The Game of Life and How to Play It - Audio Book

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Hi, I don't get paid for any of my channels content and it takes a very long time to make audio book videos, I get many messages thanking me for helping the blind have easy access to books they never thought they would read so please donate to help the channel grow so we can bring you more epic audiobooks. Thankyou. -
Pink Vintage
This book makes so much sense! I feel like a magnet for attracting greatness! I pray that anyone listening is blessed! 😍
Leo Feza
this book was inspired by a higher consciousness itself. notice that you only start coming across certain things only when you are ready? listening to this as I drive to work. I AM grateful for this beautiful amazing book.
PrettyLittle Thing
How many of you listen this blessed book in 2019 🤗🙏
1. The Game 2. The Law of Prosperity (15:39) 3. The Power of the Word (29:12) 4. The Law of Nonresistance (43:12) 5. The Law of Karma and the Law of Forgiveness (58:37) 6. Casting the Burden (Impressing the Subconscious) (1:13:46) 7. Love (1:18:00) 8. Intuition or Guidance (1:44:35) 9. Perfect Self-Expression or the Divine Design (2:01:10) 10. Denials and Affirmations (2:18:37)
Sunkis Ramos
Speak this words aloud,with power and conviction: "I now smash and demolish (by my spoken word) every untrue record in my subconscious mind. They shall return to the dust-heap of their native nothingness, for they came from my own vain imaginings. I now make my perfect record through the Christ within - The record of Health, Wealth, Love and perfect self-expression."
Carlos Perez
This is so amazing...i realized that my grandpa knows all this without even reading this book...I'm so amazed and happy that he's my grandpa and now understand why he's so humble and he always has money in his pockets and he never gets mad when someone steals or rips him off because he understand life...i can keep on talking about everything he teaches me but I never understood until now... so mind blowing
Zur Zurcyan
It was a blessing when I found this audio book. It all begun on this book and my life changes for the best of its best! Every dream I have just keeps on coming true. Miracle indeed! God bless You!
Mathieu Avisse
the power of the mind is incredible .
James Mc daniel
This book changed my life
I need to build a dormitory and for children with disabilities, homeless and orphans in Tanzania. God hear my prayer 🙏🏻.
sarah brown
Infinite spirit , open the way for great abundance for her. she is an irresistible magnet for all that belongs to her by divine right
Paige Shaw
so i used to listen to this book EVERYDAY and my life was full of abundance and prosperity, (don't get me wrong it still is) however i did a little experiment ... just to see if the (law of attraction is real) and let me say it does! My life has truly shifted, I believe because i STOPPED, LIFE AND DEATH is in the power of the tongue!!!!! Proverbs 18:21
Arturo Garza
Her voice is so gentle and pleasant.
Alan Holden
easy listening and makes you think better and clearer
Stella Magna Kennels/Domatore Cane Corso
Praying for the negative and pessimistic minds that may not grasp or agree with this info at the moment. Infinite love to all.
Uptown Commentaries
Great life lessons regardless whether you are religious or not, never gets old!
Lisa McClendon
I listen to this book every morning before I rise and then at night before I go to bed.
Mr Persevere
Anyone here from London, England??? We can manifest together if you are interested?
Kris Fishburn
wow I was just thinking about this book and turn on utube and there it was. Do I believe u betcha I had a brain tumor and spent 9mths in the hospital lots of setbacks but I live . I had the healing image to make it. Against all odds I was a success of this law. there have been times my thinking was not focus and negatives things happens. I had to change my attitude so I would let God work . I'm in a hurry but I had to share my experiences because I believe it was so lmportant for everyone to give this a chance Love,Kris l g
Keston Prescott-EL
Nope it was the Egyptians that first said KNOW THY SELF!
Tiny the Farmer
Thomas Bailey
"Infinite spirit, open the way for great abundance for me. I am an irresistible magnet for all that belongs to me by divine right."
Tupou Havili
what an amazing audiobook to listen to thank you so much infinite love
Susanne C
51:56 one's ship comes in over a calm sea. If you run away from something it stays with you. what you resist persists.
Neil Jou Productions
Wow one of the best books I've heard in years. I'm an author and I can relate to this message in so many ways. Wonderful book and narration!
Jenny Andre
i have spent most of my brought me nothing.Just heartache bad health and misery.Thank goodness i found this audio book it will be a constant to watch what i say and do not only myself but to others.I am ready to change all the wasted energy of negative thoughts actions. to myself and all those around me
senora solitaria
The best audiobook voice I have heard yet, thanks!
Tony Branze
Leo you have no idea how true that is. And remember, "The only thing that makes a Man A Man, is his MIND. Everything else can be found in a pig or a horse."
Cool ChrisFromStLouis
food for thought...gotta stay full
Dominique Davis
Infinite spirit, I now give thanks for the $50,000 which is mines in divine right. it is now released and reaches me under grace in a perfect way under.
Itza Barbara Gonzalez
Thank you for the message. Your voice is so sweet and calming. Excellent job!
Maricella Alaniz
This book is the Truth ❤️ thank you God for more knowledge understanding clarity love and abundance ✌️
Scottie Flames! 🏄🏿‍♂️🔥
im in love with her voice. xoxoxo. thank you!
Astarte Jones
Playing the game takes a lifetime :)
iCreate TV
"Who's The Matter with you?" Goodwill and blessings to all of man.
The Best Audio Books
You have a very nice and relaxing voice tone. Thank you.
Nada Hesham
your voice is so amazing, it's so relaxing and suit the book and the subject.. thanks a lot for your work <3
Great book, thanks for sharing
lili oracle
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SERVICE YOU PROVIDE! I love that you offer this for free to anyone, your voice is so lovely to the ears. I was happy to make a donation and give freely and abundantly as the book teaches. Thank you!!! & blessings
Froosi Froosii
Thumbs up thanks for sharing / great book Peace
Ƙղօա Ҍօժíí
this is the gospel of the Christ consciousness that lives beneath the surface of the flesh of humanity. whoever Jesus Christ is (was) they mastered life by the spirit... it's the only way to conquer SELF and darkness of self.
Sounds like Nipseys beautiful mothers voice. ❤🥰 music to my ears
Clifford Starks
This was a very interesting book, had a friend that I feel really needed to hear this so I shared it with him. Hope it helps!
The frog
Merry Christmas to you and thanks for looking out for people who can not actually see you bring a great gift. 🎁God bless Love her voice😚
Froosi Froosii
Thumbs up thanks for sharing Very inspiring and great book Peace
James Mccray
I am ready to receive this information that's why I found it..
Rob Madera
Thank you for the message God bless you and your family💖🙏
Eudineia Candida
I Loved this book!! specially when use related parts from Bible!! Thank you for sharing :)
Ladi Xibrraku
GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!! GOD is Love and we are his loved ones!!!
Alexandra Ferreira
God sent me this book to read to change my life. With this book I am beginning a new life and I will attract only health, prosperity, abundance, beauty and accolades.
charles chaboya
"Holy smokes! What just happened?" -3m
Junaire Ortega
03:09am, 06 August 2019 can’t sleep who’s still up? 🙂😅
Richard Pedraza
it has taken me 4 days to finish this book and can say it was great to the end
Fit Babe Lifestyle
What a great audiobook. I love this channel because it shows you books you were just meant to hear. Thank you for this and I hope all enjoy as much as I do! :))
APRIL moore
This book is EXACT IN Truth. The law of attraction, reaping and sowing will always be at work in our Ives. It is LAW..
Aakash pandey
anyone 2019.. and please suggest me some book
Kirk Barkley
Still as relevant today as it was when it was first published in 1925
Manifest Yourself
Thanks a million for uploading this! I hope all your dreams come true! Blessed be!
Mimi lovehealth
I am so grateful for this wonderful book and bless you for uploading.🌷
Art Razo
I started to listen to this book today while driving to work. so much of it makes sense!
Fiorella Jones
Listening to this at work. It's amazing and incredibly eye-opening!
Beautiful M
This book is life
Jesus never taught us to ask God for money
Such a great book that this is my 2nd time listening to it. ;)
Mishi m
Beautiful speaking of truth.❤️
Adam Shockley
God Bless All Of You And This Book
red Dred
This book is amazing. I have listened to it everyday since my friend suggested it. I would tell everyone about this book
Gloria Lewis
Thank you Florence Scovel God bless.🤔🤔🤔
Sunil Chhabada
Awesome! Read it awesome too ! Thank you so much
St Sh
Feeling abundantly blessed to have come across this book. 😇 And much more delighted to have come across this audio. I listen to this on my way to work, when I am traveling to some place. May god bless you and your team.
Jeanette Harvey
ill play along lol atleast this is entertaining me all this lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jamie Urbano
Beautiful and beneficial. Thank you❤
2017 ean
Thank you so much Big Respect I wish you all the Best
The DannyBoi Experience
Blessings! this is beautiful!
Dominique Davis
Infinite spirit open the door for my right home. My right spouse. Overflowing Abundance, Travel, My rightful career path and I give thanks that it now manifests under grace in a perfect way.
eli parker
Thank you for this audio book, excellent reading voice made for an enjoyable listen and very very exceptional content. One listen is simply not enough I will definitely be going through this audio book multiple times.
sun rah 44
reminds me of the master key system by Charles hanaal.
Ryan Alexander
Such a calming voice, Thankyou for posting. 😂
Terry Williams
Thank you for giving this away for free
Robert Mitchell
110 the law is always behind the man who spends fearlessly with wisdom
Becky Ezra
love this audio book, thank you !!
Ariana Kurzmann
Thank you for posting these videos , you are amazing
Susanne C
see 33:53    if one is willing to do a thing of which he is afraid of; he does not have to. It is the law of nonresistance.
Jocelyn Bilgera
Thank you very much for this audio book. It helps me to multitask.
Angelo Cappella
Thank You! Great book
ruang aree
I'm Buddhism. I feel good while listening to your God's words. Love your voice, it's clearly and kindness. Thank you so much from Thailand.
Thank you very much and I will definitely donate next month
Christopher Harris
Is everyone here saved? Our relationship with God is the only thing that matters. God is real and God is love. God wants us to love Him above everyone and everything in exsistence. God also wants us to keep His commandments, love our neighbors as ourselves, and do our best not to sin. We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. This is why God sent His son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins so that all those who believe in God, do their best not to sin, and to live a life that is pleasing to God will not perish but have everlasting life. Heaven and hell exsist and the things we say and do in this lifetime will testify for us or against us and determine where we spend eternity. Forgiving others is very important. If we can't forgive others. God will not forgive us. Always remember our enemies are demons not the people they work thru. God expects everyone who knows the truth to tell everyone who has been decieved. There is only one way to God and eternal life and that is thru Jesus Christ. Keep God first, study His word, love and pray for everyone else as much as you pray for yourself. There's power in prayer. God is love and love is the fufillment of God's law. Freedom is free and Jesus Christ is the 🔑🔑🔑
isaiah emmans
Thank you for the art of goodness and love!
Donald Slocum
i can dig this, very deep!!
I firmly believe in the law of attraction. It's worked for me in so many ways but books like this make it seem that bad things will never happen too you if you just constantly focus on the positive things that you want. That couldn't be further from the truth, you NEED things to happen in order for your souls progression. If we got everything in life without some type of heartache or some time of difficulty then our souls would never progress making it harder to become who we need to be.
LoBlanco World
Long story short: Be careful what you wish for.
The true 💯
The_ guy
Thanks for these audio books they are great
Kathryn B
Perfect at 1.5x speed
*For the first time in history, the first time in our 700 million years on this planet, we can know life, know what we are, where we come from, and where we are going. We have to take advantage of this brief opportunity*. For the 1st time ever the *ultimate Truth of Life* has been revealed, it explains the big picture of life in every facet, it explains how life works, the nature of everything. The *truth* will set you free. Google *truthcontest and read the present*
GiGi 4life
I Have read her book which stunned me when I realized that she wrote this book in the 1800's...i have applied certain affirmations in this book that resonated within my spirit n soul...i have seen dramatic unexpected manifestations of that which I was oldest daughter turned me on to this book along her 2 other books...secret doors to success and your word is your wand.....highly recommended if you are tired of struggling...tired of paying tithes to a man without a sincere purpose to help the less fortunate...i give...but i give when i am prompted in my spirit to do so...keep your collection plates away from me bcuz wen me n my family needed help from the church(s) that i financially supported got no help whatsoever....i was heart broken and bruised by their lack of concern for us...i walked out of tbe church doors and never looked back... I follow Christ and The Real Church that resides within life has changed for the more brow beat downs and guilt trips from the wolves in sheep's clothing.
Success Factor
"When man can wish without worrying, every desire will be met."