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kejly _
2:11 Pink hair 2:20 Blue hair xdd
1:59 when you accidentally change hair colour 🤷🏽‍♂️
JusNano _
Is noone gonna talk about how they were standing outside a sex store at 0:54 lol😂
speakers bass test
1:49 the best XDDD
AWM matrix
1:02 X's with his i8 lol rip
Genesis .Centrual
That face at 1:02 is what I want in life SEXYJEFO! OHHHHHHHYEAAAAAAAAA
don’t you feel embarrassed of doing this ???
Indrani Sonowal
Ur so cute jefo!! ..♡♡♡😁😁😁 ur videos make me happy ...hahaha
Makayin Andrews
Just walking up to a boy and saying touch my pineapple xD *takes shirt off* TOUCH MY PINEAPPLE well which one :3
Serenity Breeden
Jefo gets all the girls. 😂
Jim Jim
He can date 20 girls
Naibeth Gomez
#SexyJefo *For the Win* 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
BABI ngepets
Aku suka konten kamu @sexyjefo . I FROM INDONESIA.
Moonlight Ava
Best face 1:02 Click this 👇
U are funny and good guy but sometimes u doing cringe things
Congratulations on 600000 subs
Yeah I’m fat get over it ANTI HATER AREA
Jeffrey you should keep your hair blue! You look... >.< Sexy... (if I was old enough I would marry;)
SexyJefo you're tha man. Thank you and be blessed.
outbreak break
Bro I found this channel today and I loved it already bro new sub fam😂😂
meera meera
Jefo I really like you but I am young😭
Maxwell Nelson
Sexy Jefo and I am a sexy Jefo
OwennewO _2012
Are you gayyy🤯🤯
Chopstick Mafia
I like your channel #sexyjefo
!;59 wait a minute... isnt that the girl that zhong's friend asked?
Tamino Herzl
Does anyone know how the Song from 1:52 is called pls reply
Bro i love your stuf i love you bro credit to u im maling pepole sub to u on sosial media i watch ths everyone day all day kip it god!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tatiana Louriano
#SexyJefo Can I have a shoutout here is my IG lmao
1:31 that boy was like SO confused lol XD
TodoDeku bnha
1:35 that was the moment when the boy changed into gay xD I mean who wouldn't😂😂
Vidhya Romiyo
I like embarrassing myself too!!! But I front of a mirror
queen gaelle
loveeee yourrrr hairrrrrrrrrrr❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ and I love sexyjefo channel ❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍
Layla Hewitt
Sexyjefo be like : touch my 🍍
That *ho yeaa* lol, keep your great jobs brow, thats make me laugh
I cant 😂😂😂😂😂 thank u made me laugh
Skya_ yyaa
I don't approve of other girls touching my man's 🍍
Jaxton Jay
I don't need a tutor. I'm already to snart
Chotai Sahil
I got you from Yt vine...
Jansiel Ortiz
Roses are red violets are blue so long as your channel as a boo
Holy fk the girl at 2:00. So pretty
i love you bro you are so freaking cool and funny❤
ROBLOX master
Jenasia Wilson
Pick up lines: Do you like Pokemon. Because I wont a Pikachu
Savannah Balloon
I'd smash it against the floor and yell SPONGEBOB WHERE IS U!!!!?!?
D Destroyer Gaming
Sexy jefooooo. I love your vids and follow your insta your funny ash
Steven Ramchand
Hey I loved the video bro and I f you see this please reply because I'm a really big fan of you
Naomi Johnson
1:07 😂😂😂 that's what the kids on my bus say lmao
Famorex XD
sexyjefo you are the best please shot out me lov ya
Caleb Reed
Sexyjefo for the shout out love tge vids and love the kpop hair you are my idle
sarai mp
#sexyjefo 😂 I love your videos! :3
qe Studios
Your the most Savage person I know
Deivid Loves to
I love youre videos an i like and supscribe and ringd the bell
kimmy joon
#sexyarmy Sexyjefo
Jenasia Wilson
Pick up lines: Do you like Pokemon. Because I want a peek at you
Alair Martinez vega
Click bait he went from blue to purple
Seba vdBoogert
SexyJefo is know for making cringe moments even worse
Πηνελόπη Μπιζύμη
i want to touch your pineapple 😋😋
Πηνελόπη Μπιζύμη
i want to touch your pineapple 😋😋
Πηνελόπη Μπιζύμη
i want to touch your pineapple 😋😋
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Skinny Fishy GloVegas
Who’s a SEXY JEFO 👇🏻
Yasuo - The MLGforgiven
Idea for a vid: Take 2 table tennis balls and ask someone to touch them :V
😂x10 ig: notspencer9
The Infinity Dice
Is it just me or do you look like 'Drift King' from the fast and furious Tokyo drift?
SexyJefo you never fail to make me laugh
Aaronjae ramos
Sexyjefo's fan😘
Annalise Giacci
i would love to meet you in real life
I have anxiety and depression, this aint no cry for attention, but cry for help. god, life is sad and short
Kevin Da man
1:04 should be ur new yt acc pciture
Danial Dark
where your first teaser of all videos?
I though the thumbnail was lele pons
#sexyjefo for the win
Candi Castro
Alina Neacsa
Sexyjefo is the best
Sexy jefo cause their Some haters coming
hi hi
Kaspo 108
1:02 look is this dude
Dragon Wolf
Can I be part of sexy jefo
Mr.l fan girl
Delia XD
Lol :) You are so cool 😅
huskies place gacha joanna
SEXY JEFO is the best
Jenasia Wilson
Pick up lines: Do you like Pokemon.
Ryad belala
Man your awesome❤
#SexyJefo 😂😂
õshãñé barnett
y is he always doing that ohhh yeaah face
E.B.A fire drgin
Yeah B** I LOVE YOU AND K POP : ) ☺☺☺☺☺
Xmv MysticMyth
Sexyjefo for a shout out
emiii no AnneEmi & TV
Sexy jefos. RULE THE WORL
0:57 what shop is that xD
Gerard Demishaj
1:03 how funny is that face?😂😂😂😂😂
Rylee Jo Swensen
Sexyjefo!!!! In de house
Jazmin Contreras
Jefo love you
Mark Gaspar
Sexyjefo you are so hot
Why do you steal the big marvel content?
Anthony Watters
Oh shoot he went to the food place wow
Angel Duggan
I have never missed a vid I have watched them when they were alive I mean live