Learn English with Audio Story - The Adventures of Tom Sawyers

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Learn English with audio book Story - The Adventures of Tom Sawyers - intermediate level

Mohammed AL-Huraibe
Thank you very much, this is an effective way to learn English, you gain new vocabulary+ practicing your listening. I highly recommend learning English by this way.🌷
Mobile Crushers & Screeners
Gratitude from China. Both my child and I love it.
Sami Tube
it's very helpful video thanks for shearing.
Rafaela Rodrigues
I really liked the narrator
Ruth Cancel
I love how you read and help us do it the right way. The story is excellent. I enjoy hearing it a lot of times.
Thanks a lot, the audio and narrator are great, greetings from Mexico.
Sunshine Sunshine
Thank you so much for this useful lesson,but it very long story. anyway it's really good. Keep going.
FB 1ali1996
Dude the background first pic boy ..Got me here ... It's like bring me old memories as all here same as me ...omg
Thank God! They provide how to improve my English learning ^^
Lê Ngọc
That's awesome. Thanks for helping me improve my listening skill
5HINee property of Lee Taemin
Tom Sawyer not Sawyers. Thanks, great upload.
Farideh Ramezani
I love this accent in this vedio. 👍👍👍. Thanks for sharing this learning English vedio with a great pronunciations.👌👌
Викуля В Likee
Thank you ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡ )I Love this video 🎥
Ali Ali
I would like developing my skills anyone can by creating dialogues with my grateful
I read this story in book.But it isn't enjoy than listing(I maybe wrong write because i don't good to speak english) Excuse me😊
Maro Ali
What a great effort guys. Thank you sooooo much . I really enjoyed the novel and the voices. Love you all.
Ngân Lê -Minnesota USA
Very helpful. Thank you.
Carla Cardenden Tatgjpia
This is what I need. I have to improve my English si o si.
Kumar Naik
Really it helped me to learn English. thanks for uploading this video for English learners 🌹🌹🌹
trực trần
i love this channel because it good for kid
dato jafarize
thank you me georgian bro it's nobody
Spencer BC
I'm from Peru :D God bless you. I want to learn the language english. Regards.
Daniel Backes
I listened the entire history and liked very much. This improved my vocabulary English a lot. Thank you.
You Know
your doing very good all love your stories
Prashant kumar singh
Many Thanks to narrator, who narrated this story beautifully.
Olá, Novamente!
Wow! I Love very much this video♡
moosajan khan
Very interesting and helpful thanks alot
It's Tom Sawyer, not Sawyers-- video title lol
Leon Arias
Is this a shorter version? Which publisher (book is being used?)
romantic songs
good story...but if there were some pictures also then it will be more realistic
Thank you for this. I can sleep soundly in 3 minutes now
Joe Tran YT
It help me for YouTube dude
RoundJava Tour and Travel
I like this story. Very good to improve some new vocabulary. I am from Indonesia
Katy A
I love it so much, thank you! 🤗
Madhan Gopali
Thank you for making this video, It's very interesting way to learn English.
zeeming jule
best story (〃'▽'〃)
Маргарита Иванова
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مولاتي زينب
Thank u its very helpful to learn listening also speaking
You can read it many times and always laugh. "Boston English Centre" is the Best!
Ahmad Hilal
Thank you very much. It is very useful to learn English very well.
ᛏᚱᚨᛞ ᚠᛟᛚᚴ
As a native English speaker some of these comments are really funny
Jose Pina
What an amazing story some times i got sad but some times i laugh a lot thanks a lot guys for sharing ande give us a joyful time
Binyamin Gurstein
Such a great book
Tan Wei
变态 一打开就看见一个鬼脸广告
Francisco Pires
Excellent. Thank you very much.
Thank you! I wish me to be like Tom.
Judean Derby
This has always been one of my favorite stories. I am enjoying narrating, too. Could I ask for a favor? Could you give me some tips on how to improve? I’m at stories from earth.
Allyson Guo
May I ask who is this brilliant narrator? 😊
Gilbert Consigna
Thank you so much for having fun while watching this video again thank you so much ....
قناه ألعاب حرب
Thanks again for the use of the most
Thank you, friend
Audiobooks Inc.
A great narration. It looked like as I was watching a movie.
Alex bliss
20:00 16 February in the morning
sony van brontox
Thank you,,
Short Series Brazil
'centre' and american english, ok...
Tirtasari Rohmah
Cepet banget. Nggak bisa slow
kost TVgame
It's a great story and helpful too!
Fatmanur Simsek
Why did Tom fight with that boy for no reason, like what
Iraqi Girl
Does anyone else have an issue when he/she reaches 1:45 ?the video doesn’t work
Happy life
This book is very helpful, thank you very much. I love the narrator s voice
Eycho Kyah
I hope this video will help me to improve my vocabulary especially to my grammars.I will finish this video even tho it takes time!By the way thanks for uploading this video keep up the good works.
Fire Sword
Thank You!
Ruth Hernandez
This is wonderful
mesut Al-B
thank you very much is very nice story .
MaStEr 2015
that us-full thing i never ha-vet really I like it i which to made more books like that it's very help-full to learn English
Jane Tennyson
If you want to teach a language, at least get your title right. Tom Sawyer "s" doesn't inspire confidence.
Josué Lop
gracias, excelente audiolibro...
Mosab Karim
Great job..thank u very much.
this is so much fun !! I do really enjoyed listening and reading the story !! >u< thank you so so much
Thales Gabriel
besan translation
I really Loved THAT stuff
Cool Bill
i really like when they say "lets be pirate"
Alessandro Martina
someone could tell me if this is the original version of the book or a reduction??
Lokesh thakur 92411
Good story, and smoking little boys
David Martinez
Cool Bill
i really liked the story. :-)
Seems CJ is still alive and working for foreigners sake
Luis Dionicio De la Cruz
was amazing. thanksyou
Areeba Parvez
I hope that my English will improve soon by this method
Elnur Xelilov
Thank you very much this great
Krady K
I work at the call center and my everyday timings and schedules are very hectic but listening to Audiobooks like this makes me feel so good. I would like to thank the narrator for his amazing work upon this and bringing smile to our face with his amazing narrrating skills. 😇 Thank you a million times!
This is helping me to learn english. Thanks. ❤️
تفاصيل بالعربي
Ch 4 17:13
Thanks. 😀😀😀😀😀
Born to learn
Thanks a ton dear uploader. Really love from Nepal.
Magda Ahmed
١٣:٣٠ 😂
Gleb Solienko
This is very awesome tale,I advice everyone
Much thanks, would like to know who is the narrator? Garrick Hagon?
Phạm Văn Hải
ai VN ko ?
Qurban Qurbanlı
zordu halal olsun qardas
Maks Fomin
My mom was reading this book in Russian to me when I was a child🙂
UNITY 5 Videos
Finally. His royal highness Prince Charles is reading me a story.
Валерий Шабаткин
Thank you Boston!
T *
Isabel Cristina Garcia
Hermoso. Muchas gracias.
Shekeyla Sanders
Tom remind me of my 8 year old son, who is said to be ADD, adventures will be his craving too.