Dexter Season 4 Trailer

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Preview for Upcoming Episodes of Dexter in Season 4.

Christopher Poblete
this was the best season of all! followed by the first one
Juicy J
This season is going to be bad ass cause season 3 sucked because of Miguel prado
Madara Markusa
What is the song that starts at 2:11? Anyone, please?
True Scotsman
I get the chills remembering it
CheWu CheVu
7th one was great for me, 5 was like ok but meh... 6 and 8 worst seasons in whole series
Bushra Alawneh
The best season !!!
Deranged Writer
Indeed, season 5-8 sucks. 1-4 are masterrpieces.
Sean Lynch
Was the best season and will be the best season to have ever aired of dexter
Ruslana Loveee
I wish every season could be written as good as this one. Maybe if they had written the seasons years before the were filmed, they could have developed more diverse characters as the seasons main killers? This was clearly the most interesting- and exiting season! Fantastic! John Lithgow had amazing chemistry with Michael C. Hall <3 But having said that, I think Michael is such an amazing actor, and that left alone - makes the whole series watchworthy :-)
David Largent
I don't know why...but I had an orgasm watching this trailer!!
franco louis springhetti
sei grande micheal dexter saluti louis
Yes if that will shut your mouth :)
8 year old kids who has never kissed a girl?
damn the end of this season gave me chills
2:18 boobs
Connor A
Seasons 1 + 4 of Dexter are by far the greatest things my eyes have ever seen, I can just tell season 7 will be fucking incredible. September 30th needs to really hurry up!
Do you have no one in your life to listen to your opinions?
IDK,but Christine looks hot!
Of all those Heroes is the only one I watched,and yeah,it sucked after the first season,but I thought the 4th was a comeback and they should've at least given them 1 more season just to end it.I thought the first 2 seasons of Dex were the best after that it's kinda hit and miss,I loved Firefly but it got cancelled before it's 1st season even finished,I don't put a lot of faith into NBC or FOX because If I like it they'll find a way to fuck it up! but I love AMC,Breaking Bad and Walking Dead!!!!!
Gabe Martinez
Its about to go back uphill :)
All Tv shows goes downhill after season 1 or 2. The Sopranos is probably the only exception. Prison Break got outdrawn and boring after season 2, where it should have ended, not to even mention Lost, Desperate Housewives, True Blood and Heroes.
blake fitzpatrick
First time they showed boobs on YouTube
is it me or does quinn and christine look related as in brother and sister
Awesome trailer! Anyone know the song that starts 2:11 ??
It makes Dexter's character more interesting and engaging because he's forced to juggle his life with Rita and the kids with his Dark Passenger. It must have worked because Season 4 is the best season yet!
Madd Gbert
it's funny how in every show, season 4 seems to be the best one. example; breaking bad and the wire.
Chris Mac
The only flaw of this damn near flawlessly acted and written series is the fact that he's even having a kid. Sure, it adds drama, but how did the seemingly indifferent sociopath suddenly decide he's a horndog? I work at a mental health team and I've seen decompensations, but I've never seen anything like this and one of the strengths of this series is realism.
the three victims of trinity disliked this video
Sergiu Radu
Does anyone know the name of the song that starts at 2:11?
Best season so far....
Step 1) pause on 2:19 Step 2) boobies on youtube
@chaseitdown nope rita was pregnant throughout season 3 and it ended with them getting married, I haven't seen 4 yet but ima watch it now i just finished season 3 last night
WAIT did dexter have the kid in season 3?
Salut to Season 4. One of the best Things in TV History
know somone the song starts 2:10?
@sikoladas1 just finished the 6th
Tyler Hopkins
whats the music that starts 2:11
Lin Zing
The ending of this season made me sad..poor Rita.
CANT WAIT!!!!!!!
Im dowloading it now!!
decade after decade ...something about that voice .....
jake sugden
so far the best seasons of dexter were 1-5 hands down
Fourth season sooo fucking amazing... I just love it to pieces
Andrew Heydt
! person was killed by the Trinity Killer.
Wow that can't be the original trailer that is like the biigggeeesssstttt spoiler I have EVER SEEN!!! WTF!
Dexter: Well....It's impressive. Lundy: *slowly looks up all epic like* Makes me wonder if Lundy would have figured out about Dex.
Kota RiverRoad
a babyyy! ^_____^
@TheSuperChronic greatest spoiler ahahha:D remove ur coment...that scene is meant to get reactions from ppl...
It sucks the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow) killed Rita at the end
Bren Scanlan
This may be strange, but i recently found out that Dexter is a drama.... Seriously, I thought it was a dark comedy.
lundy is back :)
@VideoGamesAreMyDrug Well Michael C. Hall and John Lithgow both got awards at the Golden Globes (at least I think it was the Golden Globes) and Michael got another the Sunday after at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards. Hopefully his luck will continue to the Emmy's.
Can anybody tell me what is the track that is being played in the end of this tailor. (starts around 2:11)
Mary Martin
That does it. I'm getting Showtime NOW. I cannot wait for the DVD to come out! This season looks amazing!
Good boi
I guess i am the only one who didn't like season 4 at all
Rick Blanchette
I loved this season but it is always Hard to watch
Just A
so far season 2 is my favourite season 3 was just blah im hoping this one will be step up
Roqa fire flower
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Andreo Suro
just do the fucking maniac stuff!!! who needs this SHIT aboult the relations between this idiots???
Andreo Suro
SO much shit in this season - relations, crying etc BULLSHIT... you WASTEING TIME!!! pidors
Je moeder is dik En misschien ook je vader
1- 5 masterpieces 6-8 pure shit
Sajan Suganth
it's bullshit.