Naruto Episode 312 English Dub | -ナルト- 312

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Naruto Episode 312 English Dub | -ナルト- 312 Naruto 312 Naruto Episode 312 Naruto 312 English Dubbed Naruto Episode 312 English Dub Naruto Ep 312 English Dubbed Naruto 312 English Dub Naruto Ep 312 English Dub Naruto Episode 312 English Dubbed

Frhea BC
Who's wathching this in 2018, or 2019,or 2020 whatever what year you are NARUTO WILL STAY FOREVER
Jap Pedrosa
spoiler alert!!!!! the next episode is 313
Lee and guy best student and teacher
Vj Rbbot
who is watching this on 2017
Abir Alam
So Bob Marley was a Shinobi?
zaYn jaVed
Lee is the pure hearted among all of them.
Ayub Ali
Is long in still 2018
ARIEL 7.50 Lang
Tenten is really cute..
Animetv 77401
When lee was crying it was so sad
xobtsnct straykidateex
Im watching naruto shippuden in 2018... too late... i guess 😁😁💕💕
sarin sothearith
He did'nt teach lee how to do dragon God
A filler episode with Rock Lee  are always nice to see. Yeeayh!
if i could get a penny for every naruto filler i would have a million dollars
Segunda Guerra Mundial /// Primera Guerra Mundial
Good episode!!
ARIEL 7.50 Lang
Spoiler Alert ! Episode 311 is funny
Arborly Bubble
Leaf dragon god: im the strongest taijutsu technique! Asakujaku, hirudora, sekizo and night guy: **laughs in taijutsu*
Nada Kezija
Lee should've just call Kakashi and ask him too piss off that lil' old guy, so that guy would've attack Kakashi with his Dragon God and Kakashi could've just copy it and teach Lee tue Dragon God
Marshal nicio
Fools ya fools! Damn I really wanna see master bee, hes too funny,yeahhh!!!
Lauren Mendez
i love rock lee
Stephen Tomelty
wot happens if reanimated people lose all of their chakra
Yusuf Jama
this eps keps geting awesome
tuan ding kang
Copy right over load
hi lol
i love guy sensei and lee
Québec Ball
Ok so basicaly Lee just killed that old man to show him that he could be a shinobi...
Dorais Darrshan
I had goosebumps when guy sensei said those words to Rock lee
The Really Negative Person in the comments
Nux taku, im pretty sure you should reconsider about taijutsu being only usefull for might guy.
Like Ginga vs kyoya Wowww
Emozet Skyes
The last part is so emotional❤
George Blizerkerman
why dident lee or guy use the 6or7th gate. day timetiger, or morning peacock will for sure destory leaf dragon god.
LakshMila Uchiha
Lee is the sweetiest boy ever😍😍😍 and also pure hearted man, I love him😍😍😍
An Dollie
Wait, how did he died really?
Those blue lanterns look like the sharingan.
Nero 77724
Filler Filler ( mikel jackson reference ) Filler
Deadly Heart
His glasses are just like mine
OMG!!! 18:51 i Looove this part!!! I mean Really LOVE this part!!!
José Carlos uzumaki
Fais dublagem
Mohammed Alahmed
Rock lee wife and metal lee’s mother .
Adrock Gaming
This war is totally focuses on the past
Stinky Butt
Bob Marley!
Ainoe Nollet
Iruka sensei told lee was the only One who ever passed the academy with only Thai jutsu. Yet here maister chen has a student with only Thai jutsu to. You can make fillers but at least make them right. With No false information
loy '-'
Bob Marley + brazil
saad bodla
december 6 2017
NaruHina MayWard
Guy you're so cool
Jazab Chohan
I just realized that the lamps in the background at 19:10 have a heaven curse mark (same as sasuke) lol
Helix Oof
go Lee
Dallas Isadore
Might guy the man.. emotional episode ya know
Alyssa Lawrence
Who still waiting in 2018
7r4mn0j 2k
wat da is that bob marley?
Ally Luna
Lean Sioco
romenea ma
#Oh nanana
Moon Hafiz
Does anyone know the Song at 10:47 onwards? Been looking for it for awhile now..
Im BRZY they also look like the curse mark
TTV - 6lack_Asian
Jhonrafael Jhon02
He's not dead and he did not got reanimated he survived
wow gai sucks compared to an old man
This is 2018
Fatima Suanque
that was........v.very sad......😰😰😰😰😰
Merilien Rocheneld
taye akingboye
who is that guy
Annalise Aguon
I know that a random episode to mention this but,every since naruto left those 2 years,nobody planned on looking for sasuke.😹😹. And like Naruto was gone for 2 years and only learned how to make a bigger rasengan.Like wtf.😹😹.
warning sucks
SillySisters Xox
Wait a minute! If Lee and that student were unable to perform ninjutsu and genjutsu, doesn’t that mean that they have no Chakra, or am I wrong?
So many fillers
bucka brat
2018 ?
Danial Izz
Spoiler alert!! This episode starts at 0.00
Dr Scorch
An Dollie
Gross! Rock Lee's snot is on his mouth!
so then when did the master chan even die??
jamescarl endriga
Salazar Tv
Song 18:54 ?
nino gergedava
2018? :3
TheReborn 1
How did master Chen die? I mean he didn’t die after the war so then how did he die?
Ryan Boll
16 30 that is one way to split wood but i just use an axe
Decimus YT
Jap Pedrosa
what episode start the real war?
Terestrial Indiginous
Googs Lee
the hell with sasuke hes just a rogue ninja
Priyanshu Konwar
Dipeen Mishra
Samad Makani
I miss Sasuke
Ryantayl_ playzz
I swear gai and lee are like farther and son
rainisha nautiyal
old man gchen😂😂
Helix Oof
go Lee
Clark Barquilla
rock lee is stronger than guy right
madam fridam
wow so this is naruto?? OK first time seeing this...
Mx_ Playz
Who's watching this in 2016?😂😂😂😂
J France
if he's not ded how did he get reanimated?
Marshall Grey
I hate Lee and Guy
I learnt more from NARUTO than my Entire fuking School
Ryantayl_ playzz
Hasta La Vista
bitch plz.. rock lee with six gates opened, could kick the old master's ass
Todoroki Shouto
Lol Am I the only one who hates that shit old man taijutsu user??? I felt bad for lee when that old shit fcking old men taijustu user said to him to quit being a Shinobi. ...
Sohan Sanil
yo brats what is up ya fool you fool
Lenser De La Rosa
i hate the fucking flashbacks 😡😡😡😡
I will bring you balls
Khuong Do
Less face when he said rice balls