Why Japanese Are So Thin According to Science

Why are Japanese people so thin? What do people eat in Japan? While the rest of the world is seeing anywhere from 15 to over 30% of its population severely overweight, Japan has managed to keep that number at just 3.6%. When it comes to health tips, it's better to turn to the country with the longest life expectancy and one of the lowest obesity rates on the planet. If you’re ready to find out how the Japanese manage to stay so effortlessly thin, keep our new video! In Japan, they usually stick to 3 wholesome meals a day that don’t leave them hungry or dealing with sudden cravings. Those who do snack keep it in small quantities and with a lot of moderation. Also, the secret to Japan’s success begins with their diet, which is pretty carb-heavy and low in saturated fats. Their main dishes of choice include vegetables, grains, fish, and meat. Dairy products and fruits are consumed in moderation. They tend to stay away from foods with excessive amounts of salt and sugar, like burgers and soda. TIMESTAMPS: Diet 0:50 No snacking 1:39 Fast food 2:02 Eating on time 2:58 Exercise for kids 3:44 Portion sizes 4:27 A great public transportation system 5:20 Tea time 6:15 Dinnerware 7:25 Food as an experience 8:09 #japan #japanesediet #japanesefood Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - The secret to Japan’s success begins with their diet, which is pretty carb-heavy and low in saturated fats. Their main dishes of choice include vegetables, grains, fish, and meat. - Just like the rest of the world, a lot of Japanese people have a hectic schedule that doesn’t leave a lot of time or opportunity to prepare a home-cooked meal. In that case, they can turn to their version of fast food, which is usually a lot healthier and resembles home-style cooking. - Most Japanese people have very regulated meal times. They eat 3 filling meals a day, with breakfast usually happening between 8 and 9am, lunch from 12 to 1pm, and dinner between 6 and 8pm. - It’s a lot more common for Japanese children to walk or cycle to school. Of course, other countries have a lot of reasons why it might not be efficient or safe for kids to hoof it to class. - Portion sizes have been on a steep rise in the last 20 years throughout the world. For example, countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, the U.S., and the U.K. have much larger fast food portions than Japan. - Separate bicycle lanes and plenty of safe areas for pedestrians are common sites in Japan. This allows the Japanese to naturally burn calories as they commute to and from work or school every day. - Tea, especially the green variety, is the number one beverage in Japan. Green tea has been praised for having a ton of major health benefits, like increasing metabolism, burning fat, fighting anxiety, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, to name a few. - The practice of using chopsticks also helps in weight management, since they make you eat more slowly and in smaller bites. This slow process of eating helps people catch when they’re feeling full and avoid eating too much. The fact that food is served on a bunch of plates also slows down the process. - The number one way that the Japanese stay thin has to do with removing distractions and being mindful about the process of food consumption. Eating in Japan is treated with respect. Subscribe to Bright Side : /> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: />Instagram: /> 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: /> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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dread knot
Why Japan thin Answer = they don't allow America culture influence theirs.
Crazed Rabbit
Title:why japanese are so thin Sumo's:Are we a joke to you?
Video about Japanese but using chinese music. Lol
owaki midori
I'm from japan and actually we don't eat sushi that much
Rj Rony
I bet 3.6% are those sumo wrestlers.
E Von
I lived and worked in Japan for years, and this isn't very accurate. Most people I knew barely had time to eat. Also, there is the social pressure of maintain a thin appearance. In fact, most women in my workplace skipped meals nearly every day in order to stay very thin. A lot of the meals were based on rice and noodles (especially lower income people). Much of this information is based on stereotypes from people that have never actually lived there.
Ryan Russell
As an American who is living in Japan over 13 years now, I find these 10 excuses to be laughable. The line at McDonald’s every day here would seem to disagree with you regarding them avoiding burgers 😂 Literally 3 McDs and a Burger King within walking distance from my office and all of them have a line a mile long on a daily basis, populated with thin people. But I do love how you said this is “according to science” but didn’t actually show any science. You just spouted common tropes. Let me assure you though, eating with chopsticks doesn’t help you not eat as much. In fact if you eat noodles, you’ll eat them faster with chopsticks than without, if you know what you are doing. Consistently I find that Japanese eat twice as much as I do and they are most often half my weight. You want to know the real difference? In reality, it all comes down to sugar. Western foods are chalk full of sugar and westerners tend to gravitate towards these higher sugar foods while Japanese don’t. But somehow that often gets left out of these videos about why Japanese people are so thin. How do you miss sugar and talk about chopsticks and “being mindful” as if the majority of Japanese aren’t just going into a convenience store and grabbing rice balls and other quick food items like everyone else around the world? Silly! You make them sound like these mystic philosophers who live on a higher plane of reality when factually they have a higher rate of metabolic syndrome, despite their lower rate of obesity. Look it up. But again, the real issue is all about sugar sugar sugar. Yes they will eat ice cream sure, but what they tend not to do is smother it in chocolate sauce or eat a 24 pack of cookies - not only because you simply can’t buy a 24 pack outside of Costco, but because they’ve largely been raised to crave other snack types while westerners have been constantly inundated and conditioned to crave sugars and sugar substitutes. Look around Japan and you’ll find very little in the way of sugar substitutes as well. There is no Splenda and sugar packets on the table for their teas and when they do eat desert, the portion is massively reduced. Birthday cakes, for example, are not a 2 ft long rectangular sheet cake with an inch thick icing drawing of Elmo’s face, it’s a 8-10 inch round cake with light icing topped with some kind of berry or fruit. Yes activity plays some role, but the roll of sugar is 80% of the difference. Riding your bike to work does you no good if you drink Mt Dew all day and binge a box of cookies as an afternoon snack, which many Westerns actually do, and most Japanese would find unappetizing. Just sayin’ How about actually doing science and not just spouting tropes for once. My gosh.
Camila Sanchez
Who else was actually impressed with this video BEFORE reading the comments that completely destroyed your dream to becoming thin?😁
John Doe
"They tend to stay away from foods with excessive amounts of salt and sugar." Cough *Soy Sauce* cough
Pokegirl Lane
3:50 I honestly would like to walk to school but it’s too dangerous 🙁
60s 70s
Bright sight : *why Japanese people are so thin?* Sumo wrestlers : "we're about to end this channels whole career"
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Who else noticed modi ji over there? 😂😂😂🙏
"Chopsticks slows down eating" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You have obviously never seen native Japanese people eat.
Get Animated
This video has waaay too many images of sushi. Almost stereotyping?
EFFORTLESS you say. Really? I’m from Japan. We try a lot. A lot, to a degree that some are too thin, risking life.
Aaren Sackey
Almost all of the Japanese people/people who live in Japan have said that this whole video is false. Wondering where you got your information from
Fatima Samira
Take food as an experience. This will make you mindful of eating and also grateful. Big one!
Bradley Williams
The phrase 'according to science' makes me want to break things.
Brian Prince
You completely overlooked the impact of their healthcare system and glossed over the impact of public policy...
Joseph Lucan Pascual Almazan
I admire Japanese for being well disciplined starting first on each individual. Crime is at it lowest rate, clean surroundings, excellent transport system, discipline on food intake. I just want to visit their country.
Wrecked Gamer
Half of the information is wrong here. Japanese tend to eat lot more sweets like icecreams, cotton candy, eventually they have eye catchy desserts and candies. They enjoy mcdonalds and Kfc. But only difference is they follow this rules. Breakfast - Heavy Lunch- light heavy Dinner - only salad or veg They also tend to drink lots of water and green tea, they go for jogging and other health program on sat sun(during holiday) and mostly, they go for adventures whenever holiday strikes.
Aila GH
This music is Chinese. Not Japanese.
i candy
They are pressured to be thin!! Some teenagers are skipping a lot of meals just to look thin. Some companies weigh you, you have to maintain a certain weight. I guess the world doesn't know this.
Sophie Liu
Looking at the thumbnail and the title, I thought it was saying "Why Japanese noodles are so thin?" which got me a little confused 😂
Sarai Cortez
Things to buy smaller plates Chop sticks Tea Healthy food Got it 👍👍👍👍
“Since Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world..” *Crime rate rises*
Japanese people are so skinny because they walk everywhere to go to work And do grocery shopping.
Dhanya S
It's not about being healthy.they are diet conscious. Being healthy means eating food on right time and doing physical work.
center luna
“According to science” Not science, just stereotypes....
Roushon Hossain
The title should be: Why Japanese Are So Thin According to Anime
Jael Evangeline
That’s funny I just saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi :D I guess he would have got a special 100% vegetarian ramen and sushi 😄
I, as a Japanese woman, feel like this vid was made by someone who’s clearly not familiar with what Japan is really like and most of these reasons are bs.
The Japanese employers, strictly enforce weight limitations. I saw a documentary where an employee was given a time limit to lose 30lbs or he would be fired. His job was not a physically intensive category, it was a desk job. The employee was a middle aged man and was terrified of being fired so he ultimately lost the weight. In Japan, a prior employer can ruin a former employee's life by having total say in previous work performance. This invokes a significant influence over a person's (resume) future job opportunities. This factors into Japan's highest rate of suicide worldwide. A 30 something year old woman dropped dead at work in Japan during 2018. This video does NOT reveal these CULTURAL REALITIES (oppression) as MAJOR MOTIVATING FACTORS in the equation of overall Japanese body type.
DD Taehyung
8:49 The Prime minister (the president) of India has been featured. 😂😂😂😂😂
Self- control and not giving excuses for over- eating!! The Japanese have discipline.
yuu Asami
I'm Japanese living in Japan. On video,some are right but some are not right. For example, we Japanese don't eat makizushi ( rolled sushi) that much, especially in home. We eat just rice 🍚 and other dish in home.(ex.humberg steak and 🍚 and salad and miso soup,like that)
Jakia Sultana Liza
hit like if you are scrolling comments while watching this video 👍
Sobha Dalvi
I love Japan especially for their art and movies (manga & anime)
Aishwarya maiti
because of anime and expensive lifestyle and ever-growing otakus....
Beauty News with Angela Cruz
When they show the same sushi dipping in soy sauce clip over and over 🤦🏻‍♀️
ADam Dryx
Dinnerware. To lose weight, throw away all the large plates. Buy more small bowl and small plates
We japanese actually don’t eat that healthy though. We love greasy ramen and Starbucks drinks that are super sweet.
Freya R
The clip of a sushi getting dipped into soy sauce is so funny😂 No one in Japan dip so much soy sauce😂
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Me: Imma start eating like them *one week passes* My family: Eat more tamales whats up with all those vegetarian foods Me: *looks akwardly* Ummmmmm Me: *finds another table and sits on it*
Space Kitsune
The second I move out of my parents' house, I'm doing all this, it helps that my favorite foods are Japanese
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Japanese portion? Meh. I eat tons and work tons too. Proud of my weight 50kg/169cm
In the end we could see our india's prime minister MODI!✌🕉🈚🈹
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Starts talking about obesity *the Canadians left the chat*
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Our Prime Minister Narendra modi is enjoying Japanese meal😄
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In Europe you can also safely walk everywhere. People just use crime after dark as an excuse to drive home. XD
Maryam Naheem
Weight : 61kg Dream Weight: 48kg I CAN DO THIS!
Leah Kane
You are missing one vital element - genetics! Also science FYI
Link Gamer
If your an elementary kid in Japan you walk about 2km+ everyday to go to school.
Wakiki Demore
I swear to god I thought the title was “Why Japanese noodles are so thin according to science”. Then I saw the pic and I thought it was the amount of time the noodles are left soaking in the broth, causing it to thicken up in the rest of the world and I’m like whaaaaa....??
Eating while watching this 🤦🏻‍♀️
J N Nandakumar
What's Narendra Modi doing in this video Anyways 🤣🤣... I think the points which says where students travel to school by walk/ bicycle and people using public transport to commute. It's a great takeaway for many nations.
Owe Learn
Why Japanese Are So Thin According to Science my answer : CAT!
You forgot to mention one very important factor: self control. In the western world nowadays, freedom is the No.1 concern, "I can be what I want to be, I do what I want to do" is the culture and is being praised for. So when it comes to eating, that "freedom" is also part of it, lot of people just eat what they like. But in Japan and some other Asian countries, society comes before individual, people were taught to obey the rules and meet the expectations of others, not to act out of places, so the self control level is very high, they will eat what they suppose to eat, they will eat what others eat.
Nicolas Miranda
Did i actually see Narendra Modi in the video😂
BlackRoses/Black Coffee
I like that locals and long term expats are correcting the absolute BS in this video.
Jeremy Arnold
I’ve seen three videos from BrightSide and all seem to be propaganda for the health food industry.The last video spoke of goods like Crisco, TV Dinners and Sunny D as relics of the past but (here in Texas anyway) are readily available and widely consumed. Sunny D is a great alternative for people who can’t consume real orange juice, due to the acidity, but the video described it as poison. Really?!? And I stay thin and healthy but consume “TV Dinners” regularly when the only other alternative would be McDonalds. I lived in Japan and although this video brings up valid points it neglects to mention how stressed and overworked the average Japanese person is (and how poor most people’s teeth are). The purpose of this video was to shame Americans and make it seem like we are all enormously obese. I simply found it offensive.
Tadashi Sakurai
I'm japanese and want to tell one thing about this video. The bgm is totally Chinese, not Japanese. lol
í ɑʍ ʍմӏեíƒɑղժօʍ յɑʍíӏɑ
Bright side:makes video about japan-Japanese people Also bright side:puts Chinese background music
Mujtaba Merchant
My biggest take away from this is the discipline that the citizens of Japan have much respect to their lifestyle choices. This was very informative thank you for sharing 👍🏻
CX Tian
chapstick won't slow me down one bit, actually.
flamin marshmello
as a japanese person, I am greatly offended that he put chopsticks as the #2 spot. This mans is truly crazy.
I feel like this video is full of assumptions from only watching Anime and not research.
Michael Nablo
*Why Japanese are so thin* Me- Chopstick-food spill over
Cierra K
I feel like it's the extreme social pressure to stay thin. Just my opinion. 🤷🏿‍♀️
Loh Dexstex
1:17 - 1:22 (5 Sec) Find a fast-food restaurant
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Han from tokyo drift...snacks 24/7 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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With all due respect, the background music sounds closer to Chinese. ^_^"
Makayla E
why are we so thin because thin is the justice for us if u are at least thin, u'll be treated as a human🤗
Not only Japanese, most eastern asian are thin
Richard Oki
Why are they thin? Have you seen how crowded are their subways??
Blue Mochi
I don't eat- okay, *I EAT MOSTLY RICE AND SNACK BREAD SOMETIMES* yeah and I'm fateu😭
kavita kamath
Thank u for this informative video, i too will follow all these principles followed by the Japanese like the bible.
Midnight the hybrid
Every single person in my class brings junk to school
Dungeons&Cats _
Two things: 1: why have Chinese music in a video about Japan? 2: why so much sUsHI? They don't eat it that often
Chocolates Xu
The fact that the bg music is chinese and not Japanese-
Sahil Karim
And that 3.6 % are sumo wrestlers 😅
So....Are we just gonna ignore captain Jack sparrow? 8:04-8:07
Take away: Japanese food isn't adulterated and highly processed
Baijanti kumari
Now I know why I am obese coz I eat by with my hands #respect I am from India
Christine Freas YT
Fast food leads to obesity? I though it was because they had no sense of managing their appetite. I come from an American family of people with blood sugar issues and we can still stay “thin” with our (almost) hourly sugar intake
Why does this vid keep showing sushi? like show some ramen, tempura, onagiri, miso soup, or gyoza like ffs.
michael john
I'm a bit hungry by watching this video...
I am Japanese but I love SNACKING!!!
8:47 ye to apna modi hai. ( This is our Narendra Modi) 😁😁
America, and Europe didn't get heavy until the 80s (over 300 lbs)
これはひどい。I can't stand this video. The contents are plausible but manipulating so many ways. As a Japanese man, born and raised in Tokyo I will tell you the truth. Well, I'm not a scientist but I will tell you what I think of this subject. 1. Genetic 2. Diet 3. Society Genetic: Japanese are genetically thin. No question about it. So are Korean and Chinese. Diet: I only could have sushi a few times in year when I was a kid. I saw way more sushi in this video than I could have as a child in Japan. I believe it is all about nutrient balance. Also, unsweetened beverages consumption is high. I like sugar drinks but generally drink unsweetened tea more than soda just because I crave for it. I still remember that tea was served as a drink at every lunch in a kindergarten. Society: Someone says here that JPN people don't have a car and walk more instead. That applies to ones in Tokyo but not to people outside of city. A lot of people use car everyday for commute or shopping as the same reason as in America. We are homogeneous and resemblance matters. If you are Japanese and your friends or family noticed that you gained a few pounds, they will tell you that as saying hello. Not to give a hard feeling, it is just a part of intimacy or friendliness. If you don't wanna hear anything like that, you watch calorie intake.
Tokyo Diaries
“Low salt” i suppose you don’t know much about soy sauce and literally how they’re famous for salty food? I notice you also mentioned that “they” prepare food at home. I assume that you are just ignorant and not intentionally ignoring the fact that they have a massive stay home mom population, they have someone to make meals for the family... and even if she isn’t a stay home mom, she’ll probably do that. SMALL FOOD SIZES? Have you even BEEN here? I don’t think green tea is so popular... black coffee, however, is a different story. Where did you get your facts?
Gucci Goose
You showed our priminister of India 🇮🇳
The Random Guys {LarY}
0:14...now i know where is the original Mother of all the DUCK IN THIS WORLD....if u see a duck face anywhere...run for ur life hahaha Wait a minute...WHAT ABOUT THE LARGEST JAV PRODUCTION
Hannah Rene
Literally watched this while eating a hot pocket 🤦🏼‍♀️😂
Allan West
Why use Chinese music in a video about Japan? Could it be that the writers don't know as much about Japan as they pretend?
Neutrition, environment, and genetics are why the Japanese are so thin. Period.