One Man Squad | PUBG Mobile | 30 KILLS WIN!

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Here is my new personal record 30 kills solo vs squad, in the new map miramar. Enjoy Discord: /> Follow me on Twitter: /> Device: iPhone 6s plus Screen recorder: ios recorder Editing Program: iMovie Outro song: sonbeat instrumental If you have a sick/funny clip send it, to be featured in a video :) E-mail: [email protected] If you wanna play with me :) PUBG (Global) Name: IzzoG PUBG (Chinese) China name: Izzo Hit the notifications Bell to be ready for new uploads!🛎✔️ Subscribe for more! Leave a like if you liked it 👍

Here is my new personal Record 30 Kills Solo vs Squad in the new Map Miramar :) hope u Enjoyed :) Discord:
ak R
I touched on top right corner of screen to see if he was in safezone........😂😂
Ilham Ilham Herliawan Setyanto
If you want win pubg and want chiken diner.... First you need good..skill . Best phone and then best wifi conection 😂😂
Mubasher Ahmed
Y u were so panic n aggressive? At 19:50 u realize oh i have kar98.
siddhu Soulhacker
Almost match was at 17 min but the zone still not started 😂😂
Bejo Ojeb
season 2 assault rifle with 8x scope
Yanrique Wright
Beast mode!! 😎
At 0:04 its awm but sound is like kar98k
Reggie Da Turtle
Who was here when it was being played live 24/7
مرحبأ ، لعبة ببجي من أكثر للعاب متعه وشهره .. افضل اجهزه بسيطه للعب من غير تعليق جهاز دولا كور 2 - 3 - I3 وندوز XP - 7- 8-10 رام اقل شي 3 جيجا كرت شاشه مجربه على GT 610 وو 630 لكن ولا أي تعليق راح تشتغل معك بهيك مواصفات ممتازه انا فاتح كفي نت وجربتها على وندوز اكس بي وشتغلت وبالمواصفات هاي
Sushama Darekar
Bro one thing wrong in your all vedios Thst is The girls which comes in the starting has Awm but it's sound comes like kar98k
Man I just got a 15 kill in classic and was thinking it was cool.
Naginder Kochhar
Kon Kon India se hai
Santanu Dam
I don't think u were playing in Asia server! Opponents look like noob bots
qasaaye 10
This time y didn't know edit 😂
राजदीप YT
4:35 someone trying to give Headshot...😵
Argentino Dogo
Cheater..and 95% BOT
Salman Iqbal
At 7:26, how did you manage to put 8x on a M416?? 🤨😱
Mubasher Ahmed
Btw m ur biggggggggooo fan❤
Mix Sense
انا طول الفيديو عمال اقول احا احا ازاى بيضرب ب m416 ومعاه سكوب 4 والسلاح ثابت معاه كدا ؟؟
Frank Daves
After watching many of your video, I find myself move around a lot, like jumping, utilizing the peek lean, utilizing the third person perspective (you can see them, they can't see you) spamming crouch stand and less camping. I usually get chicken dinner by 4 kill or less by camping a lot but now I get easy 10 kill above chicken dinner no joke at plat 5/gold 1 solo. I'm still not that good but improved a lot 😅😅😅.
surajit dey
Its insanely gripping... Wth! How do u aim so fast?
Rami Hamza
You are very good, But got lucky with the ZONE. most of my deaths are because of the zone
Abdullah Niazi
What a perfection.
Dranreb Winer
Very awesome man! Great aiming skills, quick hands. Anyway what device are you using?
Vaibhav Kaushal
First man killed by izzo 🙌 Last man killed by izzo 🙌 Huge fan of ur skills 😍
mixer clxpz
What server are you playing on?
Kam Bando
Bro We Would Be Good On Duos I play solo squads everyday
King Star
Thanks bro for this video now I see your gameplay and I will try to play like you
My score is solo vs squad = 34
Just Naman
Stop killing people, they also have hearts 😂😂😂
WinterTech Gaming
2:00 wait wait wait, gun still aimed at the ground while crosshairs aimed at dude= perfect Hitbox no miss?
Maryam Asif
u r awesome man but a little editing wont hurt i really wanted to laugh but...;. next time edit it ok? and yes congrats!
Make a video on How to win solo vs squad. Pls I want to learn✌️✌️
ruling devil
7:28 wtf movement How can 8x be attached with m416 ????
koen keulen
100k face reveal?
Pro Gamer
I challenge you without medicine win a game. Place accept my challenge. I am a big fan of you.😍😍😍😍
Chloe Hughes
I’ve taken so many tips from this. 😁 would love to play a math with you
andy chauhan
Wow!...deeds speak louder than words. Thanks for not insisting on talking like a RJ.
Onosaka Koike
Not enough, challenge yourself get 45 kills. Someone did that
cool tac
I had never skip 1 second also...very good was amazing upto 31:48
Nutritional PUBG Mobile
pubg MOBILE record is 53 kills on oné Of squad Game , :3
because of players like you i rage so much :D :)
Mohammed Kaif
8x is fitting on m416 in this video check out 7.28 min
mohamad Ayman
First. He played in PC ..second.. he kill many pots ..thanks
sk hariesh
Which server is this... people are so easy to kill... especially the last guy omg knowing its 1v1 he was showing his whole body standing on a container or sth... What was he thinking😂😂
Leon Creator
Rp 50 x Rp 2... You x Noob disgusting+#&#-=£
Rajat tiwari
Fake how u built 8x in M416? It's a hack😉
Divyanshu Jhuboo
I'm in love with his way of playing😍😍😍💫💫👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥
Gaming Hydra
nice you are my best player
ThatshowI Roll
I am your biggest fan. Love from Nepal.
paul walker
How does he equipped 8x in m416?! (7:27)
Un Xpected
A person was knockdown by someone and you killed it .....and u got the kill😑
Noob waller how could you see them Through mountains and walls?
roboliño schmidt
Does anyone else hates the Thomson can't upgrade it and it's a 9
Boyong manialac
ows....i think you are an ABSOLUTE HACKER!!!!
Qasim Nadeem
It would have been 31 if that person wouldnt have stolen ur kill but u r legend of pubg
Kenny Nongrum
report this guy how can you put 8x in an Assault riffle... check out thje video again
Djanelle San Juan
I am a new fan and watching this making me think its not Izzo. He played with so much carefulness here 😂
That is one hell of a game play, cheers mate. My personal record is 18 kills
Ha Haa
My best is only 17 kills on solo squad mode. Platinum III rank🙄
zefa kojo
all of you must see 39 kill by #RRQ_UNII
Anshu Yaduvanshi
Can you please tell me how to use 8x in m416 In Vid: 7:25 You changed scope 😐
SeanPlayz YT
Amazing! I never saw anyone pull it off before,
kelly Chen
Bro. How can your gun be so stable when you're shooting?
Live To Kill Gaming
I just have 23 kills solo 😎 if you think i am lying you are a jealous person
Amjad Shaik477
7:30 He placed 8x on m416
Dominik Dosoudil
Why are you don't have handcam in every video?
Lalremruata Sailo
The name of the game says 'Pubg Mobile' why using PC😨😂😂..... Mobile vs mobile I afraid of no one
Chi ntu
U will grate play. Bro. Keep it. Osm.
Tiasunep L.K.R
Nic gameplay izzo lov it
Ramjanali 0168
I thought you are kidding but I'm wrong.😅😅😅 I became your fan....from Bangladesh...
Lol people were talking shit to me the other day on Instagram cuz I said I would pick a scar & kar98 as my weapon load out in pubg mobile of all weapons in the pic. That's one of the best load outs. Idc what anyone says (pubg mobile name: kushxcoma)
Dhan Limbu
cheating , he know everyone's position, who is where, when I used esp hack I killed more than 40
priyam raj
does iphone 6s gives 60fps in ultra mode?
zed wang
Anyone who had played the game for the second time would have noticed that recoil is dodgy
Channel CIQ
I am challenge u man to play with me
Click like Of u touched the map
Beast mode when noobs play mobile on pc and think thay are good ggs
loob gameR
Its rly not Hard first solo win first skwad 1vs? I won its rly ez wans 1v1 (pubg name) (LoobgameR )
Ovuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe ugwemuhwem Osas
IMPRESSIVE! very long video but well SATISFIED! love it and enjoyed!.. subscribed.. hope to see your next video.. :)
Trailer Fiml vietsub
• Hello all friend channel
i dont know what kind of sorcery is that but mahmoudjabbar died like 3-4 times.
Essential Macro
That's not even an AWM gunshot, it's a kar98k shot at 0:03
old channel
Im a pro ...we should collab...tho i mostly play on FPP
imthe GUNNER
you have nice skills but you kills most of the bots and Newbie players.. there was lot of places you should be dead by your mistakes..
margz Limpin
You can team up with Acelawrence
agdobson G
Lol from the beginning, that hit made me dying with a laugh 😅 😂😂😂
his accuracy wit the kar98k is lovely 🔥
i thought claw player can be a pro but you prove anyone can be a pro too love you izzo from Philippines
Khusi Khan
But tune ron ka record nhi toda bro 31kills
Md Sadman
I get only 1 or 2 kill in pubgm.
Mohammed Abbas Sayed
1:00 i didnt knew tht!!🤔🤔 Tht a new discovery
Niraj kumar
Low gold or bronze lvl players ..😂😂😂
The Rollman Revolution w/ David Rollman
I don't usually comment on YouTube videos, but I was very impressed with your game play. I enjoyed watching this video in its entirety. Thanks for posting this.
The Owlls
My highest kill was 21 n i felt like a pro wtff
kader hasim
How 8× scope set for M416...FOR ONE SEC
itZ Ace
Bro make some pro tips vids like yanrique Wright!! Plz 🙌!!congratulations for 30 kills u said in the 27 kills video I remember that u will soon get 30kills!!!!! 👍
Samaykumar B. Patel
Awesome played man !!!! Even killed the opponents in many ways !!!! Used the guns in better manner and the best thing that you used was the use of bombs !!!
Dude are you bronze? Who ever said he was your idol I'm gonna lmao tho😂😂😂😂😂😂I bet he can't even kill me if I'm in the same match with him