신의 FAITH MV: Choi Young/Yoo Eun-Soo || Carry on (FINALE SPOILERS)

SPOILERS FOR THE FINALE!!!! 720p for the best quality. OMO! OMO! I finally watched the last episode and you know what? -- I`m really happy with the ending. It was surprising for me that KDrama will have a good and clear finale^^ Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Seon made a great job. My Mum and I fell in love with this drama and I think i`m going to re-watch it thousand times. While making this vid (which I was making since the drama started) I thought I`m going to cry because of this wonderful OST and all the cute scenes of these two. And to tell you the truth -- some tears fall upon my face. I miss these two right now. I WANT MORE!! They are such a beautiful couple, don`t want to say them goodbye. Hope that someday the second season will come out (pha, dreams -- but no one can forbid me to dream) Hope you`ll like it, because I enjoy this video. ************************************ Fandom: 신의 Faith Song: everybody should know this beautiful song Software: Sony Vegas Pro 10 *********************************** "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

Aysh Minoz
I've watched this around 100000 times it's my favourite drama of all time! A beautiful love story I just can't get over it ❤️
I want a sequel really bad. 😭😭 This Drama is soooo damn good. I fell inlove with their cute moments together. They've had a strong chemistry.
Karen Than
This was one of the drama I so obsessed that I can watch it again and again. Enjoyed very much. Hope to see more of this type of drama by Lee Min Ho in near future
loved LOVED these series, and the finale what one i'll never forget!! One of s million, so fitting! What a couple, so huge chemistry! I will rewatch the series once more for sure! i cried at so many times..esp the end scene..The Captain waiting for her, at the same spot for 4 years..So does she! They kept waiting and love each other, having FAITH...The way he looked at her (and with beard, so masculine!) almost in tears, spoke volumes about his love...I adore these two!!
Dori Grey
Love it. I prefer this Lee Min Ho comparing to the childish drama "The Heirs". Just amazing. The end was perfect, a kiss would have riuned the magic of the waiting something that goes beyond simple romance.
Kriztel Matira Umali
i really love this .... the story is really great. im inlove with the characters.. hoping for faith 2
random silly
I have watched all of lee min ho's drama but this is my most favourite 😍
lucy tuazon
This' the third time I'm watching FAITH!
Inga D
Lee Min Ho literally talks with eyes. I'm obsessed with him and Choi Young. Best LMH act so far
Ahinsa A
Normally I don't cry, but this drama made me laugh and cry so many times. This was one of the two dramas that made me cry so much. God the way these two love each other is surreal. The last scene just killed me. I was both happy and mad that the writers ended the show like that. This is the type of love that I think everyone wants: real and never ending.
Aiat milagros
Great draaaaaaamaaaa!!!! great actors, plot, story everything was perfect!!! but why why why there is no more kiss scenes!!! there is so much love between them so why?!?
That was soooo good! I felt like I just relived everything...:)
Angelique Ange
this is my favorite k-drama of the time!! me too I think I'm going to watch it till the end!! thank you for video.
Geez, I swear this drama came out like yesterday, and it's already 2014 0_0. Makes me kind of sad, haha. The quality of this video is amazing!! Totally adds to the mv in general :]
bella belvarezi
Love this couple chemistry from the start until the end.. Hope they make season II.
Layla Hamilton
Uno de mis doramas favoritos muy reconfortante aunque él final deja mucho que desear....
Kim Dela Cruz
The best drama..love it.,
shalini sinha
This is my fav song in this series... I really liked this series! K-drams always comes with the great concept which is totally unimaginable!
Diana Lopez
loved I have rewatched it about a 100 times love love it  love Lee and Kim they are so good together on screen. I wanted a 2nd season of this too
Haina Sangki
The end mybe its much better if they held each other but so nice drama just finest watching it lee minho oppa is a good actor love this drama in personal preference♥♥♥♥
Lina Liissette Moncada Leon
me encanto este dorama jeje lee men ho me encanta ... y con ese final espero k haiga una 2 faith con muxo guzto me desvelaria para vermela toda
ari bayang
i just love this drama that much! that i always come to youtube and look for music videos like this~ <3 imja couple jjang! FAITH/TheGReatDoctor is daebak!!!!
Julysa Torres
this was the best of LMH. A second season would be great 😄
Edna Suares
i realy love this lee min hoo i was serious acting this drama..
yulia Sidqia
I like this story :)
Endah Wijayanti
I Hope the second season will come out. The next episode Choi Young on the next future with Yoo Eoun Soo.
Silvia Irmayuti
one of my fav kdrama..lee min ho😍
maria maldonado pereyra
Yo le agradezco a Lee Min Ho por que en todos los doramas trasmite algo *-* y se nota que le pone corazón a cada papel que hace, es muy buen actor
Tu Gatita Jimenez Espinoza
el mejor dorama de todos me encanto lo recomiendo muchisimo
meriem naciri
Best drama ever lee Minho I love you
I loved your video and absolutely loved Faith. I think it's the best drama of Lee Min Ho - great love story and the actors had a fantastic chemistry. Can you tell me the title of the song and the artist? Thank you!
lisseth M
Es hermosa la cansion y el dorama me encanto ♡♡♡♡
anawar alina
my favor drama 2012 from lee min hoo 3
Camila Perez
uno de los mejores dioramas de lee minho que oppa mas lindoo 🙊
Edcelle Zabala
grabeeee. what a roller coaster emotions . clap2x..... galing .. lee min ho . the best
Chea Oudomvitchea
Amazing love , How can I become to be an actor in this movies 😍😂
Sharron Mangum
Absolutely in love with this Kdrama. Beautiful well written story filled with romance, love, suspense, intrigue, combat, etc. I hope there is a second season at some point.
Winona vera
Very beautifull drama and song , and LEE MIN HO !!!!!
L.A. Docdocil
i was also cofused about the ending they just only stunned upon looking at each other
Maria Marie
all time favorite k-drama. love lee min ho :). The chemistry can be felt when watching it. First time through watching it I cried so much....which is not my thing at all. Thanks for beautiful video! Thank writers, actors, actresses, and producers too!
Léanne Vantyghem
<3 <3 <3 love this video !
P. D
Faith I loved😍😍 this drama specially this OST💝 it directly touches to heart 💓 ❤..The video contains best scene suitable for the song really loved it....👍👍
yenifer Rocha
Me asuste pensé que no que darían juntos llore, que hermosooooo :-D
Fernanda Garcia Meza
amo este dorama me llego al ♡
Titin Yudhawati
faith adalah drama favorit saya..sukses buat lee min ho
Diana Ruth Santaya Moron
El mejor dorama eso sí es amor llore tanto con ese dorama
صافية الود *
من اجمل المسلسلات ❤
Yo no sé qué tiene este drama que a mí me llegó al corazón de una forma muy especial xD Supongo que tendrá algo que ver con que en él se juega con el pasado y el futuro y que en realidad, si no hubiera sido por la gran casualidad de encontrarse en el mismo lugar, no se habrían conocido y no hubiera ocurrido todo eso. Simplemente fantástico. 
nancy hernandez centeno
linda cancion no me canso de escucharla
Leda Jardim de Almeida Nunes da Silva
O melhor que já vi. Os atores foram escolhidos a dedo. Estou em pausa, só consigo assistir o drama Faith, começo outros, paro e retorno a Faith.
sindhuja sindhu
i fell in love with lee min ho....
Aaaaaaand I'm bawling my eyes out. CURSE YOU FAITH ( T^T )
신의 드라마 노래 언제나 늘 들어도 좋게네요 그리고 앞으로 제속 드라마를 볼 수 있으면 좋겠습니다 감사를 드립니다
Virginia lam kam
i love this drama , especially the finale. i so forgot about this soundtrack and i cried lol
this is my favorite Lee Min Ho's drama!
luk patjung
สนุกมาก ฟินสุดดด
Lesya Kosovan
AMAZING video ^_^ Great job, thanks ^_^
Lesya Kosovan
AMAZING video ^_^ Great job, thanks ^_^
Lesya Kosovan
This video AMAZING^_^ Thank^_^
Clover Lai
i gotta tell you this. YOU MADE AN AWESOME VIDEO AND IM IN LOVE WITH IT. it seriously gave me goosebumps and its really damn good la!!! OMG THANKS FOR MAKING SUCH AN AWESOME VIDEO. <3
Allele Oren
Love this drama & this video :D
One of the best dramas I've ever watched...
Angelinna Rossi
One of the most beautiful Faith videos i ve ever watch. Precious and touching with perfect scenes and with the best faith ost. Thanks for sharing. I also miss Faith and i want a 2nd season.
Angelinna Rossi
Tambien kiero una 2da. Temporada. Faith es el mejor drama. Me llego al corazon.
daisy vivanco
Te apoyo 555 segunda temporada si.....
hermoso.....hermoso...como quisiera una segunda temporada....
Dayarlyn Rodriguez
:') hermosa canción, hermoso dorama y hermoso Lee min ho
this made me cry. kudos to you.
Tina Phung
At the end mean she travel 100 years from when choi young was left there dying! Then she travel back to 5 years from when choi young was left dying!
Katherine Duque
Amo este dorama , y esta cancion igual
Румяна Андреева
I love this song, this movie, both actors! :)))))))
Hayder Qasim
I'm with you Isabelle Heo but don't you think that the scene would be much beauty if he says something like "I was waiting you " or she would say "I missed you " or even he would be so much happy that she faintly came back. I actually wished that he would run to her and hugs her very hard ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Marian Hammoud
This was the drama where I stopped looking at Lee Min Ho and started calling him Choi Young. He faded into the character he played so well.
sana minhaz
a drama that tugged at my heartstrings .....I have been Faithified
Charlie Senpai
I burst into tears when she went back to 100 years before she was supposed to then I started crying more when she went back to him. God I cried so much.
Andreea Boca
The most beautiful love story I ever seen and the best kdrama of the year 2012. LOVE IMJA COUPLE ! LOVE MY OPPA, LOVE KIM HEE SUN !!
viki(.)com :) You can watch "Faith" (The Great Doctor) there.
Isabelle Heo
The reason why the main characters are just looking at each other at the final episode was to show that Choi Young had faith in En-soo, that she will somehow come back to him. Originally there was scene where En-soo buries her pill case with yellow flower where Choi Young was injured, so that after 100years he will find it, and keep on living. And after En-soo was taken from him, he was just about to give up, then he finds the pill case...However due to time limit that scene was cut off...
Geraldine Alexandra Moreno Rodriguez
si la imagen q sale al final es el final del dorama me pego un puño!
Jessiel Cabaltierra
hi, were can we see this movie FAITH? plese give as a clue ...so we can watch this....
Vanessa Lucero
me super mega enkanta...!!! Lee Min Hoo very handsome..!!!
Chin Yong Tee
I wish the ending more then just smiling..haha lol..
dorra abbar
movies ? Oo
valentin ciceo
We climbed quickly to the top, but I fell fast are a history of the past. Those who know me know I'm crazy. I can not express in words the power to Woodalchi a warrior
oppa minoz
I think he was smiling at the end because he had faith that she will be back.
Elise Samaria
He actually looks handsome in facial hair
Connie Smollins
Loved this drama, but wish their was a bit more ending instead of him just being stunned looking amused maybe touched that she returned. I get that he was sitting under the tree not able to forget her so he must be happy and they will be together but it was a bit abrupt. Love these actors, LMH disappears in this role and and they are a great couple, the age gap disappears after the first 6 episodes. Surprised ratings not great, sounds like many people love it. Recommend dramas like this please?
Mey Bar
Preciosa cancion, excelente drama... El final me dejo un poco confusa x q no se ve claro si el la reconoce.
fanny KTBSPA
esta cancion me gusta mucho y el dorama wauuuu mis respetos encerio i like this song , i love lee min ho ♥
Hyukie, thanks for the explanations! I was disappointed w/ the short ending (but happy it was a happy ending anyway!). I had so many questions! lol
Thank you for this! I cried too! :) Having just discovered kdrama recently thanks to my sister who is an avid kdrama/kpop fan.. oh my I'm glad I discovered Lee min Ho! This was a beautiful drama! Love the chemistry! On of my faves so far!!
elvasarastari sorumba
I very taking a fancy to of this story, so get an impression. but I not yet finished all its story. great oppa minoss
Jhon Flores Huertas
good read I liked from the start the novel I began to mourn haste please make the second season but I would like to see the two together act and grasias por you take care to read our message reads
Jhon Flores Huertas
read're a good actor and I liked how you act you have to do the second part you take care bye
Jhon Flores Huertas
reads the novel does not have a happy ending should even hugging or a kiss but I love you like I read are your fas
nice. I got it as well when I first saw the ending. what a fantastic ending. I salute the writer of this drama
How is that awkward?