Port of Rotterdam - Port tour on MS Abel Tasman

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A trip around the Port of Rotterdam on Spido's Abel Tasman on a busy Friday evening. Includes shots of all the vessels I came across and a little info on most of them. Included is the former cruise ship SS Rotterdam and the giant container vessel Maersk Lavras Music: A New Beginning - Bensound (Royalty Free Music) /> Link to all my movies: /> Steam Packet's 'Ben-my-Chree', Heysham to Douglas /> DFDS's 'King Seaways', Newcastle to IJmuiden /> P&O's 'Pride of Burgundy', Dover to Calais

C'est moi
Thanks for your informative notes. That's what made this clip interesting.
Thanks for the video, the tour looks really impressive, even on a miserable day! Somehow, I think I'll need to fit in this tour on my day trip to Rotterdam next month. Thanks for all the interesting information, too!
Dicky Knees
Few ships look as good as the Rotterdam. Beautiful lines.
David Leake
This was very entertaining and interesting. Thank you!
Kristof Weckx
The 11.8 written under the Erasmus bridge is the amount of meters available between the water and the bridge. Hence the yellow arrow. It's not the temperature 😉
Hansi Hansi
Thank you  for an interesting tour.
I love watching your videos, full of info and facts :)
Иван Кузнецов
Thank you very much. Very interesting.
Ostara, mentioned in the intro is a converted tug. Ex Danby Cross, ex Finland. She operated as a tug close to where I live.
Loreta Rutkovska
i like juor chanel ,i like your videos
Paul Whitear
Nice trip around the port. Glad they didn't scrap the old cruise liner.
Adam Witkowski
Another excellent video from your channel. Maybe its pity that not in 4K.
gary141 bailey
Containers are also 45ft long
Andy DerksMKKT953DI
Good one ! About the dry dock, Damen means Ladies in English. The Dutch can have some interesting surnames lol.
nice tour! the electronic display at 3:26 , i think this is not the temp but the height under the erasmusbrug bridge
Love it subbed👍
If you visit during the World Port Days in the beginning of September you can go much farther in the port where everything is much bigger and more impressive. You need to book ahead because the best excursions are sold out quickly. You can book as early as the last week of August on the official website. https://wereldhavendagen.nl See also: https://en.rotterdam.info/agenda/world-port-days-2019
Andy DerksMKKT953DI
Also good to see that Abel Tasman's name lives on in The Netherlands as it does in the southern hemisphere with the island of Tasmania, Australia being named after him as well as Abel Tasman National Park , New Zealand and the Tasman Sea, between Australia and New Zealand. Tasman was the first European to sight (now) Tasmania and New Zealand in 1642, 128 years before Capt. James Cook came along . Both Tasman and Cook lost men at the hands of the war like Maoris. When you watch the haka it's no wonder Tasman sailed on.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGl8nvINT-0
Chris Lauterbach
As a Nyer The Rotterdam sailed out of NY Harbor on Caribbean cruises for years. In those days she was part of the Holland America Line. I sailed on a smaller sister ship, the old Veendam. The Rotterdam was massive next to us. Nowadays, they're all tiny compared to the super cruise ships. BTW fun video to watch, with an interesting memory. And tell me, did your microphone have a dead cat over it, or was the wind noise to strong for it?
Andy Baker
When you talk about ships turning 360 degrees, do you actually mean 180 degrees? If they turned 360 degrees they'd turn a full circle and end up facing the same direction they started from!
F Terry Smith
There is a wonderful mare Bob Baffert trains called *Abel Tasman* - the vessel is as sleek as the horse. Nice video- thanks for your work.