Thich Nhat Hanh - Zen Buddhism - His Best Talk At Google (Mindfulness)

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Support This Channel, because Google Will Not! Any Amount- /> Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh (known as Thay in his circles) made a rare visit to the Googleplex to lead a half-day [email protected] workshop in the fundamentals of mindfulness. The exercises and rituals of mindfulness lay the path to optimal health and happiness. Thay may be the second most famous Buddhist monk in the world, right after the Dalai Lama. He is certainly one of the best known and most respected Zen Masters in the world. Thay is a best-selling author, poet, and peace activist who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luther King Jr. He is a key pioneer in actively applying insights from meditation to solving real-world social, political and environmental problems. Thay most recently published Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life, with Harvard School of Public Health nutritionist Dr. Lilian Cheung. At 85, he's touring North America before retiring to his monastery in France. Life at Google is fast, furious and fun, yet it can take a toll on ourselves and our loved ones. Through Thay's specially crafted workshop, you'll learn how to reduce stress, eat for health, sleep better, find emotional stability, improve concentration and sustain optimal performance. --Chade-Meng Tan Monthly PayPal Donations- /> My Other Social Media Links /> YouTube App--Search: Brandon Gregg PlayStation Network: Bulletb1983 #Zen #Buddhism #Philosophy

Brandon Gregg
(NEW)Thich Nhat Hanh - Why'd Monks Set Themselves on FIRE!!
Adam Murray
He smiling so much in this cuz there's no coughing in the background
Morgan Jaymes
I have tears streaming down my face in reverence for how deeply compassionate he is. It is so beautiful see this light in someone.
Teresa Blanco
I love this human being!
Marie Holoub
My ethernal respect and gratitude to you dear Thich Nhat Hanh. One of my best teachers. Saved my life! Changed my life!
AT Hiker
What a kind and compassionate man!
Anon Anonymous
Don't be a burden to others. Learn this from a child. Mothers need to teach this to sons and daughters Fathers need to stop being a burden to mothers. And brothers and sisters need to stop being a burden to each other.✌.most important of all don't be a burden to yourself.😍
mcboberson bob
finally, no one in the audience has lung cancer
So, it is populair to advise to eachother, "Follow your heart", but Tich Nhat Hanh says, to be present, is not a desire, it is a practise. That is very truthworthy to me. Unconscience or conscience our hearts want to love, so we want to be there for somebody. To practise that, will come to a solid being.
As a Matter of Experience
This is my 2nd channel with only Buddhism Content on it (click or tap face)
Christian Gasior
I love the story of him as a kid climbing the mountain.
Doctor Ex
I came here for Asmr.
Yacov Mitchenko
This is wonderful, Brandon....
He is very peaceful
Dharma Maharaj
Dallin Laird - Messages of Light
Amazing! Thank you for sharing this. Love and Light! - Namaste
Amanda Hooper
Thank you comments section for helping me to see my ego again and again 😂😅
Vi Sun
Wow sooo beautiful!! these 🌺🌼🌸🥀🌳.. wise words..Thank you so much for sharing this peaceful video!!! 🍃💚
The Google control freaks day Buddhism will spread to working class,and the high school educated and regular folks
152minutes. Suffering important. The Only thing that creats happiness.
greg griffin
The most calming voice in the history of spirituality. ....
Paula Fernandes
I need help [email protected] thank you for being you.God Bless you.
Justin Horton
Your words fill my heart with love and compassion, thank you sir. Namaste. And remember to smile it's beautifully contagious.
Ian Ian
Nice to see everyone living in the moment and not filling the comments section with bull shit.... Oh wait a minute
David Microcosm
Green Tea brought me to this video.
Silence Is Golden
A Dr Phil of Buddhism.
Alex Murphy
His voice is just incredible
Twiddling your thumbs is the best path to health and prosperity.
Tomasz Losinski
How can Islam call itself the religion of peace when this is in existence?
Drew Griffin
aaand right to sleep <3 ... thank you
hadi and mina none
i love your maner
Annette Gulliver
My new sleep help. Brilliant.
Stacey S
He's so wonderful.
Love is to be there. To be there with a free mind. We often are so busy with ourselves, that we 're not truly with the other. So, we are often not present to the other. Why is that so?
Antoinette Amah
I feel so serene listening to him
Zvigz Khma Duqae
I am...percieving emotions and will of controling the well being of them and that`s the whole story Thich talks about
Philip Johnson
Joyce Koh
Breathing in and breathing out. How to be truly present, bring our mind to our body. Just like listening to Buddha himself :)
Jordan Hayles
Thank you
mike wood
Just Watch
Steve Brown
Christian Gasior
1:30:10 "And you know what happened? Only 3 days after his death, they found someone to replace him.... ::girl in audience laughs::" Kinda inappropriate.
Annie Gueveneux
À écouter et réécouter
Remember Bliss
Subbalakshmi Subrahmanyam
🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻
Alain Boudreau
Merci, thanks Thich Nhat Hanh...
Jamie Miller
Karl BHX
Tell me why some people thumbs down? The title and pic of video clearly indicates the theme... Why not just click onto something they want to listen to or watch? I could understand thumbing down some of the comments made on here by some people who present as unwise, even strange etc... But not this softly spoken human being is just sharing a positive message, not forcing, not disrespecting, not claiming to be better than anyone... Just delicately sharing a message for ALL humans.. So why do some human being thumbs down?
Diane Nguyen
Nam mo a di da PHAT 🙏
Rebecca Allen
Lovely, thank you.
Dr. TK Prem Kumar l
Great video
Juan Roman Riquelme has really let himself go
Andy Kashu
He sends all his tension and nervousness to his thumbs. ;) That's why he appears to be so calm.
Epic Breakfast
Good for sleep
Christian Gasior
I was going to join his monastery in new york, but the cut off age is 30 and i'm now 34. At first I didn't go because I had Hep C, but now I'm cured of it but too old. I know that was the way for me to go.
Bernd Mensing
"Stop thinking." This against life itself. Thoughts come, if you want or not . They pass by like the clouds. If you stop them you Also should stop the passing by of clouds. Let them run like a wild horse if you want to tame them.Dont bind them. They will calm down for alone like the horse. If you are mindful
Ngoc Lan
Con thay 3sim việt tel vi na phon việt nam mobi thân chao
Anon Anonymous
My Answer to Google quy, you have to stop promoting stuff that decreases quality of history is adding value, at Google you promote a lot of poor quality, false information, lies, this all causes a waste of time therefor all your suffering is the result of what you have put out in the world, all the bad karma you put out you have to clean up. It's pollution, like smog over the brain. We all like stories, but like cars we now know causes pollution and quality of air we breath.
unicorn dude
He needs to do asmr
Yacov Mitchenko
We have here a sage, a beautiful presence offering wisdom and spreading clarity - and there are 121 dislikes, without explanation of any kind. What a trivialization a "dislike" or "like" is... It would be similar to disliking or liking Mozart or Bach or the Buddha. How cheap and thoughtless...
Sean R.
What a funny man...🤔🤣🤣🤣
George Martin
Ngoc Lan
Chuc sư ông phap thể khinh an chung sinh dểdi độ sồ điện thoai con thay đỗi facebook emai 0522957369mât khầu lan 112233445566
I love his voice it's so much more efficient to play him at 2x (1.5x at least!) his normal speaking voice.
William S
Don't stop where there are statues of Buddhas. Hurry past where there aren't any Buddhas to @
William S
Don't stop where there are statues of Buddhas. Hurry past where there aren't any Buddhas to @
Jon Ross
Important 1:17
Anon Anonymous
Google 80% toxic stuff, 20% intelligent, helping improve quality of life and knowledge, thanks for the good teacher part. I believe in free good quality education makes the world a better place, less stupidity in the world. But Google also feeds more toxic behaviour in this world. And electronic pages saves a lot of trees that took years to grow. End to people long winded stories that used real books to write and used a lot of trees to write on, then become obsolete.
Lisa Klozenberg
Why does he keep referring to the Kingdom of God? ? Buddhism does not readily embrace a creator God. ..can someone help me understand him here? Many thanks.
The Church Painter
Curious if google supports Christianity? Awesome video by the way. I love both Christianity and Buddhism but Christianity is my first love.
Destroy Mars
After listening to Thich Nhat Hanh and meditating, I began conscious-breathing... and eventually each breath became so long, I am currently breathing-in and have not breathed-out for weeks. At first I was overwhelmed by this calm ability, but now I am beginning to wonder what will happen to all the air I am inhaling? It's not coming out my eyeballs or nose or anything like Sidhartha... my breath just keeps going in. I can feel the Oxygen crushing and combining within my lungs and my chest is as firm as Granite. If anyone is a scientist out there, can you please advise if I should continue to breathe-in, or eventually exhale. I am afraid of two things happening... 1. I choose to breathe-out and I inadvertently begin a hurricane or tornado. and 2. I continue to breathe-in and eventually all this compacted Oxygen reaches critical mass and a nuclear explosion happens. Both cases would injure people, and it would be a result of my mindful-enlightenment. Thanks again for any wisdom you can express about my condition, I look forward to this ethical discussion.
Dan Stezo
respect for thay. but whats googles purpose by embedding this in their culture? > more profit?
Dallas Time Bandits
Someone needs to crank up a Harley-Davidson & get it revving loud on stage! You’re welcome 😉
Alain Maitre
Good to practice mindfulness-training , walking meditation and sitting meditation ... Not good to be christian or muslim or buddhist etcetera , good to be pro the unity in impartiality principle . (Favouritism leads to conflicts) . Peace . THINK about it .
baungu 108
Evil’s Monk.
Thuy-Loc Vu
Hey Nhât Hanh, please have the compassion for the country of Vietnam where you were born. You are the biggest ruthless person of the century. If you don’t have the compassion for the people where you live, you don’t know what happiness is to teach people to achieve happiness.
Peter Q
My God Jesus Christ is a GOD of LOVE...."Love one another as I have LOVE you" ....and...."Love your Neighbour as you would YOURSELF" My Jrsus is a LOVING GOD a TRUE GOD of LOVE who brings Light to the WORLD with His LOVE!!!
This is demonic Zen Master Jon Kabat-Zin didn't tabulate count negative results in over thirty years research started in 1984 of "mindfulness" vispanna Meditation all negative and harmful results over 75% weren't counted reported turned in by him and other research across USA by American scientists? Professors, Physicians, Psychiatrists, Psychologists Western New Thought, Mind Science New Age Occult Religion, Spiritual Not Religious, Quantum Spirituality, Non Dualism, Higher Consciousness, New World Order, Post Christianity, One World Religion, Oneness, Satan Worshippers, Those that will persecuted Biblical Christians and Separateness Individuality those in movement use language the separate individual is holding humanity from evolving to next phase of Evolution they refuse to acknowledge they are God within and that is the only Sin, Evil, Antichrist out of fear, hatred, selfishness. We are all Oneness the sum of all parts we cannot transcend this old phase of humanity as we are higher Consciousness being held back by these separate individual humans that are cancer cells that need to be converted to Enlightement or eliminated. The fact is these altered states of consciousness are euphoric states of self hypnosis that serotonin, dopamine released from brain and blood flow cut to frontal lobe this destroys empathy compassion to care about truth or right and wrong and dissasociative disorders are probable and perrnament frontal lobe damage as well if believer in Jesus Christ the mark of beast if Satori non dualism met Enlightened will result eternal damnation Consider the source Viet Cong do you want to play Russian roulette with your frontal lobe for going along with constant deception TM in Supreme Court declared Religion American Public schools lied to that it was Science not religion Sanskrit translated stating I bow down to this demon I bow down to this demon Zen Master UMass Professor Jon Kabat-Zin had fraudulent research mindfulness over thirty years over 75% negative and harmful results for practice of mindfulness vispanna Meditation not tabulated counted turned in as other researchers neglected honest scientific method and this Mindfulness everywhere no peer review diversity of opinion or criticism global hype as one all be all snake oil Washington State Naval Base a person not a person with mental health problems attended retreat mindfulness went to college learned Thai language planned on becoming Buddhist Monk got in touch with Spirit Guide Authentic Self Higher Self Divine within not Holy Spirit from Jesus Christ but Familiar Spirit he went in Naval Base shot 12 people to death ended his life . Evil Antichrist agenda Eckhart Tolle and Deepark Chopra talked down the truth that this Occult New Age Religion cult Zen Buddhism practice can be very dangerous and harmful they knew this lied like Zen Master Jon Kabat-Zin that bragged on interview all across internet YouTube, Mass Media, social media , print media that he bent over backwards to prevent Vispanna seventh fold of eightfold path to Satori Mind Emptying Meditation to disintegrate personality and be aware you are not your physical, mental, spiritual self, not the observer or observer observing observer but nothing and nothingness as step to integrating evil and good darkness and light as non duality as one euphoria not make female like Lucifer fallen 1/33 devils as God and Son of God and the Holy Spirit are all light no darkness and Jesus Christ will return to destroy Evil and end death for the righteous very few. The Mindfulness Messiah Antichrist will murder all Americans that follow him being oneness awakened God Goddess onto themselves happy to deny ten commandments the Bible and Jesus Christ crucified on cross for you and salvation that Zen Taoist Enlightened cult New Age Religion that allows fornication, Adultery and belief you aren't egocentric self centered selfish narcissistic believing you are helpful, healer, big heart but dishonest with yourself lower vibrations asleep negative people are the ones you were here to help love as you love yourself you were suppose to be home for your kids not abundant love Compersion Polyamory ENM Adultery you are abusing your kids spouse this feel good truth is subjective, value experience over material attainment REIKI QiGong Healing, Clairvoyance Clairsentience Clairaudience spirit guides ascended masters are demons you aren't special starseed, indigo child,sensiitive, lighttworker, 144000, this is nonsense read Deuteronomy Chapter 18 KJV you are evil wicked mean cruel Abomination not healers harmful in league with Antichrist agenda wake up repent end times now
Schlomo Weissbergman-Goldsteinwitz, Ph.D.
_The KGB was even curious about this gentleman (it may look innocent): Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a great spiritual leader, or maybe a great charlatan and crook, depending on from which side you are looking at him. [The] Beatles were trained at his ashram in Haridwar in India [in] how to meditate; Mia Farrow and other useful idiots from Hollywood visited his school and they returned back to [the] United States absolutely zonked out of their minds with marijuana, hashish, and crazy ideas of meditation._ _To meditate, in other words, to isolate oneself from the current social and political issues of your own country, to get into your own bubble, to forget about [the] troubles of the world—obviously [the] KGB was very fascinated with such a beautiful school, such a brainwashing center for stupid Americans. I was dispatched by the KGB to check [into] what kind of VIP Americans attend this school._ _I was trying to get enrolled in that school. Unfortunately Maharishi Mahesh Yogi asked too much; he wanted 500 American dollars for enrollment. But my function was not actually to get enrolled in this school. My function was to discover what kind of people from [the] United States attend this school. And we discovered that yes, there are some [members of influential families], public opinion-makers of [the] United States, who come back with the crazy stories about Indian philosophy._ _Indians themselves look upon them as idiots, useful idiots, to say nothing about [the] KGB who looked upon them as extremely naïve, misguided people. Obviously, a VIP, say a wife of a Congressman, or a prominent Hollywood personality, after being trained in that school, is much more instrumental in the hands of manipulators of public opinion, and [the] KGB, than a normal person, who understands, who looks through this type of fake religious training._ _Because, you see, a person who is too much involved in introspective meditation, you see, if you carefully look [at] what Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is teaching to Americans, [it] is that most of the problems, most of the burning issues of today, can be solved simply by meditating. Don’t rock the boat, don’t get involved. Just sit down, look at your navel, and meditate. And the things, due to some strange logic, due to cosmic vibration, will settle down by themselves._ _This is exactly what the KGB and Marxist-Leninist propaganda want from Americans. To distract their opinion, attention, and mental energy from [the] real issues of [the] United States, into [non-issues], into a non-world, non-existent harmony. Obviously it’s more beneficial for the Soviet aggressors to have a bunch of duped Americans than Americans who are self-conscious, healthy, physically fit, and alert to the reality._ _Maharishi Mahesh Yogi obviously is not on the payroll of the KGB, but whether he knows it or not, he contributes greatly to [the] demoralization of American society. And he is not the only one. There are hundreds of those gurus who come to your country to capitalize on [the] naïveté and stupidity of Americans. It’s a fashion. It’s a fashion to meditate; it’s a fashion not to be involved._ _So obviously you can see that if [the] KGB were that curious, if they paid [for] my trip to Haridwar, if they assigned me to that strange job, obviously they were very much fascinated. They were convinced that that type of brainwashing is very efficient and instrumental in [the] demoralization of [the] United States._
Seth Bush
Pin head usa on vietnam johnson nixon were satan
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Mr.Right Thinker
this is satan
Brandon Gregg
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The monk was great! Google? Go F#+! Yourself!!
Paula Fernandes
I how are you I would like to know how I can join and come to be with your team I need to go all the way to be come a BUDDHIST MY email [email protected] and how much it well be for me to do this please thank you .and what I have to do to get there .
Ngoc Lan
Thanhkyou sư ông nhầt hanh noi thầy tri quẩng phu nhân bện nhât bần con vô minh thân chao
Julia Smith
I was just seeing this and felt the need to share it, an Australian master named Sri Avinash is transmitting the enlightened state, it's called the Satori Transmission. You can see in video people are experiencing a taste of enlightenment through him within minutes. 👐 Check out the video of him doing it! #satoritransmission 💚💙
Balaji Ramamurthy
Why Buddhist shave head,science behind it:
Thich Nhat Hanh: The Buddhist Understanding of Reality.