Beyonce surprises students - Let's Move! Flash Workout for New York City

Beyonce surprises students at PS/MS 161 Don Pedro Albizu Campus, to perform alongside them to the Official Lets Move! Flash Workout for New York City.

German Suplex
The kids were like this is too ez and then when beyonce pops out of nowhere oh shit i need to step up my game
I'm sitting here smiling as if I was there! I'm so happy for these kids.
Minoneti Vea
When these girls can handle themselves better then adults haha because Lord if she walked into a room full of adults will be fighting pulling wigs off and fainting haha
i don't know who enjoyed this more, the kids or Beyonce.
Gio S6
Anybody else notice this was released in May 2011... over 8 years ago! Why am I just now seeing this 🤩
Chris Greatness
She seems like a fun person. Look how happy she is, how happy she always be. She has a beautiful spirit
Lori Perry
What an awesome person. Gave those kids a day they'll never forget. AND IN HIGH HEELS!!!
Amina M
So Beyonce you just gonna run down and start dancing in Heels huh???
Marla Thomas
When you are a “celebrity” you don’t have to say anything to be a role model. You just have to show up!
Gareth Kalber
That girls face after beyonce touches her shoulder made me smile a lot
Maddie Williams
No one: Literally no one: YouTube recommendations in 2019:
i love how they all just or more excited and more motivated to dance when beyonće came in lmao.
errol Maloney
Look how well those young girls handled that! No hysteria, that's amazing!
Jerry Palmer
I love how they all stayed together on point to finish the routine 100% And then they all went and hugged Beyonce at the very end... Grown adults could not have done that...
yare yare Dazai
This is why I go to school everyday, you never know when Beyoncé comes to school
Do you know the old joke like "Fuck when i miss one day of school a lot of shit happen" well ... the kids who were absent this day missed Beyonce 😂😂😂
Moby Cazz
I love how she just gets in there and enjoys it like she is just any other girl.
Gabriela Martinez
This is why i love Beyonce. Shes such a humble beautiful person inside and out.
Peach Sugar
This is the cutest thing ever! Shots out to Beyoncé making the kids feel special. I love this 💕
R&JChannel rj
How they keep so calm I would have been kicked out because I would be jumping on Beyonce back😂😂
Tina Phillip
I'm smiling as if I'm there I loved how they kept their cool and didn't break from their routine
I think if Beyonce touched me I would explode.
8 years later -- youtube FINALLY recommends this video. lol It was great though!!!!!!
chocolate hersheykiss
Beyonces energy is so positive loving inviting and fun,😍❤💞
free lamps
Bruh imagine not coming to school this day... Edit: and i *KNOW* at least 1 kid was absent from school that day. Damn i feel bad...
doo. szczurek
perfect entrance ... these children will remember for the rest of their live
Jenna Archer
Things like this is what the world should focus on loving eachother and doing positive things I loved this video good job beyonce
Pastor Kim's Corner of Power
Almost made me cry way to go Ms. Beyonce those kids will never be the same! Blessings to you!
Lakeshia Ball
This was awesome when Beyonce came out they all got down even more
Devils_Rejekt S
Can we talk about how fierce the girl in the front left with the big earrings is ? She's killin it!
boi hehe
what did you do at school today? i danced with beyonce...
Just can't stop smiling to see how Beyonce makes these kids so happy.. And how they just stay focused on dancing.. wow. respect.
Shanther Rajinth
The day you decide to skip school..
SINY Finest
This was amazing! Hearing those little screams was too precious
Lesang Modutwane
dreams came true that day. I am literally crying. She's so awesome!
Kev E on
No other Celebrity has done this. Beyoncé is so special ❤️❤️
D Brown
This was fuckn beautiful man...makes me smile every time!!
Jobana Sanchez
Beautiful video, definitely made me smile.
Jay Guerrero
I like this, when famous ppl go hospitals, schools, military bases overseas etc .... thank you
Summer Lark
This makes me so happy - I love how the front row just keeps dancing even after they realize who has joined them. <3 <3 <3
Someone Important
I feel so happy for them. What a pleasant surprise!
rapunzel eh?
my face was sore from smiling... but looks like Beyonce has some competition! some of these little ones could really move!
Urooj Mahmood
God, she's perfect! Imagine being sick on this day...
Keshell Lewis
Wow it’s really Bey👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Alexandra O'Malley
I feel bad for the person who didn’t go to school that day
Asemahle Xanti
I love Beyonce! There is nothing not to love, I can't believe I'm only seeing this now though
Baya Amy Thompson
8 years later & still iconic
out of all the kids, i admired the girl with the pink bow; she kept concentrating on her dancing and left her freakout over beyonce being there until the end lol before that, it was like, "so what? i'm gonna keep dancing." but the moment it was over and beyonce gave her that one shoulder hug thing, she freaked lol
Bejoy Mathews
Nice to see a celebrity share her best moments for the upcoming generation....
Barbara Roberts
Beyonce' made those children's day and I think the children made her day too. I Luved It!!❤🐇
Jose Otero
Looks like the school I use to work for. Students this age have so much energy. God bless them.
Zara Stars
The part you waiting for is 1.42
aesthetic aesthetic
girl with hoop earrings is killing it yall
Casey X
They would’ve had to be mad at me because I would’ve just STOP dancing and watched Beyoncé shoot!!! ❤️
Lord Remi
The one day you miss school.😆lmao
Cloveice Colemen
I support Beyonce all the time. This beautiful young woman stays in great shape.
Aka Vette
Dis girl really professional cuz she dancin n these damn heels bruh I would’ve fell 🤣🤣🤣
Dirk Strider
Just a reminder that, if you were absent this day, you missed out on Beyonce
Stephanie Bailey
Getting kids ready for the military. Uniformity.
2:22 how is she breathing?
Amber Willis
What ever happened to this Beyonce? She seems so programed now, and doesn't even look the same anymore.
Millertime 2005
Girl i woulda been steppin my game up better than any of sem kids and after i woulda been like GIRL OH MY SHIT ITS BEYONCE!!!!!
Brandi Latham
They killed. I like how they didn't stop the routine, instead they went even harder. Great job ladies. 😃
Kenny Mccord
They wasnt surprised, they knew she was there,most of them anyway
Takiyah Bly
I love Bey's spirit man.. that smile!! She just so cool and goofy fr!! ❤️❤️❤️
Braxton Johnson
When Beyoncé shows up so you have to start dancing hella hard. Lol
Javenna Bellinger
That was beautiful!👏💖 I love when celebrities or Artists connect with the youth and adults. It shows a genuine side and a down to earth side of them. It also changes a lot of people’s opinions about celebrities that they are not stuck up and standoffish! Well Done Beyoncé!❤️
Aciena Golden
Not one negative comment to be made .LOVE IT 🙌💯💯💯
Damon McGeachy
A moment in life these girls will never forget, positivity at its best
Ramses IsMyName
Teaching physical fitness in stilettos... makes sense to me
Jessica Sweet
She is the only who can dance with those shoes, omg she is fantastic
Takiyah Bly
This is so beautiful!! I'm smiling like it's me!! Love it!!
Aweeeeee😇🤭 Beautiful Surprise It's years later Where are they now?
jskaidjannd jdja
That's why I go to school every day
Sharon Young
I love the fact that she did this for the kids I enjoy watch her I also love Jay-Z can't take nothing from either two great artist... With all due respect I just can;t condon to any one serving the devil but you still have to love them because thats what God is made of love, peace, joy, and happiness congrat Bee love this and love you and yours.
adalyss ruiz
this was the best day of my life, being able to dance and see beyonce after our gym teacher told us she was not coming. That was a moment i will cherish forever, and one of the reasons i did not want to leave my elementary/ middle school.
Comic Power
That is so cool. Giving those kids an experience of a lifetime.
Gemini Real
Smiling from Ear To eat!!! Love this Lady!!
Annya Anderson
Good positive energy vibes I was smiling the whole video
meeka shantel
She be dancing in those hills like tennis shoes. You go......😉
Chia Ci
- So what did you do today at school? - Oh, I did nothing.. danced with Beyoncé...
PrettymuchIsMyLife Maher
2011: nope 2012: nope 2013: nope 2014: nope 2015: nope 2016: nope 2017: nope 2018: nope 2019: YAAAAASSSS!!!
Captain Awesome
Idols...people who look up to others - that's what Beyonce is to these girls...PRICELESS
Jean Robert
That Was AWWWSEME of Her to Do THAT..Tbey Were So SURPRISED..They Were HAVIN A Ton a Fun DANCING WITH Her😁👌👍✌
Juliana Ferreira
A Beyoncé canta e dança muito.Diva das Diva.Meu Deus
jordan bermudez
2:23 that child was blessed by the goddess Beyoncé
Paul Flores
Always beautiful for stars to share such moments with students. Bravo beyonce, bravo.
The Truth
Was the best day of my life when I got a hug from the Queen 👑 cannot believe I was there
Steven Jonas
I am not a fan but this is great. The girls having fun. RESPECT 💚💛
Deus é soberano deus
Ficou lindo a vídeo Todos de parabéns amei.😍😍
Rachael Vuong
When kids have more manners than the paparazzi
Gacha Cookie
That was straight up adorable!!! Frfr
just me lol
Lol,I would literally scream and cry
Nellie Poo
Ya see..if they had more of these types of things in school, especially gym class- dance and cultural dancing worked into the curriculums and more arts and interactive classes in schools, kids would like it..cuz you got to balance fun into the curriculums.....hey! It's NEW YORK CITY city of opportunity📹🎥📷💃🎼🎤🎻🎨......other inner city schools must follow! Damn, that would've been fun growing up in New York.
Trina Horton
Miss a day... Miss Beyonce 🤪 go to school kids
She made those beautiful young girls Day...❤ gotta give b her props man that's good stuff
Gabi Gamarra
That's my Nala 😙
every time i watch this it makes me smile like crazy :D :D
Ashwin Chauhan
Doing it for the kids. Awesome !!!
Lelas Spawn
Lil mama with the hoop earrings killed it!!! Oh and by the way it was so heartfelt the way Beyoncé came in and interacted with those kids!! She had so much fine and they were so motivated to dance even harder😂😂