't boot up that quickly why :( I've had this phone for almost 2 years and the boot up really kills me but other than that I love the phone although ill be getting a upgrade this Christmas since its gonna be 2years since I had it lol
this phone has many issues , i would say don't buy .
you lost so much weight !
Real One
Im watching this video my mytouch 4G .. it better then my iphone 4s.. iphone sucks
Stop Animal Cruelty
(Hypothetical question) Why did LG have to come in? HTC was doin g a good job and then here comes LG...They should just go back to making washing machines!!! Sorry LG FANS... Lol
Stop Animal Cruelty
Thnx 4 helping me cuz i was gonna go bananas'
Bay Richards
Mytouch q and the mytouch with 3 capacitive buttons (sorry if i spelled that wrong) were made by LG but the mytouch slide and this one in the video are made by HTC there might be more in the HTC series but i am not sure.
Stop Animal Cruelty
i dont understand...wasnt the mytouch q and mytouch slide made from LG??? How come now its HTC...sumone help cause im confused
imran mustafa
that sucks its a terrible phone i have had it for a year and a half and its a piece of shit
Rocky T
dam how much weight you lose???????
ive had this phone since the release in nov of 2010.....and it still doesnt feel outdated!!!! not kidding!!!! everyone who gets ahold of a new phone i.e still keeps up!!!! my friend got pissed that siri couldnt manage a search and get gps connected when i casually got it done with no time and frustration......:( i did lose it recently but insurance got me a new one with a deductable...take my advice and auto sync those contacts lol...but overall amazing phone!!!!
Albert Garcia
yes u can take pictures with the front facing camera
Albert Garcia
me too its pretty good ive had it since february
could you take pictures with the front facing camera like the iphone 4????
Mine takes 30 secs to boot
Miss G6
Can this phone be used on t-mobile monthly 4G everything plan?
Albert Garcia
i got mine on january
jairo canales
U were so fat arron
i want this but its like 500 dollars w/o the contract. >.< why do i want it w/o the contract? because you can use these phones for the walmart family mobile. and we have that.
"WOW i already got a voicemail I must be loved some where in the world"
In 2:36, That's what she said......
Us it $200 on contract. Or just $200
Dylan Bernardo
@androidisbest yes
Tech Defender
is it a capacitive display???
Akira Lue ly
Ohh man he was chunky! l0l his newer vids hes actually a little skinnier
i just ordered mine today pretty excited to receive it
You sound so down...... What was wrong when you made this video Aaron
how much is it again?
Brandon Yoshida
dam, Aaron really slimmed down
Ruby XoXo
@wizard1325 r u dumb its the service not the phone dude dropped calls are from bogus cricket
Edvin M
porn music in the intro :D
jordan ector
@huntersteal1 yes it can you just have to buy an unlock code for the phone
@kidrockjt an at&t sim card cannot go in to a t-mobile phone
@carinejv yes it does
Xavier Garcia
that is the nicest packaged phone i have ever seen!
Borigotu Smith
I should be getting this phone less than a week. Cant wait. If you look at sprint phones and tmobile this phone is faaster than all of them.
juan gomez
@carinejv It says in the video.
@carinejv it does
Thomas Huncke
2:13 correction, its the 4g!
Fernando Molina
@carinejv Yes
Thomas Huncke
myTouch or Droid razr?
James Emrick
pause at 5:26 it is the phone number
Compare him in this vid, to a vid that he posts now.. Major difference! am i right?
I have this phone & I love it !
Kerri F
maui wowi!
@carinejv yup
Thierry Henry
Pause @ .14
Riley Weckwerth
@5arielk dont get it i had nothing but problems.
christian angel
@mastercheif617 they come installed right out of the box, you can uninstall them if you want
I want this phone so bad but i cant get it :(
I used to hate the way this phone looked but the amaze 4g made me appreciate its design
Floyd Mayweather Sr.
asap rockycuhbruh
@Sanchjoh123 shut up
@carinejv yes. when hes scrolling through at 6:25, the app at the bottem says Wi-Fi Hotspots
He said myTouch 3g at 2:12
Anthony “Shamoo” Sanchez
I'm writing this from my Mytouch 4G!!!!
@TheMkMan1 that was she said
this box is cool
jessie gomez
@carinejv yes! i use it for my ipod touch! :D
jessie gomez
@TheMkMan1 my mom has this phone, its really cool but if u have too many apps open it LAGS like crazy! other than that phone is amazing!!
@carinejv yep
Omar Ghozy
i want galaxy s 2 but the box or the bag is fantastix
Ghost Game
@TheAdventuresOfEyron weirdo
The headphones are really big hate them they make my ears hurt other than that the phones great