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🔹 SUB TO LEARN SMOKES: />🔷MY TWITCH: />🔷TWITTER: />🔷INSTAGRAM: />🔷WEBSITE: /> Cinematics produced by my friend STF /> This is a video about CS:GO Pro Smokes. You will see some great EU smokes thrown by pro players! Also, you can witness what happens when pros throw EU smokes/difficult smokes. Make sure to like the video if you want more this type of content. Enjoy! TOP 10 EU SMOKES by PRO CS:GO PLAYERS: /> NadeKing STUDENTS #4: /> Intro visual credits: @CutInLaw ( />Intro audio - NEFFEX - Fight Website: /> Credits to HLTV for Pro players pictures! Audio credits [ />Songs used: - Abandoned InfiNoise - Night Caller (feat. Project Nightfall) [NCS Release] - Far Out - Chains (feat. Alina Renae) [NCS Release] - Lemon Fight - Stronger (feat. Jessica Reynoso) [NCS Release] - Ship Wrek Essy - Fools Gold [NCS Release]

"like" to see pro flashes/molotovs/nades
Moral of the video: "if u throw a sick smoke, u are gonna lose the round"
Maxim Chernykh
Okay, Karrigan god of smoke but not good in clutches :D
Arthur Guedes
I wish I could memorize those smokes hhahaha
Poor Karrigan... pro smokes but no clutch :(
Bluee Zenith
Flusha's smoke is originally created by byali
Karrigan has the best smokes
Frank The Tank
How to start a NadeKing video.. *Press L*
Cowvi N
Would it have mattered? I mean like Stewie2k, run through that smoke and still rekt em.
I memorise one, then forget it the next day 😂
6:38 the smoke went right through the metal .
Muhammad Salman
The cinematics were great. Good job.
2:50 this smoke was a monster
Best videos you made ! Appreciate time put in this video.
ironhack 9
6:18 send this noodle to help skadoodle
Malik Almalik
Awesome Content bro <3 Keep it up !
daily dank _
Its also satisfying to see this
ツEv1l Em1lツ
*Do not throw smoke, you lose the round, like Karrigan XDD*
Alperen Kemal
03:49 byali not flusha
Some One
Now I've learned more smoke tricks. Great Vid! Keep it up
THANK YOU was looking for those nuke and cobble smoke for ages
Yung Qwodu
keep it up NadeKing! ♥ I would be very glad if I had your signature /id/-s1lent-
Only if Karrigan clutched it
Flusha smoke actually is morelz smoke, he threw it first.
Vedaanta Shenoy
Really cool smokes bruv and great video mate especially the clpse ups
ikmal fadhli
People: fragmovie on clutches Nadeking: fragmovie about nades
Albert Y.T
I need to see Flash/Molotov! Flash is important to me 😀
Павел Белов
Lmao, never knew that the smoke I use to stop palace rush almost every round beginning for 2 years is kennys mirage palace a retake smoke. Btw, I haven’t learned that smoke, I like “invented” it myself
Yo this is awesome!!!! Please make more!!! Love this vid and your others, keep up the good work @NadeKing !!!
Thanks for your good content, keep going mate, im new at csgo, but i really enjoy ur contente ! Cheers !!
Make more videos like that! <3 It is superb!
Outdated Memes
I love how in most of these they get absolutely smacked after
Tomass Logovsk
1Drop smoke In dust 2 tunel 2 drop flashbang and rush with p90 3And thats actually workings and! HE DOESNT KNOW WHAT HES DOING!
Aqim Julayhi
It's been awhile since I've been early. Please forgive me, NK <3
its your boy jesus
Karrigan is still my fav iGL
uoᴉssǝɹdǝs ʎɯ sǝɹnɔ sǝɯǝɯ
God of smoke counter: Stewie2k
I never got a <3 BY NADE KING '-' not today too '-'
3:49 Byali first used this smoke ! plz change
Good video but I've already seen half of the clips on your channel
intro ish too long and already being ahsked to hith like butthon within the firsth 20 secondsh
-H4ppY _
Imagine if it was nade Every single clip one player always pop out of the smoke so LOL
When you practice smoking and not game sense
Some random Guy
The first smoke on overpass inspired me to learn the smoke and now I know the perfect way to hold b site on overpass
In the next video can u do all types of grenades and not just smokes. Thx
216 views but 255 likes...GG
Orange Peel
Yes nadeking! :D would you sign my profile? steamcommunity.com/id/LostInATunnel
GG eXceL
Love the music. Love the animation. I can tell a lot of work was put into this and it came out incredibly well. Thanks for this and keep up the good work king!
Btw 3.46 smoke byali show before flusha
LeX _
i love the ska one but i rarely play in train
What are they smoking tho 🤣
Isaac Hill
Can we see a video of al; of these smokes but a tutorial type?
Andreas Linus Larsen
I have make my Ovn smoke and Motowl in mirage
Dude this video is epic. Want more crazy smokes/flashes/grenades/fake flashes would be great!
Abdullah Gökalp
Unrealistic in real life but hey its just a game
Alexey Saranov
Mirage smoke on mid, was first byali not flusha
This Video Was Oddly Satisfying.
lol literally everyround in this video where people use crazy smokes, they lose the round
I'm new to your channel, Can you please make an intricate smoke tutorial in Cache, Mirage, Inferno, Overpass? 4 in 1.
Parshwa Desai
Would surely love to see more smokes like this! This was a great vid. Cheers.
Quintus Beatz
Can you make a Video about the Legija smoke on Overpass it was tooooo fast for me haha
Last ended
Everytime they waste time on smokes no one minds they lose a raund
Tenzin Rigsang
How about a video of pro match smoke kills
Maxim Reznik
I just had the biggest NFS: Undercover flashback in a while, just from watching the add in the beginning..
My head hurts but your voice calmed me down :)
J Attitude
CS GO Pro players HE. CS GO Pro players Molly.
Koen Schouten
7:38 , jup...that smoke was 100% ment to go there👍😂👌
Antek Borkowski
*smoke trees*
King Hisham
I can do all that smokes but batter and even i.m not ESL Csgo PRo ^_*
Milo T
These might be pro smokes, but i like your pro videos more!
Gettriggered _Ian
that smoke from Karrigan was noice
Simone Saimondek
That's a rubbish smoke. Cit.
More please but shorter (about 6-8 mins)
Hey NadeKing, maybe you can make a video about a tutorial on how to execute these sick smokes.
Nahhhh.. shroud dont need eye after all...😂
kristof privat
i know the 3:36 smoke at the back of my head. i trow it evry time
who also came for Ropz in thumbnail?
Wow you’re really gonna bring up skadoodle rn...? Smh... 🙌😢R.I.P. SKA!
C'rine ML
nade king is the pro once
nice vid, I just dont understand why you would include that cbble heaven smoke by yam since its really common..?
From when do pro players smoke? Oh...
Shawn Cong
Does it mean.. the team throwing fancy smokes loses the round?
Rômulo Monteiro
Nice compilation ! Super G
Ebon Hawk
Window smoke from Flusha - I guess it wasn't his, first time I've seen that was from Byali or Neo from VP.
MadRitz Gaming
Also make pubg videos and tricks
jelle tilburg
the first smoke that karrigan throws is actually from Gaurdian right?
Nino Breznik
It's not flushas smoke. Biali did it before him.
R1yz3n k
Must be a genius mathematician to know the right angle and hight lmao
Twistzz ZZZ
Wooow nice edit bro👍🏽💯💪🏽
Dude, anyone recognize Justice at the beginning of the vid? Holy shit lol
All your Video nadeking are so useful i like it sir😊
Pudge Plays
everytime there's a pro smoke their team loses the round
Okal Holent
adv is the NFS Undercover Nostalgia
Debojyoti Das
Did you notice, everytime a player executed a perfect smoke they lost the round?
6:15 Gob B threw it firstly
Ja Ganci
You can add so many smokes by pros streaming.