Foreign Beggars - The Harder They Fall EP Trailer

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Buy 'The Harder They Fall EP' at /> This little gem of a minimix from SKisM with live footage of the Foreign Beggars showcases all the tracks from the forthcoming 'The Harder They Fall EP' - Available from 6th of June on a limited edition media card. The EP features original material produced by Skrillex, Mensah, Alix Perez, Black Sun Empire, Ruckspin & Medison, Lazer Sword and will be released on June 6th. Get your own Special Edition Media Card with full glossy artwork on each side that comes in its own display tin engraved with the Never Say Die logo. The card contains the EP, bonus tracks, videos, lyrics, DJ mixes, and can also double up as your own file sharing drive. Become a fan of Foreign Beggars: />Follow Never Say Die: /> Thanks to Tom @ TPak Productions

Luke Mendenhall
@blabla12331 hahaha, we all knew you'd get there eventually :P
Florin Oprea
okey, got it. they're all part of the same label.... :)
Florin Oprea
a quick question. did u guys notice the star that appears in "never say * die" is in a lot of dubstep album arts. ex: dodge and fuski - come again, document one - clap, and some others i guess.. what's the deal with that? :)
Jay Gatsby
dude.... cats...
you cats are definitely taking over! sick
Melon Gelon
Normally I don't digg rap or anything with rap-ish vocals...but man I frikkin' digg this!!!
damn, i'm still thinking of a good comment but i'm blown...
Alexander Keliris
holy balls