Bond - Victory

Music video by Bond performing Victory. (C) 2000 Decca Music Group Limited

daniel fe
Justine Lising
I have been looking for the title of this song for years. Thanks to Shazam finally found it. I mean, how are you supposed to search for a song when there are no lyrics? Type "tenenenenenenen tenen ten ten"?
Luc Leon
I am on tears...and shaking, because I listened to this song 14 years ago and I did not know the name, I have been thinking about this song since then and never knew the name or how to find it...this is the best day of my life, thank you so much.
Ok... 2018 anyone?
AngeelLuis ssk
when good music doesn't need a voice. Those violins speak for themselves
Tere Ramos
Llevo años tratando de saber el titulo de esa música. Por fin, porque me encanta.
Paryono Ono
justin bieber, selene gomez, taylor swift got more than 500million viewers,but this video only got 11 millions. no wonder alliens dont want to talk to us
Bugrahan KILIC
Greetings from İstanbul Turkiye Princess Islands
mochamad effendi
who's seeing this in 2017..?
med boutef
2019 anyone?? ❤️ 💖 💖
alex ricardo soto villalobos
These gorgeous and talented ladies ruled all through the 2000's
Vinh Nguyen Tu
anyone felt this song should have 900 million views instead of 9?
Lupe Noah
Awesome musical I'm ready to dance all day it was passionate fun the children made it more exciting because they were enjoying it it was just awesome thanks for sharing your video I enjoyed it
Victor Jorda Romero
Esta música me atrapa y me excita para bailar con pasión y alegrarme por la vida.
Fabio Pugliese
OVERTURE de "Il Barbiere di Siviglia" di ROSSINI. Bravissime e bellissime!
Lorraine Ashby
Youssef El Mansouri
Thumbs up if u are here becuz u watched xXx:State of the Union on MBC2
Anabela Rijo
*Good morning, my friends ... Enjoy your Sunday with happiness :)))!*
Bboy Raviel
Margot Cogan
This is fabulous, and they also did this same song with Andre Rieu's Orchestra, and he had a wonderful time and I wish they'd get together with Andre's orchestra and do other songs together,as their chemistry when enflagrante is AMAZING !
Aruo Arian
Wow!......Such a great performance!
Astrid Eva Devi Maya Sari Sembiring
Best masterpiece beauty Bind Victory top love from Indonesia 2018 👍👍👍👏👏👏😘😘😘🙏🙏🙏🎻🎻🎻🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Lia Sarpe
i like it so much!
farah aqilah
my childhood life~<3 i believe i just time traveled
Gregory Georgoff Air Force Retired
Correction: lady at .11 in the Black Dress and Red Underwear is too quick to see. Great Music and Hot Dancing! You Go Girls!!!
Marcelo Ortega
excelente. ..bella musica. esto fue grabado en cuba??
Vania Intan
2019 anyone?
Mustafa Bauer
Anyone here October 2018 ...raise hands ✋🏻
Cloy Rubalcaba123
Esta canción m recuerda a mis amigas xq fue la de mi vals 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭como extraño mucho a mis amigos la primaria 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 triste historia
Manmeet Singh
Thumbs up if you are watching it in 2020
Marinalva de Pontes Lima
Bom Dia , boa quinta feira para todos!
Emre Köseli
This song is ''Giaochino Rossini - Il barbiere di Siviglia Ouverture''
Edmilson Barbosa
Esse quarteto é Show nota 1000,conheci através do filme triplo x-2
Adriana Cornejo Ramirez
Bond desde Buenos Aires Argentina. Felicito al grupo extraordinaria ejecución genial los arreglos
Olga Levantovskaya
Замечательно! люблю Bond!!! Thank you!
betsaida cruz
me gusta su musica lindo!!!
John Bell
Local Apparent Sidereal Time WILLARD , MO Longitude -93.42 degrees 16:29 LST
Esteban Vemont
The best string quartet of the world, I love bond ✌🌐🎻
Asrizal Rizki Akbar
plago brought me here! bandung, indonesia
Richard Peralta
They're so good! Does anybody else get a sort of "Barber of Seville" vibe from the intro?
Orlando Cárdenas
She are a maxima, She are fantastic, and particularly The Bond Victory I like so much !!!!!
that moment when i only knew the title so i have a hard time finding this- and now i'm so happy
Israel Quindao
Its been 8 years and Finally I found you! 11-03-2018 ♥️♥️♥️
Sounds like "Rossini: Il barbiere di Siviglia (overture)":
Elaine Hardiman
I absolutely love these ladies.  They are amazing.  Anyone know what kind of dance would go with this particular tune as I would love to do it at my wedding.  Salsa??
Would you believe Shaggy and Scooby-Doo introduced me to this wonderful song years ago?
OPA Surya
(~°^.) what your if girl lady mother can use tool help to help is sticks hiragana samurai katana belati what can use well 100%full_love (.^•~)
Jeanette St
bongo bongo :)
Lisawanto SeMap
This truly deserves the word 'awesome' in its purest sense.
#Robert Space xD
Ok, vigente en noviembre del 2018. ❤🔥
Yanely Navarrete
Bond  mucho tu música desde que la escuche I LOVE YOU MUSIC
Aeschere 1995
Miss Universe 2003 😍
Ivan Moreira de Sousa
The charisma of you, my heart is contagious harmony, peace and joy. Congratulations and thank you for existing. Affectionate kiss at all.
I had heard this in an advert ages ago I can't believe i've found it! Gorgeous ladies and beautiful music <3
wath i say ! this in verry good un relaxing music . think you bond.
Danielle Delumen
best background music for magic show :)
Dex Peck
Imy Zoe
Don't be fooled people, not all string players are that beautiful, me for example.
Suju4Life _
still listening 2016
Falled into Bond !!!
OPA Surya
INDIA [®™©]~^.^~[?]
Kristiina Simm
Decideo Mirage
i have no words for this.... amazing, so uplifting
Song of Miss Universe 2003; lol Panamá!!!
sergio jourdan
Una Maravilla!!
Jose Perez
excelente musica
Hương Đàm Thị Thu
hay wa ta
They composed it themselves or?
Miroslav Popovic
Luo speaking nationalities in general Luo Ni ??
rose mary
sounds like Victory this is perfect whoever uploaded this is a genius
Matei Coroian
walter padilla
Васил Василев
Супер изпълнение.....отдавна не бях ги слушал
Celine Johnston
Wouldn't mind bonding with those beauties.
Şevval Akköylü
bir ara herkesin zil sesiydi Türkler bi el sallayın bakalım fjhdhgjdgdjhgj
A Daredevil
Omo! I've been searching this for a long time! ♥♥
M Yoman A Afdloil
watch before 2019 coming, now the last of the year 2018 :)
Carolina Benitez
Magnífico,maravillosa una obra de arte!!!
Rommel Terante
you made laugh dude... thats one thing for sure
Andrew Ross
These girls rock
Ruth Naranjo-quigley
A Kete
на всички ви желая с едно страхотно парче :-)  seeehhh
mokhtar guoda
هديه من السماء هؤلاء الفنانات المبدعات هديه للانسانيه
Karen Hutchinson
Luv this!
Иван Макумба
Dat Phan
lúc nhỏ xem tivi hay nghe mấy bài này, khoái thật
Yo Uliwaffle
Wania Monteiro Robbon rutine at Athens 2004 💓💓
Hit like if you are here in August 2019 !
Marinalva de Pontes Lima
Bom Dia , boa quinta feira para todos!
Greetings from Poland 🇵🇱👍❤ 2019
Gulia Agahan
Who is my Adrė
Deewana Tera Haye; Kalam Yehi Khaye - Koi Mere Gil Se Pooche
omg how many years have it been?! this song introduces me to violin tbh
Eddie Sandoval
I love bond music they're really, really talented i love the way they mix modern and clasic music, simply awesome!
it's so good
Steven García R
Who remember this song in Miss Universe Pageant 2003?? 😍 😍