Top Fifteen Male Ballet Variations

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Per request, here are my top fifteen male ballet variations! Let me know what you think! What would you change? Order: 15. Paquita: Lucian Variation (Jose Martinez) 14. Satanella: Variation (Alexander Sergeyev) 13. The Nutcracker: Prince Variation (Matthew Golding) 12. Le Corsaire: Conrad Variation (Angel Corella) 11. Marco Spada: Variation (David Hallberg) 10. Swan Lake: Siegfried Variation (Angel Corella) 9. Le Corsaire: Slave Variation (Vyacheslav Lopatin) 8. La Bayadere: Solor Variation (Valdislav Lantratov) 7. Giselle: Albrecht Variation (Johan Kobborg) 6. The Sleeping Beauty: Prince Variation (Mathias Heymann) 5. Don Quixote: Basil Variation (Leonid Sarafanov) 4. La Sylphide: James Variation (Steven McRae) 3. Flames of Paris: Philippe Variation (Ivan Vasiliev) 2. Coppelia: Franz Variation (Vyacheslav Lopatin) 1. Don Quixote: Basil 'Cups' Variation (Mikhail Baryshnikov)

There is something oddly sexy about men who are able to do this. HAWT. 😍
inner light
All are great dancers but Misha is not part of this world ,simply as that.
Celia Bonadies
It's not just that Barishnikov's technique is dazzling here, his acting cannot be beaten. He completely embodies the character, who thoroughly enjoys being himself!
What a wonderful selection of variations.. and all clearly labelled. What a joy to watch. Thank you.
Amber Turunen
Angel Corella is my favorite, but Baryshnikov is Baryshnikov
You saved the best for last!!! OMG. Lucky me I saw him dance with Gelsey!! I am old!
Ella Kaukonen
Omg Ivan Vasiliev and MIKHAIL BARYSHNIKOV😭😭💖
Harriet TheShy
Christ on drums, do those jumps in La Corsaire have names? And if so, what the hell are they? Not to mention those diagonal twisty things in Flames of Paris. Steven McRae is just so damn likable. I get the Albrecht Variation music stuck in my head regularly, and I enjoyed one dancer's expressed appreciation of the role actually demanding that he look half-dead from exhaustion during that number for plot purposes. Baryshnikov is like oil and the laws of physics, gravity, and thermodynamics are like water.
Kremena Stoeva
Barysnikov !!!!
10:30 Me after a long warm shower in a cold winter night in my robe.
Timothy Perdue
#3 good LORD that has to be the closet thing to flying I've ever seen!
Mónica Elisabeth Sacco
Oh me, why do I love Russian dancers sooo much?
Sierra Nizalik
Omg, the 4 seconds in, i was like, "They're so light on their feet and graceful in the air!"
Francois Lebon-Schneider
Baryshnikov is placed correctly but ugh... where is Rudolf Nureyev?
George Boehm
Spectacular! Brings tears to my eyes.Corella in Le Corsaire breathtaking.
Jaime Lagdameo
Hello? Carlos Acosta? Come on...any variation!!!
First Choice
Why did you leave Sergi Polunin out???
And Misha reigns supreme.
eal ls
Nobody comes and will ever come close to Baryschnikov in the art of dancing.
Ballet is one of the most beautiful forms of art.
Daphne Splinter
Thank you for inserting Matthew Golding. He is just great. Ever seen him in Don Quichote? Amazing!!!!
Mónica Domínguez
Where’s Carlos Acosta? He has the best Quixote
Lynn Early
Thank you for Leonid Sarafanov at #5.
Karenx joy
Vasiliev. just fine booty. very fine booty.
Kai Yan
The last one is truly dancing with ease and joy
Great list, but in my heart there's only one Solor: Laurent Hilaire
Juliet Turner
Where’s Vadim Muntagrov and Carlos Acosta?!?!?
Stephanie Cruvant
Wonderful choices! Deepest thanks for creating this montage.
patrick doe
Can you please tell me where you found the Marco Spada variation video.? I need the music for an audition... please and thank you..
That guy's dancing at 3:00 brought tears to me eyes...
jiro marc
As in ranked top 15 according to difficulty and grace of execution with the top 1 as being the best? If that were the case, i feel so bad for the others as, to me, they did an excellent job as well. Then again, i'm not a dancer.
Henry Suarez
where is Carlos Acosta from Cuba
Rebekah P
Matthew golding 👌
Davide Sioni
Where did you find the Marco Spalding video..?
Asahel Rosales
Enjoyed them all, but we are always missing so many, Rolando, Acosta, Domitro etc etc. Everyone has something to bring here.
Lolly LuLa
Great to see Johan Kobborg there. He's my all time favourite male ballet dancer :)
Marlene Nascimento
belíssimo, lindo, perfeito.
Miguelito Miguelito
You Missed Carlos Acosta!!!!! How dare You !!HAAHA
Will Vee
What great athletes ! Such beauty and strength. Thanks.
Misha, pour toujours! ))
Is very interesting video! The last danseur russe is the best.
Thank you for making this, its wonderful!
Maggie Fogarty-Harnish
Golden idol and bluebird but love the list
Ágoston Bárány
12 is Alis variaton not conrads just sayin
Kevin Kevin
Just Amazing. 😀
James Bond
Leonid Sarafanov is the best dancer in the world.
Faltan Sarabia, los dos Carreño, Acosta, Rodkin y Polunin y, francamente, no sé qué pinta en un top 10 Martíne
Lipe Lucchiari
Basil's cup variation??? Really? Where is golden idol or bluebird?
val macclinchy
All are lovely but you saved the best for last..Baryshnikov. Magical.
Corella murdered Le Corsaire (in a good way He is amazing). I adore Matthew Golding and can never forget how he ends those turns at the end of that variation. Every nutcracker I look for that...and never. Vasiliev takes my breath away. I don't think anyone could have done that variation like him. And same for Misha. He sold that performance like no other. He is the GOAT. Mic drop. Cup
Jose Mario Hernandez Guerrero
Lo Mejor!!
Ju'Lakir The Gelfling
Eighteen years old and wishing I could have started...
Katherine S
I wish you'd been able to adjust the volume so they were all about the same. Having to turn it up and down is annoying. Great dances, though!
The Marco Spada was really interesting. A different take on the usual male variation.
wonderful compilation. I woulf have preferred a second of pause between a variation and the other
Karenx joy
lol but in all seriousness. I love 9.slave variation. its charming. very high energy which I love.
Ohh Angel! I saw SL while it was being taped for dvd!
Your selections are awesome however I do not agree with your choice of Matthew Golding.
Henry Griffin
Angel Corella's variation in Le Corsaire isn't Conrad's it is Ali's
Howard DeAngelis
Now that's dancing! Totally in awe.
Kellie Everts 48-28-38 conducts Night Train
PJ Bottoms
Awesome thank you!!!!!
Leslie Rosado
Number 6 was out of this world!
nicole reding-hourcade
Kobborg is Giselle
Eliezer Rabelo
here other names for your list of 30...Jose Manoel Carreño, Vladimir Malakov, Ethan Stiffel, Marcelo Gomes, Roberto Boile, Jose Manoel Legris and Mooooore!!!!
Peter Negan
was he number 1 just because he cheated and used 2 props in his hands?
Miss Cameroon
Thank you for posting these exciting artists
My favorite is David Hallberg - the most elegant of all dancers and with excellent technique.
Patricia Nicholls
So light on his feet!
Eliezer Rabelo
I love it, not to fan of Vassiliev but what a wonderful compilation of male variations and bailarinos. Next time you probably should do a compilation of for the nay sayers, do your own compilation if so unhappy you lazy bums! I want mooooooore, Misha could be just standing still like in Giselle and still be NUMBER 1.
Endi Bahaj
Corella is dancing Ali not Conrand.
Emma Wilding
I love these and agree but I think that Alexander McGowan danced the swan lake variation better.
Isabel Santos
Maravilloso, gracias por subir el video.
God the elevation these guys get is just phenomenal.
Great selections! Thanks
Alexandra Andreeva-Stadler
You have chosen the best of the best male dancers! Pleasure to watch!
What about Wes Chapman??? ABT
Sky The Terrible
To be quite honest, most of these dancers don't have feet practically broken in half, and they are all pretty fantastic!
Peter Negan
why is 2 rotations the max they can do? They weak?
Carlos Acosta is far better in Don Quixote.
Ged Agnors
Hell yea, bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angel Corella is dancing the slave Ali , not Conrad.
I loved your list although your corsaire variations were wrong. Corella dances the "ali variation" or "slave variation" and Lopatin dances the "slaver" variation or "lankadem" variation
Rebekah P
Matthew golding 👌
RyZe :0
Valeri Tkachenko
Все красавцы удалые, но кто может сравниться с Мишей... Артист!!!
Anyone who can even finish these variations, much less at this caliber, is a superhuman ultra beast. That said Leonid Sarafanov and Baryshnikov at his prime are aliens; they just seem to bypass any struggle with a physical feat
De los que están indiscutiblemente Corella y Barishnikov, que además, tienen un estilo muy similar
Oana-Maria Sava
Thank you!
Claudia Ascione
And where is Roberto Bolle? He's the perfection!!!
Ruby Parrondo
Diego Leiva
Irina Rivina
m bugsy
Lilheven 12
chima chibi
These are all exceptional dancers but Misha is just so special. It’s like he’s not even trying. Like his movements are spontaneously generated from within in response to the music. He’s so very musical and he looks so free. And maybe it’s just my impression but it looks like he can respond to the music a hair faster than all the others, which makes him look like he’s right within the music instead of chasing it.
Irene B.
I have literally never been able to find proper words to describe Ángel Corella's dancing, for EVERY single role he interpreted, from Romeo, to Basil, Siegfried, Alì, Solor, and I will stop here because otherwise I would keep on mentioning all the male roles in ballet! His artistry and virtuosity... he just has to be loved and contemplated in all his heavenly glory 😅😍!!!
bellini verdi
baryshnikov.............un el principe..........................una lujuria emocional del movimiento artistico y estetico lleno de bravura.........juventud y hermosura.............con toda la atmosfera sincera de su arte en movimiento......................sin pretenciones...y por eso mismo es el ejecucion maravillosamente perfecta.y em ocionalmente.................hace hasta llorar de gusto...............
Joel Segundo
falta julio bocca maximiliano guerra , y muchis mas ..ese paquitaes horrible