Evolution Of Broadway: 100 Songs (Male Solos Edition)

Songs Used: [ 0:09 ] Where’s the Mate for Me? (Show Boat) [ 0:24 ] You’re the Top (Anything Goes) [ 0:42 ] Oh What a Beautiful Morning (Oklahoma) [ 0:59 ] If I Loved You (Carousel) [ 1:16 ] An Old Fashioned Wedding (Annie Get Your Gun) [ 1:29 ] Bianca (Kiss Me Kate) [ 1:27 ] Some Enchanted Evening (South Pacific) [ 2:05 ] A Quiet Girl (Wonderful Town) [ 2:22 ] Hey There (The Pyjama Game) [ 2:35 ] Those Were The Good Old Days (Damn Yankees ) [ 2:50 ] On the Street Where You Live (My Fair Lady) [ 3:00 ] Maria (West Side Story) [ 3:15 ] Ya Got Trouble (The Music Man) [ 3:30 ] Eidelweiss (The Sound of Music) [ 3:45 ] Try to Remember (The Fantasticks) [ 3:56 ]You’ve Got to Pick a Pocket or Two (Oliver) [ 4:13 ]Higher Than a Hawk (Calamity Jane) [ 2:29 ] Brotherhood of Man (How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying) [ 4:47 ] Love, I Hear (A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum) [ 4:58 ] If I Were a Rich Man (Fiddler on the Roof) [ 5:10 ] The Impossible Dream (Man of La Macha) [ 5:21 ] I Don't Care Much (Cabaret) [ 5:35 ] I Got Life (Hair) [ 5:47 ] Molasses to Rum (1776) [ 6:02 ] Marry Me a Little (Company) [ 6:16 ] Any Dream Will Do (Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat) [ 6:30 ] Heaven on their Minds (Jesus Christ Superstar) [ 6:48 ] Sandy (Grease) [ 7:03 ] Later (A Little Night Music) [ 7:13 ] Sweet Transvestite (The Rocky Horror Show) [ 7:34 ] You Can’t Win (The Wiz) [ 7:48 ] Mr Cellophane (Chicago) [ 8:00 ] High Flying, Adored (Evita) [ 8:17 ] Sidestep (The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas) [ 8:40 ] Johanna (Sweeney Todd) [ 8:55 ] There’s a Sucker born Ev’ry Minute (Barnum) [ 9:13 ] 42nd Street (42nd Street) [ 9:30 ] Magical Mr Mistoffelees (Cats) [ 9:41 ] Franklin Shepard Inc (Merrily We Roll Along) [ 9:55 ] Bless Your Beautiful Hide (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers) [ 10:12 ] I’m Not Saying a Word (Blood Brothers) [ 10:30 ] Dentist (Little Shop of Horrors) [ 10:49 ] Singin’ In The Rain (Singin' In the Rain) [ 11:02 ] I Am What I am (La Cage Aux Folles) [ 11:19 ] Me, Huckleberry, Me (Big River) [ 11:30 ] Do You Hear the People Sing (Les Misérables) [ 11:52 ] Anthem (Chess) [ 12:16 ] The Music of the Night (The Phantom of the Opera) [ 12:38 ] Hello Little Girl (Into The Woods) [ 12:51 ] Dreamer in Disguise (Carrie) [ 13:10 ] Why God Why (Miss Saigon) [ 13:34 ] Some Girls (Once On This Island) [ 14:02 ] The Games I Play (The Falsettos) [ 14:23 ] Me (The Beauty and the Beast) [ 14:48 ] Is This What You Call Love? (Passion) [ 15:05 ] One Song Glory (Rent) [ 15:31 ] In Every Age (Titanic) [ 15:46 ] Big News (Summer Holiday) [ 16:04 ] Endless Night (The Lion King) [ 16:28 ] Gliding (Ragtime) [ 16:59 ]Our Last Summer (Mamma Mia) [ 17:08 ] What do I Need With Love (Thoroughly Modern Millie) [ 17:27 ] Moving Too Fast (The Last Five Years) [ 17:27 ] You Two (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) [ 17:50 ] Wonderful (Wicked) [ 18:15 ] Purpose (Avenue Q) [ 18:30 ] A Man Has Dreams (Mary Poppins) [ 18:48 ] Serious (Legally Blonde) [ 19:04 ] Her Voice (The Little Mermaid) [ 19:27 ] In The Heights (In The Heights) [ 19:40 ] I’m Alive (Next to Normal) [ 19:57 ] Who I’d Be (Shrek) [ 20:18 ] Let Love Grow (9 to 5) [ 20:28 ] Memphis Lives In Me (Memphis) [ 20:42 ] Til I Hear You Sing (Love Never Dies) [ 20:56 ] St Jimmy (American Idiot) [ 21:15 ] If I Only Had a Heart (The Wizard of Oz) [ 21:30 ] I believe (The Book of Mormon) [ 21:48 ] Goodbye (Catch Me if you Can) [ 22:06 ] Proud of Your Boy (Aladdin) [ 22:06 ] Not Today (The Addams Family) [ 22:39 ]Say It To Me Now (Once) [ 22:56 ] What Makes a Man (Allegiance) [ 23:17 ] Ten Minutes Ago (Cinderella) [ 23:47 ] Sole of a Man (Kinky Boots) [ 24:15 ] Freeze Your Brain (Heathers) [ 24:28 ] I don’t Understand the Poor (A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder) [ 24:40 ] You Don’t Need to Love Me (If/Then) [ 25:10 ] Out There (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) [ 25:35 ] Stronger (Finding Neverland) [ 25:50 ] Edges of the World (Fun Home) [ 26:08 ] I hate Shakespeare (Something Rotten) [ 26:24 ]The Pitiful Children (Be More Chill) [ 26:40 ] What’d I Miss (Hamilton) [ 27:00 ] The Wheel (Tuck Everlasting) [ 27:20 ] Pierre (The Great Comet of 1812) [ 27:31 ] Waving Through a Window (Dear Evan Hansen) [ 27:57 ] Girls (Calendar Girls) [ 28:22 ] My Petersburg (Anastasia) [ 28:47 ] (Just a) Simple Sponge (Spongebob Squarepants) Songs Used in Opening: [ 0:00 ] [ 0:05 ] Hello (Book of Mormon) [ 0:03 ] Say No to This (Hamilton) [ 0:07 ] A Musical (Something Rotten) End Screen Song: [ 29:09 ] Goodbye (Catch Me if You Can)

olivia elston
what bout Santa Fe (Newsies)
Dan Johnson
For Blood Brothers, is that MatPat singing? Looks like him
Arthur Darvill, Brendon Urie, Steve Martin, MatPat, Aaron Tveit and Ryan McCartan ❤️
Aiya Gilliam
I saw we were getting Maria from west side story. I was like.... I hope it's Jerjor singing... it comes on. AARON TVEIT WORKS FOR ME
Somebody's an Aaron Tveit fan. :)
Bailey Marie
Wow MattPatt can sing he's so good
Chandler Richards
Ok but Les Mis should have either been Who Am I or Stars.
Donica Sharpe
Seriously, not Bring Him Home from Les Miserables?Or even Empty Chairs at Empty tables? Instead just the beginning of one of the big chorus numbers?????
Anthropos Anthropos
Oh man, the volume needs to be synced across these clips. I had to turn it way up and then almost blew out my eardrums on beauty and the beast ow!
anyone notice the shift from Bass/baritone to tenor?? :(
Karl Pálsson
Very nice list. I did miss Jekyll & Hyde and Spring Awakenings but otherwise very nice!
C Hendrix
I'd love to see a list of the singers in this video.
Tyler Dawn Rosenquist
I would have loved to see the artist listed with the song. Some I could not identify for sure.
Another Obsessive One
But... Do you hear the people sing is technically NOT a solo
love me some Brendon Urie in Kinky boots
Ana Galván Alonso
Is that Rory from Doctor Who in Once?
몽 몽
I love how often you see Aaron in this!!!! My boy!!!!
Jenny Hanrahan
very interesting way of dating some of these musicals (i.e. 2013 for cinderella instead of 1957 and loads more of them)
Another Obsessive One
Oh hi Aaron! 👋
Ricky M
Kaelan McAlpine
So no one told me that MattPat or Seth MacFarlene can sing. 10 Minutes Ago is a duet last I checked. Also tell me I'm not the only one who doesn't wanna see more musicals based on rock operas like American Idiot? I call Metropolis Pt. 2 by Dream Theater next!
Beth Downey
I was surprised at the choice for Hamilton. "What'd I Miss" is a fun number for sure but not nearly on a caliber (IMO) as "Wait For It." Honestly "You'll Be Back" would have been a good choice as well.
Ana Galván Alonso
Ricky M
Vernon Hill
Another excellent list. Same notes as on your Female Solos list: You Can't Win was not in the stage production of The Wiz. Some of your citations for the year are a little off. Millie didn't open on Broadway until 2002; Best Musical that year in fact. Wicked and Avenue Q both opened in 2003. And lastly, as much as I love JRB AND TL5Y it hasn't had a Broadway run. Once again though fantastic offering. Keep em coming.
Parker the Hufflepuff
Dat Mat Pat in blood brothers
Glow co.
This seems like a really good way to find an audition song for these shows. You just look near where the year of the show is
More Arthur Darvill, please! <3
Jackie Schatz
Gary Ratcliff
Wow!! a clip from Carrie!! saw one of the shows before it closed.
Irene santonja
I love just because you included Tyrone Huntley
Donica Sharpe
Well, HELLO Harry potter in how to succeed in business without trying.
Instead of "Do You Hear the People Sing" you could've used an actual male solo, like "Bring Him Home."
Finally someone added Blood Brothers to an Evolution of Broadway
Shelby Lambert
who was the guy playing Che in Evita?
Maria: The Demon Barber of YouTube
Antoinette Thompson
So sorry. Will look for these. Ty for ans. Me 😀
10:15 OMFG YOU DID NOT lmao
I admit, I wish you'd used the broadway cast for Into the Woods! Movie version is OK, but that original cast is fantastic.
Olivia Taylor
I think that was Dust and Ashes and not Pierre, but overall nice! I'd almost rather you didn't add the years, they're so confusing when they're wrong
Lily Coombs
In the Last Five years song, I wasn't sure who it was but the voice sounded familiar and then Jeremy Jordan turned around and I almost screamed
Maggie Obersat
I'm satisfied. My Petersburg was on here! I liked Dancing Thru Life better, though!
Hadassah Tabak
The Hunckback of Notre Dame!
the guy at 7:49 is a real hunk ;)
Silly Cyl
So many great musicals on here hehe Love Anthony Rapp :)
Why Pitiful Children for BMC? The other kids join in for that. it should be Michael in the Bathroom, that only has an ensemble for the knocking part.
Sham Keith
Ooo matpat I see you
Heaven on their Minds over Gethsemane feels like an...odd choice. Only real complaint there.
Nev Nev
life with areli
Im glad the movie version of Mr.Cellophane was included, I love it so much! Im also partial to the Joanna movie version in Sweeny Todd. Also sad that the Dan version waant included in heathers
lol 988876
26:34 bep bop bep bop
Joseph Johnson
I like the idea of a Tony with a little more edge. I get he was the nice guy in the Jets, he was done being a gang member and trying to be a man. But his portrayal is always a little too pure for my taste. His vocals are always a little too operatic. (I know Bernstein wrote for a much more operatic quality) just like hearing new interpretations of the music.
Chookas Chookas
It is so interesting how few new memorable songs appear here. Yes they are loud and intense and deeply meaningful, but ultimately, there are few I care about in the recent contributions. Book of Mormon and Something Rotten are appealing but so many of the other modern shows are boring - this from a musical fan.
Brook Eggleston
Why don't you do one that's *just* Broadway? Too much Hollywood!
You’re the top isn’t a solo though
William Alvarez
Thanks ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ramin and Aaron *swoon*
Zoe Cummins
Sorry what about Michael in the bathroom and room where it happened?
Maria Richichi
who was singing in rocky horror
Not gonna lie, I'm slightly disappointed Being Alive from Company isn't on here. Raúl Esparza is incredible in that song.
Laura Eager
I love “Edelweiss,” “You’ve Got to Pick a Pocket or Two,” “Mr. Cellophane,” “Singing in the Rain,” “One Song Glory,” “Purpose,” “If I Only Had a Brain,” & “What Did I Miss?” I’d love to see Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar, Next to Normal, The Book of Mormon, Kinky Boots & Dear Evan Hansen. I’m seeing Cats on Friday with a friend. Although I saw Les Mis in London 9 years ago, my more recent association of “Do You Hear the People Sing?” is from Orange is the New Black.
Antoinette Thompson
hum. excerpts from Ghost, Bridges of Madison County, Bonny and Clyde, Aida, Carousel, Jekyll and hyde,  just to name a few.I think you should  make another video, Yes?
wowie itz me
11:39 RAMIN
Alex Sandoval
amazing that you included passion!!! its such a beautiful musical and i feel like it often goes ignored.
paddey paddey
whos the guy singing Cabaret?
You’re the top isn’t a solo?
Elora Maxwell
Evolution of Duets? Choreo?
Come on atleast do it right if you're not including Billy Elliot and dot put Heathers since Heathers is off-broadway and why is Be more chill since its from New Jersey
elisabeth nerolk
chitty chitty bang bang is NOT from 2002!! its from 1968
Jon Meader
They're being kind.... Your dates on these are wrong as often as right.
Musicals went down hill after the sixties, very few songs that became standards.
2002 for chitty chitty bang bang? I'm sorry the video is great but the dating is a little questionable
amy clarke
10 g s 9 t e 8 c m 7 o i 6 a t 5 e h 4 wss m 3 st w 2 bb t 1 h t