Dexter | Behind the Scenes: Trinity Killer & Family Man | Season 4

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Take a behind-the-scenes look at season 4 of Dexter, complete with exclusive on-set footage and cast interviews with Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, John Lithgow, Julie Benz, David Zayas, Lauren Luna Vélez, James Remar, and C.S. Lee. Subscribe to the Showtime channel for more clips: /> Don’t have SHOWTIME? Order now: /> Get SHOWTIME merchandise now: /> Get more Showtime: Website: />Follow: />Like: />Instagram: /> He's smart, he's good looking, and he's got a great sense of humor. He's Dexter Morgan, everyone's favorite serial killer. As a Miami forensics expert, he spends his days solving crimes, and nights committing them. But Dexter lives by a strict code of honor that is both his saving grace and lifelong burden. Torn between his deadly compulsion and his desire for true happiness, Dexter is a man in profound conflict with the world and himself. Golden Globe® winner Michael C. Hall stars in the hit Showtime Original Series.

APP sauce
lol the voive over makes ot seem like some wierd family/goofy movie all im waiting for is the "coming this summer"
Brick by Brick
it's impossible for me to see them out of character
Vousie V
Somehow, it's really unnerving to see all the actors talking about Dexter being a serial killer - mainly because they're still in their exact outfits as their characters.
*In goofy announcer voice* Oh Dexter, you and your silly shenanigans! Who will you murder next? ......followed by a clown horn noise Seriously the most unsettling voice over ever lol
Trey Henry
Austin Slater
Lord Farquad is the trinity killer
Ulrich Nielsen
RULE #1 If u don't finish to watch Dexter DON'T READ THE COMMENTS
I miss you Dexter
Al Barleta
RIP Rita
Scarlet Teller
"You wanna know a secret? Daddy kills people!" Dis kid is gonna grow up to be a great person!!😂😂
1:20 Clyde Phillips explains his decisions with admirable clarity and grace. If only the team that wrote the last three seasons could have had such clarity of vision! I wish Phillips hadn't left, but I'm grateful to him for 4+ great seasons.
Lissy London
I really hated Trinity. The only good thing about that season was SA Lundy.
Ahmed Anssaien
Who's the voice-over? Heisenberg?
Fair lady of Mars
i'm a so big fan <3
this show is the smartest most incredible series i have ever watched!! u never get bored!!! they always come out with a brilliant a idea to make the show more amazing! season 4 was ammmaaazing! although i didn't sleep the night of the finale :S
omg why did they kill Rita... way too early for that, now season 5 is going to be just about dexta being a stay at home mum. I so hope dexter doesn't end soon!!!
yhea... she dies 0_0
3:34 !
umh... Eh... She dies
Catalin Clapa
007rapz ur stupid ur a SPOILER do not read his comment if u didn't see the whole season
lol at WillyB606 =) but yeah Rita does die in the season 4 finale. =D
there will be a season 5 and hall confirmed in an interview that trinity killed rita. and bty i hated the ending
Soufiane Bouanida
guys im just wondering if there ever gona be seasaon 5 cuz damn i agree with you creepycrackers!!!!!!!!
Tim Oosterhof
@creepycrackers yhea, i guess i was just really hoping it wasn't trinity because that would mean he "defeated" dexter. I really hated the ending because everything was perfect with rita and his kids...
ryn7yen2 has been confirmed by the director and Michael C. Hall that Rita's death was indeed Trinity's final work.
he doesn't! well, from what ive seen...
Well, I'm not sure that it WAS trinity, my mom and I are considering the possiblity that it was the neighbor that kissed rita. Didn't you find him a little off? Sort of sinister maybe? He might of mimicked trinity's way of killing to frame the trinity killer for his own actions since he didn't know that dexter had killed him. Anyways, I know it's far-fetched but it's possible. It's so sad that Rita died and his son had to live through the same thing as dexter did.
@Windatekili What is the exact point of announcing that? What compelled you to potentially spoil the show for those who might not have seen it yet? You have ADHD or something, take your Ritalin already.
no, he shouldn't have. he knew who he was now, and dex could never deviate from a previously established line of events
Michael C Hall seems to be a really nice person :)
i fuckin hate airlines... its they're fault shes gone and its their fault my sister cant visit me from new york this christmas. Fuck U American Airlines or jet blue, whoever it was.
they dont have showtime here in the philippines, thanks for the internet like Tvdome i just watch dexter there. shocking that rita is gone.
this is my second favorite season of first season 4 didn't appeal to me because of the lack of killings by dexter, but at the end i ended up liking it a lot because the ending, and the trinity killer... this season's villan is the beast out of all of the shows...
@cvg1099 well trinity had to go with a boom
Osmium Studios
will there be season 5?
its like giving birth... without the side effects
The best season off all Dexter seasons
@imtezcan yea that was funny
Selam Naber
"I actually end up marrying Debra" hahaha that was great :D
hahaha! Dexter's face at 0:46
the ending of this season has literally, left me stunned . . anyone could have predicted that the trinity killer would be killed of course - but no one could have seen something like Rita being murdered coming . . without reading something about it online <_<;;;;;;; there are so many different directions season 5 can go now . . . . wtf is Dexter gonna do with 3 kids o_O ; _ ; RIP Rita D:
The ending to dexter brings up a question, what will happen next? Why would the trinity killer kill Rita? Will dexter realize that it could lead back to him and get rid of the body?
I wet and shit my pants at the end of season 4. Like WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING TO HAPPEN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I think i cried a little too.
Bozhidar Krastev
I think Debra kills Rita.
Thomas Sarigiannidis
that was so funny, i forgot to laugh.
Yes i completely forgot about that At first I thought she would die giving birth
There is a season 5, it was already announced that the show entered a contract for at least 2 more seasons.
Nolan Molfetta
I read that dexter and weeds would be renewed again
Thomas Sarigiannidis
People should really be more careful with posting spoilers this carelessly. At least give people a heads up or something to be fair.
@VirtualBIlly Thank god I already saw the last episode so you didn't spoil/ruin the ending for me, but maybe you should keep the ending to yourself as to not ruin it for others who might not have seen it.. dumb ass.
That's the point! Now, he can't "prove" himself, it will leave us hanging.
I was SO mad at the ending of Season 4!! Every other season ended with Dexter well off after overcoming something which was what I was looking forward to, how he will still be well off after this. Yet they ruined this ending! Plus now he can't prove to himself that he will be better than the Trinity killer by being a good husband and father...
Nolan Molfetta
allready lookin forward to season 5, lol
Masuka is the king of pervs... Masuka FTW
Mortal Annoyance Official
Greatest show of all time!
u R a big loser and u will end like a big loser...
god i want to see the finale now!!!!!!
Jessica Lara
i love dexter
"im tired?" hahaha.
Jennae Matzner
@ManInTheMirror124 wtf??luv dexter!!
Fah Q
You should have mentioned the ridiculous surveys they want you to take! I hate surveys.
there are multiple places you can download the season from.
Lately I wasnt sure I was watching dexter or desperate housewives, but after the turn of the reporter being trinitys daughter I now think im watching Melrose Place.
you are right it is the reporter girlfriend of quinn because she is his daughter
Petter Olsson
well you can download it =)
On the latest episode, deb realizes the shooter had to be a short person (Masukas height, he helped her figure it out) due to the flat and straight bullet trajectory through her side. Masukas is quite short, quinn is quite tall. im not sure who done in, maybe some random guy looking for money.
download it *cough cough*
Wish I lived in The US of A. I live in Sweden and Season 4 will air next summer. God Damnit :(, someone of you have to record it for me ^^
Sam Silver
who agrees with dexter's father and says he should just kill trinity already!?
Tony Danza
what is the naked reporter girls name she is hot
Aref Mahabadi
i know doesnt make sense if anything the trinity killer would have taken his recorder not his wallet
Aref Mahabadi
Ill guarentee u its quinn...He grabbed the wallet 4 hes slready known to be a dirty cop
Last weeks episode? Episode 4 showed Lundy and deb getting killed, it didn't show if any of them died and it didn't show if it was Trinity or not. Episode 5 is supposed to/has aired today.
Why did you have to say it? Why do you have to destroy it for everyone else?
Daniel Christensen
I think its just Harry, named after his father(not the birth father)
mathew idicula
And I forgot about Curb Your enthusiasm which not only gets great guest stars due to Larry David's genius to make the mundane hillariously funny. And also I spelled Dexter wrong two times, very sloppy on my part :-(
mathew idicula
Yes, I forgot about Entorage a great show, altought I do not have HBO have seen some episodes and you are right, score 1 for you!! But after Entorage it has to be Will &Clark and then Deter.
jarod richter
deb is dead haha,
do you not watch entourage?
thanks for not dropping any hints micheal. i like suprises.
mathew idicula
Dextef has the best guest stars since Will& Grace!!
I'm so excited for Season 4!!
np man
Tim Oosterhof
i like how they keep the show under wraps it makes the show way better so yur in the mood of the situation never knowing whats going to happen
Internet is Funny
Next year.
the series is amazing... why don't you see the other three seasons and then go throught the 4rd?? if you just watch the 4rd, i think you'll catch the drama and idea, but maybe you'll find a bit confusing, sometimes at least....
darkside phill
so i didnt see the first 3 seasons its hard to understand the 4th season?
when is season 4 coming out on dvd? please reply
Brennen Bates
I was on this im the kid in the green shirt with the green noodle rita and elliot the neighbor get in an affair oops sorry i just gave it away
Daniel Johnson
dude i did too!
i already seen episode 1 of season 4 - I have to wait till next week to actually see a "NEW" episode - though no way i'd spoil anything for such a good show :P....and i'm not the only one it got leaked about a month ago online
oohh, i can't wait!
Oh Dex, I love you to pieces!
Dexter is married to Deb in real life, but his wife on the show is wayyyy hotter!
Lori Kleme
I LOVE DEXTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seems that SHOWTIME is running out of idea's?