Rod Steiger Waits A Minute

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A tribute to Rod Steiger, and one of his more commonly said phrases. Films and shows featured: 2000: Interview by Matias A. Bombal 1954: On The Waterfront 1956: Jubal 1956: The Harder They Fall 1958: Cry Terror 1959: Al Capone 1962: 13 West Street 1964: The Pawnbroker 1967: In The Heat Of The Night 1968: The Sergeant 1971: Duck You Sucker (aka A Fistful Of Dynamite) 1984: The Glory Boys 1987: American Gothic 1989: The January Man 2002: Dinner For Five 2000: Interview by Matias A. Bombal 1958: Cry Terror No copyright infringement is intended. All video clips are the sole property of their respective owners.

nobody can say "wait a minute" like rod steiger
wait a minute, this is great thanks so much
michael malizia
This is terrific. Did you discover that he says this line and put it together?? Great
Hey wait a minute! This is uncanny,
One of the greatest American actors. A sad loss.
very nice Elliot .  But only 390 views !  If it was Justin Bieber it would have 3 million . What hope is there for civilization ?!
Filip Önell
*Video ends* What a minute!
1:14 martin balsam beat him to it that time
He said “Wait a Minute” the most in AL CAPONE. 19 TIMES!!!!!! I’m tempted to say 20, as at one point he said: “Wha, wh-whuh-wait a, wait a minute!”
Neil Rafferty
It takes me rather less than a minute to realise this guy ranks in the top 5 .
Thank U for job!!!!!!! now I say to all: wait a minute :DDDDD
Dave Summers
Fantastic compilation - great to see how he changed over the years!
Walt Williams
this is funny. he is still an all-time great, though.
Larry Rubin
What a job compiled all the took more than a minute
I'm a big fan of Steiger, but somehow I never noticed that.
Paul Grant
Forget about it.
Tron Snow
This is one of the best videos on the Internet, thank you 🙏 ...
Joey Misciagna
Rod Steiger played the real Al Copone perfect.
Get out of here!
You missed one - WOLF LAKE (1978 or 1980): 5:39 into the movie, he says “Wait a Minute. 17:27 - he says it four consecutive times
this on weed is great :)
great him.
Duck, You Sucker was released in 1971, not ‘72; American Gothic was released in 1987, before coming to the US in ‘88; the Dinner for Five episode was in 2002 before his death, not ‘01.