My Top 35 Favorite Male Solos From Musical Theatre

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So I made this to match my other video. But this one was harder because I'm not into male songs that much. Well, anyway, I still made this. And yes, this is going to clash with my top 27 favorite musical theatre songs, but like I said from my previous female solo video, my choices are going to change from time to time. For instance, I wasn't a big fan of Music of the Night before but now it's one of my favorite songs in Phantom. I really don't like repeating myself, but I guess I have to: THIS IS MY PERSONAL CHOICE. So if your favorite male solo isn't here or if you don't agree with my choices, then tough. I guess you'll just have to deal with it. I do not own anything. All rights go to the respectful owners.

Glucose Guardian
Take a shot every time the role is played by a tenor.
Ariel Infante
someone really loves Andrew Lloyd Webber
Jeremy Jordan's version of "Santa Fe" is PRICELESS!
Til I hear you sing is such a fantastic song... I dislike Love Never Dies as a story but... that song never fails to give me chills all over. I adore your top 35, a lot of them, if not all, are also my favourites.
Anne B
Why is no one talking about Aaron Tveit? I'm mean, it's Aaron Tveit 😅
Jeremy Jordan's rendition of 'Maria' is untouchable!
My list (in no particular order): "Santa Fe" - Newsies "Words Fail" - Dear Evan Hansen "Build a Wall" - Shrek: the Musical "Proud of Your Boy" - Aladdin "This is the Moment" - Jekyll & Hyde "Bring Him Home" - Les Miserables "I Believe" - Book of Mormon "Good Kid" - The Lightning Thief "The Kite" - You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown "One Song Glory" - Rent "Wait For It" - Hamilton "Out There" - Hunchback of Notre Dame "If I Can't Love Her" - Beauty & the Beast "Till I Hear You Sing" - Love Never Dies "I Miss the Music" - Curtains "You Don't Need to Love Me" - If/Then "Being Alive" - Company "My Petersburg" - Anastasia "Be Prepared" - The Lion King "Ya Got Trouble" - The Music Man "Mister Cellophane" - Chicago "Grow For Me" - Little Shop of Horrors "Beauty School Dropout" - Grease "Close Every Door" - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat "Bring Me Giants" - Cyrano de Bergerac "Neverland" - Finding Neverland "How I Am" - Little Women
Rebecca Weems
Needs Ramin karimloo on this list. He's amazing
Marisol Carty
I also love Soul of a Man from Kinky Boots
"If I didn't believe in you" . . . I wouldn't have loved you at all . . .
Can you do ensemble songs next 🙊
Kaitlin Moore
chris mccarrell's empty chairs at empty tables is so underrated thank u so much for this
Katie O'Neill
Loving the Til I Hear You Sing appreciation! I really didn't like love never dies, but that one song is just the best!!!!
Clare Fox
Aw come on, you didn’t do anything from Falsettos?
Cassidy Rose
John Barrowman! Hell yeah! Knew that man could sing.
I feel like Pierre from Great Comet should be on here but it's your opinion
Paulo Rezende
you really love les mis huh?
Tee Jee
Glad to see DEH getting recognized
Ale Matos Music
Santa Fe by Jeremy Jordan for me. But Dan is amazing.
Éponine Thenardier
Miss Saigon is always a win especially Why God Why and Les Mis always has the best solos so there’s no surprise Stars, Bring Him Home and Empty Chairs are amazing, Goodbye and I’m Alive are wonderful songs especially when sung by Aaron Tveit 😏, I love Waving Through a Window and I Believe even if I’ve never seen either of their shows and Johanna is a guilty pleasure of mine
Katie Hough
Challenge someone to make a video of 35 Baritone solos, or better yet, 5 Bass solos.
SO glad Jonathan's Melchior made this list. The most amazing live performance I've ever seen in my life.
Lib Vas
Also next to normal is like the most underrated music ever it is absolutely fantastic
Jesús Vázquez
Les Mis male solos are amazing 👏
Anna Paez
Would’ve loved some Evita or Bonnie and Clyde!
Douglas Mason
I can only think of a few missed: She was there from Scarlet Pimpernel, Anthem from Chess, Her Voice from The Little Mermaid, If I can't love her from Beauty and the beast, This Is The Moment from Jekyll and Hyde, Love Changes Everything from Aspects
Meghan Lewsley
Santa Fa is my number 1 by sung by Jeremy Jordan
blackngold cuttlefish
Interesting to see these. Makes me want to think of what my own favorites would be. Nice seeing some Jesus Christ Superstar love lol, that one gets ignored a lot. And haha, your description... POTO is my favorite thing in life (book, show, whole package) but I was never a huge fan of MOTN either, for some reason. Maybe it'll grow on me too eventually. Though the "Down Once More" is my favorite part of the show (like, the literal part of him on the boat bringing her back down to the lair) and that uses the same melody as was used in
Anne van Bruggen
Is it just me or does young John Barrowman share a close resemblance to Derek Klena?
BA Besties
I checked through the whole video until I found Maria from West Side Story. My favorite song EVER!!! WEST SIDE STORY IS MY SOFT SPOT
Emo Music And Musical Theatre
I much prefer "it's hard to be the bard" too "Will power"
Jennifer P
Music of the Night is by far my favorite as well!!!!
hello eden
I was so happy when "I believe" started playing
A. De S.
My #1 favorite is Waving Through a Window Other favorites/ones in your list I like: If I Were a Rich Man Michael in the Bathroom Giants in the Sky Santa Fe (especially the Prologue one) Empty Chairs at Empty Tables Javert's Suicide (I love Stars too but this is my favorite Javert moment) Wait For It Singin' in the Rain Maria Coalhouse's Soliloquy Edelweiss I'm Alive You Gotta Die Sometime Johanna These are all I can think of that I love, but there are probably more...
Can't beat Adam Pascal!
Asena İrmikci
Music of the night definitely deserves the first place. Great list!
Oh Wow
Awesome list! My personal favorite is Raise A Little Hell from Bonnie & Clyde by Jeremy Jordan. I also like his song "Bonnie" too. :)
Kristin Loewen
My favourite are Words Fail from DEH, Empty Chairs at Empty Tables from Les Mis, Donny Novitski from Bandstand and Still from Anastasia
Sarina S.
Santa Fe by Jermey Jordan❤️
Sandra Warren
The Impossible Dream from The Man of La Mancha
Scotti Brown
Why did I already know that Music of the Night was going to be #1???😂😂😂
reyes evan
Ramin is an angel on earth you cant tell me otheriwse
taissa_ harmon
Music of the Night will forever be my favorite
Carleigh Ethridge
My list would be: 1: I'll Be There - The Pirate Queen 2: Dancing Through Life: Wicked 3: Maria and Somethings Coming: West Side Story 4: Santa Fe: Newsies 5: Why God Why?: Miss Saigon 6: Bui Doi: Miss Saigon 7: Make Them Hear You: Ragtime 8: The Impossible Dream: Man of La Mancha 9: I Believe: Book of Mormon 10: This Nearly Was Mine: South Pacific
Needs more Ramin smh
Sarina S.
Ramin is number 3 I’m okay.... but he deserves number 1
Mary Rushe
Bring Him Home and Stars my all time faves....wish you had Colm or Craig Schulman as Valjean! Terrence Mann my favorite Javert :-)
Interested Bystander
Interesting list, and thanks for taking the time. A few songs/musicals on here that I don't know. I might have had "Close Every Door" from Joseph, instead of Gethsemane. Also, maybe "Beauty School Dropout" (I know there are chorus bits, but it is a male solo, really.
Whovian Girl
Lol, poor Raoul (not) Christine loves Eric more.
Hazel Solomon
What about some Bonnie & Clyde? There are lots of great ones!
Justin Barrett
YES les miserables is amazing.
Tedious Totoro
*sees #29* John Barrowman was in a musical?!?
Spring Awakening appreciation 🙌🏼
Lissy Cooper
Nothing from Hedwig? Wicked Little Town Reprise? Such a beautiful song!
Sarina S.
Ok, Put Till I Hear You Sing (sing by Michael Gillis or Ramin ,can’t choose,) second Then have music of the night (sung by Ramin) first I love Hugh he’s in my top five but I love Ramin more
Valeria JustAnotherGirl
"I'm alive" not sung by Aaron Tveit broke my heart, tho <\3
Ashley N
Yeah I have to agree with #1! Saw Hugh on Broadway and was absolutely flabbergasted by his performance. I've watched pretty much every bootleg known to man, and have seen the likes of Ramin and other greats live, but... His artistry and dynamic control was unreal!!!
Idk Man
and #0 is Michael in the Bathroom hAVE A GOOD DAY EVERYONE
Orla MacGrath
Where's Oh What a Circus?
Rachel Liu
My favs are ; Everything to Win - Anastasia Hurricane - Hamilton For Forever - DEH Santa Fe - Newsies Proud of your Boy - Aladdin 😩👏
Vote for me Prince Edgar
Only change I would make is to add all I ask of you reprise. I cry ever time I listen to it
Yuri _God
I already predicted that Music of the Night was #1 Edit: I love Til I Hear You Sing too but of course the original can never beat the sequel
Meggy Peggy
Harlan D.
one song glory will always be my fave
Big, big, miss!!!!!! How could you not include " My Boy Bill- Billy's soliloquy" from Carousel??? Three high F notes and that high G at the end.
Alan Maslowski
I think in my list, Being Alive is definitely higher.
theatre nerd
this must've been so difficult to make omg rip you (i love it tho)
Gianna Alosi
Before the video: Freeze your Brain better be here
yES Waving Through A Window!!
olivia elston
a few of my personal list in no particular order "micheal in the bathroom"-be more chill "loser geek whatever (acoustic)" -be more chill "santa fe" -Newsies "letter from the refuge"-Newsies "waving through a window" - dear evan hansen "words fail" -dear evan hansen "Kevin"- i don't think it's from a show but I know it was written by Joe iconis "what'd I miss" -Hamilton "wait for it" -Hamilton "I'm not a loser" - SpongeBob SquarePants the musical "chip on my shoulder" -legally blonde the musical "the answer" -the black suits "eidelweiss" -the sound of music and das it
Carl Briggs
There is a special place in hell for whoever wrote " I believe".
Isa Paley
why did i think the guy singing Being Alive was Kyle Selig?? lol
Zach Kim
Music of the night !
Gary L
So much great music over the generations; so many great memories: Bring Him Home-Les Miserables Music of the Night-Phantom of the Opera Night of a Thousand Stars-Evita What Kind of Fool Am I?- Stop the World...I Want To Get Off "Camelot"-Camelot Where is Love?-Oliver On the Street Where You live-My Fair Lady Finishing the Hat-Sunday in the Park with George One Night in Bangkok-Chess and many, many more....
G Stan
You had me until Edelweiss... 😱
Madison Hollinsworth
I’m so glad you put Hugh Panaro’s version of Music of the Night as #1. As much as I love Ramon’s voice, Hugh has always been my favorite Phantom!
I honestly can't choose between Music of the Night and Til I Hear You Sing. Anyway, no matter what Ramin sings, he's an angel.
Thank you for picking Chris McCarrell's version of Empty Chairs! I was lucky enough to hear it live and it brought me to tears.
Larry Dang
Songs featured: - 35 – gethsemane, jesus Christ superstar, paul Nolan - 34 – Sandy, Grease, Max Crumm - 33 – if I were a rich man, fiddler on the roof, Anthony warlow - 32 – giants in the sky, into the woods - 31 – those magic changes,grease, roy chicas - 30 – gold, once, steve kazee - 29 – being alive, company, john barrowman - 28 – goodbye, catch me if you can, aaron tveit - 27 – santa fe, newsies, dan deluca - 26 – no one has ever loved me, passion, jere shea - 25 – on the street where you live, my fair lady, Daniel cardenas - 24 – will power, something rotten, Christian borle - 23 – bring him home, les miserables, Geronimo rauch - 22 – it takes two, hairspray, Mathew morrison - 21 – purpose, avenue q, john Tartaglia - 20 – why god why, miss saigon, will chase - 19 – stars, les miserables, drew sarich - 18 – step one, kinky boots, steven booth - 17 – singin in the rain, singin in the rain, adam Garcia - 16 – bui-doi, miss Saigon, jay donnell - 15 – heaven on their minds, jesus Christ superstar, josh young - 14 – one song glory, rent, adam pascal - 13 – wait for it, Hamilton, leslie odom jr. - 12 – maria, west side story, Jeremy Jordan - 11 – sibella, a gentleman’s guide to love and murder, Bryce pinkham - 10 – why does she love me, love never dies, simon Gleeson - 9 – All that’s known, spring awakening, jonathan groff - 8 – empty chairs at empty tables, les miserables, chris mccarell - 7 – edelweiss, the sound of music, ben davis - 6 – I believe, the book of Mormon, Andrew rannells - 5 – I’m alive, next to normal, kyle dean massey - 4 – waving through a window, dear evan Hansen, ben plat - 3 – Til I hear you sing, love never dies, ramin karimloo - 2 – johanna, sweeney todd, chris groenendaal - 1 – music of the night, the phantom of the opera, hugh panaro
lyn marie
i screamed when will piwer came on lol
Brian Stokes Mitchell?
"Can't Take My Eyes Off You" - John Lloyd Young??? Come on...
Jose Emilio Escoto
You’re on crack how is Being Alive lower than Edel Weiss
Izzi B
My personal top 4 (I don’t know many male solos): #1- “Shiksa Goddess” from the Last Five Years (I don’t think it was in the video) #2- “Waving Through A Window” from Dear Evan Hansen #3- “Michael in the Bathroom” from Be More Chill (I don’t think it was in the video either) #3- “Wait For It” From Hamilton
Ben Wright is precious and jack deserves more love and appreciation thanks for coming to my Ted Talk
Ace Trainer Annie
So glad Wait For It was on here. I was getting nervous
Ryan Marrin
Waving Through A Window at x2 speed is kind of amazing hahaha 10:08
Chris Miller
"this is the moment" so should be in the top 5 form Jakel & Hyde
Laura Eager
Yay for “Purpose,” “Singin’ In the Rain,” “One Song Glory,” & “Edelweiss.” I didn’t know Jonathan Groff was in spring awakening - love him in Hamilton.
Carrie Wood
that first guys voice.....PHENOMENAL. CHILLS. but his expression is nonexistent lol
Tiana Joiner
Thumbs up for including Stars; thumbs down for it not being Philip Quast.
Defying Gravity
Well proud phantom is first 👍🏻
no "VERONICA!! open the- open the DOOR please" ?
John Boler
What about "Being Alive" by Larry Kert from Company? Easily the best ever!
Dallas Janssen
I love your videos! Please keep them coming! <3
Beebos Bum
Is it just me but did Adam Pascal sound like Brian D'Arcy James in that recording of One Song Glory?