GoPro: Fabio Wibmer's Downhill Chase - GoPro of the World November Winner

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Fabio Wibmer takes home the November win for our second round of the GoPro of the World Pinkbike challenge earning himself $1,000! Check out his awesome line and vote for your favorite lines at /> Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from /> Get stoked and subscribe: /> To license clips from this video go to For more from GoPro, follow us: Facebook: />Twitter: />Instagram: />Tumblr: />Pinterest: Vine: /> #GoPro

I'm surprised this dude didn't end up badly hurting his crotch.
Fearless NinJa
Balls of Vibranium
They should rename the title to “what my gta character does when I’m gone”
stoned smoker
Be a hero Guy runs from the police
Mert Bayram
%50 oh no %25 yeah %25 ah oh ah oh
Ginger falast
It says be a hero but my mans is running from the police
big boi cock
Gopro : "Be a Hero" also Gopro : downhill police chase
Lke if you spotted my spelling error
Layken James
I just noticed on the first bike there was no suspension and he drop off a fricking house😱
Am I playing gta 5 In real life,😀😀😀😀
Alfons Öberg
Biker:doing a backflip on bike and gets away Cop:"subrisd pikahco face"
The Ramps are paid actors
Gacha Wolfy
I like the cosplay part of the acting but the tricks and the jumps were insane I would love to see morw
Nice! This has inspired me to rob the local shop! i'll upload the gopro footage tomorrow!
Go Pro be a cop
Fire Frido23
This was planned
the cattykid
Set up video but great
Jaay Jaay
I like how hes like where am i going ? Oh look a ramp exactly where i need it
Paige Reynolds
This dude HAS BALLS
Jaden Stanley
How that ramp was confidently placed
Wilson Antonio Da Silva Junior
Yes vídeo deveres pôs uma music 😂
evelyn kirby
How did he live?????!!!!!!!
Lion Banana
2:10 Really? LOL
I Like Paper
So is this why you dont get a go pro
No User
Minus all the moaning great vid
listen the 1st 1 minute with closed eyes
Ginger falast
0:52 rip this mans nuts
Go left , bcoz nothing goes right ,😆😆😆
This audio could be used for porn
Saм xZ
Mission Passed Respected💯
fire peace
I hope hes wearing a kuff
protima chakraborty
You are a criminal
Daniel yañez
Z prime 0710
This is scammed of Fabio wibnet
Z prime 0710
This is scammed of Fabio wibnet
Unelected Leader
In america you run from cops: dead. Ride on a dudes house: probably dead. Land on a dudes car: dead. Be careful out there.
Erik Mathe
Go go pro you good go pro
alper korucu
You should rename the title “How To Get A Free Bike”
Xander Hyslop
What I if told you You weren’t so distracted you read the top line right
Yash Sable
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥the Start
Razing 23
Is this real
Ty P
Mom came in and thought I was watching porn. SMH
Thang Seldou
Are u a hero bcoz of Gopro?
Besay Tosco
Nice one bro
Jason X
Grand Theft Bicycle
Pedro Henrique
Eui. Ciwuei. Like
Vindictive Beauty
映像だけ観るとめっちゃ凄いけど 音声だけ聴くとめっちゃAV男優
겁을 상실 했나
its meryanc
1st clip was amazing
Pedro Henrique
Rjwuw. Is. Palovros
Abbm Azbbm
Danger ^^^
Aarifa Faruqi
Make sure you're mom not watching you while you're doing this 😂
Misha star Lancia star Black pink and BTS!
Like why did you even steal I bike😂
Fabien White
Haha cool! Was the crash on the backflip planned too I wonder?
stalin roy
( "_" ) I feel like this
FoxGhost_girl Lulana_de_fox
That's so 😎cool😎 real good👍#GoPro😎👍
Carter Fabbri
R.i.p van/car
Bipolar Penguin Music
Had to lower the volume coz others might think I'm watching porn
makis vstrom
Where is that beautiful place? Amazing video!!!!
For each other
Круто классс кто не верит тому в глаз GoPro
emjay macdee
GoPro: Does really dangerous stunts: _Be A Hero_ Injures or dies: *Be an Idiot.*
Ακαλά δν πας καλά!!!Είσαι ΤΡΕΛΌΣ
Dayle Clarke
The amount of people who have to even question whether it's staged or not show what a state the human race is in
Just close your eyes and listen. It becomes a different video
Joaquin Cabrera
My name is Marshall and I like your videos
Thắm Dương
Tự hỏi xe đạp đ gì mà rơi từ cao xuống k bị gì lun ghê v
William Ferguson
Me:you see that bike :my friend yeah I am going to take me:lol ok do it boi
ieoi gmj
polski koteł
Mahesh Odedra
Wowwwwwww 💕 brilliant bro
MpX b4x1000
Playtime in the alps! Really nicely done.
Jagger Moore
You can’t out run the police
Crystof Malda
The balls of the Gods
dont oh noe roleplay is probably the reason for 16k downvotes
عبدالله الديواني
عربي مر من هنا
Calum Hemingway
That looks like it was all set up but it was epic
Dude that was awesomely cool
aissani mohammed
VV Player
hero 8 coming soon i am waiting
Hạt Óc Chó
are you ok ???? °^
How to cleverly escape in a police chase. 1:26 "I give up" *Jumps over police car* SIKE!
Hunny Lakra
NFS should add cycles in their games
Arbaaz shaikh92
You became best robber in the world
Latte's Life
he is done for one day
show ur face 1 time
"Yeah, i give up" goes on to jump from police car to another bike and escape gg wo
Hardcore henry 2
Pov can you do a flair
ultra boii
Wow it looks cool..let me try..... A few moments later.... Oh well it not that easy
Loran AbdulAziz
Dis dude is bad guy
I had to keep the volume down so they don't think i was watching porn :P
bluegold trod
He cant do a backflip
Maite123 Rodríguez
Cual es tu problema como robas una visicleta y te persigue la poli omgg
Jeff Lyons
If I find your new guy under arrest Bro if I find you you are getting under arrest
shariful islam
How can it possible!
Hong ha Lê
im not thing you but the beat
Lucky doge
Good man respect