Hello Dexter Morgan


The Bay Harbor Butcher and the Trinity Killer face to face right under Miami Metro's noses. Epic.
Jose Rodriguez
This guy had the balls to show up in the department.
Storm Hawk
Season 4 was the best thanks to the magnificent John Lithgow. ( but Michael C Hall is of course irreplaceable )
I think this was the first time in the series where you could actually see nothing but pure fear in Dexter's eyes.
Irritates me how he can just walk into the evidence room in a murder department.
M Usman
If ever a scene needed a "Surprise Motherfucker!" it was this scene right here
I love how the camera is angled slightly higher on Dexter to make him smaller and lower on Trinity to make him more imposing great job by the director.
Joshua Nelson
This one scene was more intense than ANYTHING in the last four seasons.
Mind & Matter
John Lithgow is a big dude.
This scene gives me goosebumps every time I watch it!
Best Villains of the series: 1. Trinity 2. Ice Truck Killer 3. Miguel 4. Jordan Chase 5. Isaak The rest were pretty uninteresting. 
"Why Mr. Beaudry, you've done me a kindness."
This scene is epic as shit, but how did nobody notice a *6'4 60 YEAR OLD WHITE MALE WITH BLUE EYES WALKING RIGHT INTO THE TRINITY KILLER EVIDENCE ROOM*? I know the police thought Stan Beaudry was the suspect, but Arthur perfectly fit the profile and nobody batted an eye.
Best season by far
two of the top serial killers in the heart of Miami Metro!!
Omar Brown
Man, remember when Dexter was a great Tv show?
One of the if not THE best 'Oh Shit' moments in Dexter :)
It's always funny how Dexter walks straight up to Trinity and just allows trinity to look at his name tag
i remember when i saw this, it was so tense hahaha
This was one of the biggest "HOLY SHIT" moments of the show... I mean, the way he says it was just so intimidating and just sent chills!
It would've been amazing if somehow Trinity and Brian Moser came face-to-face.
Mr. Ravioli
Best Villains: 1. Trinity 2. Ice Truck Killer 3. Doomsday Killer 4. Isaak 5. Jordan Chase
Daniel Pena
Killer walks through the Police Department and no one notices?
best episode ending of dexter :)
It's like a Lion entering the territory of the Tiger and they meet face to face.
Robert Lythgoe
I'm sick of people saying that "the last FOUR seasons of Dexter" were complete garbage. Yes. Season 8 was garbage. But 5 and 6 were still good, despite not being as good as previous seasons. And how the hell can you all say S7 was rubbish?! The premiere of S7 is one of the best episodes of the show ever, HANDS DOWN. And the rest of the season was definitely a lot less formulaic and more interesting than 5 and 6. So where the hell does this thought that Seasons 5-7 were rubbish come from?!
How badass is Trinity ? The balls on this guy are amazing, the way he walks into the Homicide Department knowing any wrong move can get him in trouble. The musc tho.. makes the scene brilliant.
Resetti's Replicas
I wonder why he didn't hide under his desk instead of making a break for it.
Another great scene was when he kills Miguel Prado and tells him how he killed Oscar.
Brian is so much better than Arthur. There I said it. My opinion. Sorry, but Ice truck killer is bad ass.
If only he had tucked in his ID, the whole thing could've been avoided!
Epic season and the best scene of all Dexter series.
Casey Hudson
... Dexter is a damn good show. The first 4 seasons were great. Season 4 is my favorite, because John Lithgow is just wonderful in everything he's in, one of my favorite actors. Season 5 was average, at best. Season 6 was not good, but I wouldn't say it was bad, either. Season 7 is where the spark began to vanish. And Season 8, where to begin? I was really disappointed with the ending, much like everyone else. Not saying Season 8 was terrible, but long running shows begin to go downward after about Season 5. I've seen it happen on some cases. Anyway, I loved this scene. Lithgow played Trinity perfectly. I kept picturing that he was the Alien he played from 3rd Rock from the Sun who came back to earth and started going on a killing spree. That's a dark turn. Perhaps a spin-off is in order? We'll see.
The scene of Arthur looking at the trinity killing board with all of the crime scene photos! I love that scene because he is looking upon all of his "work" with sadistic pride. It really makes you think, this ONE person is leaves behind a hurricane of death.
Erik Ekelund
This scene is a masterpiece.
King Zartan
Trinity was safe in the police department. they never catch killers. they forget how to do police work and they all just listen to the blood guy.
Ugly Coyote
Two evils, meeting face to face....accept one is our hero. Great acting
Al Heimlich
Last good season of the series
2:19 It was at this moment that Dexter knew..... He f*cked up
FA Revolution Production
The thing that suck was that Trinity was the only bad guy that really hurted Dexter. I wished in the later series there were someone more evil than Trinity but there wasn't. Only Ice Truck Killer, Trinity, Jordan Chase and maybe Miguel but thats it. There are 8 seasons and only Trinity was the most interesting one
L The Detective
man that was so cool when it happened.
epic scene.
I was always dissapointed that Trinity's interaction with Dexter was brought up by the rest of the crew. I'm guessing they have security cameras, right? I thought they could've used that to throw the show into an interesting place.
Michael Green
The only time that Dexter felt fear in the entire series.
James Mcilroy
Whoops I've only seen up 2 where Dexter is in that guy's house & he gets pinned up againest the wall totally loving John Lithgow's character in Dexter I thought I was lost when Breaking Bad ended but Dexter has certainly filled the gap
Night King
The best season and the best scene of dexter, Loved John Lithgow such a sick actor 
The first 4 seasons were so fucking awesome. Lithgow killed it as the Trinity killer!! I remember when I heard he was cast as the new villain for S4 I was so pumped, John Lithgow always played an excellent bad guy; Ricochet, Cliffhanger, Raising Cain..Shrek LOL! For real though, S4 was the best.
User 0
John Lithgow is an amazing actor
Austin Singleton
This season of Dexter was probably some if not the best TV I've ever watched ....ever. John Lithgow truly deserved his GG. This season had my grasping at my seat and biting my nails in suspense. Amazing writing. This season was like the best sex of your life....after that, nothing else (including other seasons of Dexter), compared. It was just....'meh'.
The only man Dexter truly feared.
This show is worth watching again. With honor,
Mike Youngblood
John Lithgow as the Trinity Killer is forever the creepiest killer in TV history
Trinity's overrated!! I liked Isaak,Brian more and the greatest is... Oliver Saxon.. god i loved him.
zer0 95
goosebumps all the way since he entered.... daaaam
"My, my..." "Well, Mr. Beaudry... You've done me a kindness..." The great and amazingly talented John Lithgow makes even the most innocent words sound creepy as hell. Kudos!
C Hall
”I never took pride in what i did” Yes Arthur, yes you did. At least this part of you
I forgot how good this show was
the best season
Thorsten Splitthoff
that was one of the greatest and most intense cliffhangers in TV history! What a brilliant show this was!
Aaron Dutra
Who knew Lord Farquaad and Dick Solomon would make such an intimidating villain?
Is Barney Stinson's dad a murderer in this show?
Zsolt Zakar
That was the one of the best scene in Dexter. I loved that.
Tonight's the night. I'm gonna watch Dexter again, and again..
2 stealthy apex predators, face to face in the middle of a hunting ground surrounded by clueless hunters. This scene is way too epic it's almost artistic
Lucas Trevisani da Silva
best season. 
lol_ speed3
This guy was probably dexter's most challenging victims/nemesis
T-Top Deluxe
Pretty much THE "Oh shit!" moment of the series, at least for me. Seasons 1-4 were amazing, as everyone knows lol.
scott Tabby
I bought season 3, 4, 5. That's where I'm upto from the start.. Season 6 is next.. Dexter ROCKS .
Shady Deals
Lord Farquaad! Ahh the series before Dexter started getting a bit rickety.
Daniel Buentello
Years later and still gives me the creeps!!! One of the best moments of contemporary TV...
RaceWar Official
Love how trinity just looks at his crime scenes like they're works of art
Ryan Black
Two of the most notorious serial killers face to face in a police department ICONIC
Trinity was really a Quinity.
Crispy Johnson
This scene was the highlight of the whole series In my opinion.
This part got me so hype omg
Sabe aquele sentimento de: FODEU DE VEZ!! foi o que o Dexter sentiu ai
It's cool how they make Trinity look like a giant compared to everybody else in the police station, and he's already a pretty tall guy to begin with.
Edriss Scofield
The quality of the show dived after this
Parallel Eagle
Dexter's number one nemesis without a shadow of a doubt, both amazing actors, Mr beaudry you've done me a kindness!
Guilherme Souza Ferraz
The song that plays when Trinity killer appears... omg goosebumps
JazzGOD Williams
Those chilling words: "Hello Dexter Morgan"!!! scary stuff
Jeff Freeman
Man, I remember jumping out if my seat when he said that! Then again when he won the Emmy for it.
Most intense moment of my life holy shit .
my favorite line
Pimpmaster McGooby
It just missed the sassy black man (Doakes)
Flesh And blood
Damn he's such a phenomenal actor mr. lithgow can go from nice n funny guy to creepy bad guy
Eren Can Güldalı
bitch arthur mitchell he killed rita
6 better than 1? Come on... Fuck all that religious bullshit.
Dat ending.
Jacob Ek
The best seasons in order: 4 6 1 2 7 3 5 8
I'm just going to pretend season 4 was the last season
Best line in any dexter episode. The delivery is so cold.
John Lithgow can go from the nicest guy to the coldest psycho between roles, it's amazing.
Todd Mattocks
Hola, senor Morgan.
And this children is where you should probably stop watching Dexter haha
Ayşe Gül
you son of the bitch
Damian Christensen
I remember how intense the moment was when I first saw this scene, and Trinity locked eyes with Dexter. The whole scene seemed to move slower the first time. It was so epic.
and worse final season. I honestly thought it would pick up halfway through but smh.
Josue Munoz
im still pretty pissed off how one of the greatest tv shows had the worst finale ive ever seen!
Adam Nicholas
OMG i get goosebumps still. so epic