Dexter Season FOUR 4 Recap Pt 1/2

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The Trinity Killer is Dexter's next target but something about him intrigues Dexter PART TWO /> Fan made. No copyright infringement intended. All clips/audio belong to their respective owners.

Dawn Christensen
I can't ever find Dexter season 4 recap part 2 so I never get to see the part where he kills Trinity
Season 4 was the darkest and the best of Dexter.
i Am A girl
06:09 ofcourse, rita -_- she's always like that she's annoying sometimes -_-
"wanna know a secret......daddy kills people" XD
Dawn Christensen
Which episode in season 4 does he kill Trinity
Fûcked up villain
Randall Flagg
Love the way you started this video, very creative. You deserve more views, I was thinking of re-watching Dexter, but there is GoT season 7 and Preacher season 2 so... thanks pal!
David Mitchell
pt 2 is unavailable due to copyright