Toro y Moi - My Touch [Full Album]

'My Touch' by Toro Y Moi Tracklist: Such Bad Handling - 0:00 My Touch - 3:35 Bend Your Body - 6:04 Deep Routes - 8:19 Existance Music - 10:55 Lesson 223 - 12:07 Take This - 15:06 Movements - 17:38 Master Of None - 21:50 Toro y Moi /> />

How can someone's demo album be their best album? And it's not like Toro Y Moi has made any bad albums. Everything he does is gold. This is the best music I've heard in a while.
This is his best album IMO
John Tracker
It's weird I've been listening to this for the better part of the 2010s and I've never met a single person who knew what a Toro Y Moi was or if it's edible.
Jeremy Calcano
Would kill to own this CD or vinyl.
Honestly, if we're just talking about in the "music world" when you find Toro Y Moi and come across this album I feel you've made it somewhere most never will.
Dan Abrahams
How this album ha never been released... I spoke with him about it and he said 'oh it's just a CDr we did.' this is THE classic
Matheus Guizolfi
Such Bad Handling - 0:00My Touch - 3:35Bend Your Body - 6:04Deep Routes - 8:19Existance Music - 10:55Lesson 223 - 12:07Take This - 15:06Movements - 17:38Master Of None - 21:50
Jacob c
this album is insane.
Michelle La Velle
This album makes my brain feel blissful. It's perfectly healing the damaged parts of the past.
i've been playing this album everyday now at least 8 times. i love it
Nat Yongpairojwong
For mobile listeners 1. Such Bad Handling - 0:00 2. My Touch - 3:35 3. Bend Your Body - 6:04 4. Deep Routes - 8:19 5. Existence Music - 10:55 6. Lesson 223 - 12:07 7. Take This - 15:06 8. Movements - 17:38 9. Master Of None - 21:50
RE RELEASE 2019 please
Christopher Michael
Chad might have snapped on this project!
Hunter Neri
what is this?? why do i not know about this?
Deaf Punk
This was some of Toro's best music. Very raw
Hero for uploading this! Ty
Dean Jeffery
Long live Chillwave :)
Massimo Scola
Andrew Borgeson
Holy shit that beach house cover
Renan de Araújo
I will always come back to listen to this my whole life
L. C.
yeah you've got a brain child in your arms
Prince Hollywood
Thank you @theuppermostinlife ❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Leslie Hernandez
Fucking banger
did he produce this whole album?
Fraser LP
you're thinking sensitive...
Dollface 1
This music makes me feel it’s definitely life that imitates art ☝🏾❤️
Prince Ndiweni
Empire of the Sun anyone?
Sean Andresen
Does this have a STRFKR vibe or is that just me
Vini Andrade Music
do you have his freaking out ep?
ahhh i love 12:07 so much
Josh Keller
These songs take me back to when I was in high school trying to be a hipster piece of shit. Those were great times and this album will rest fondly in my memories
Why no Spotify ?
Pedro’s Garage
This needs more views, but at the same time, it doesn’t.