Turns Out Those Stringy Bits On Bananas Actually Have A Purpose

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Interesting Food Facts You've Always Wanted To Know About Subscribe for more amazing videos! ► ◄ When you’re cooking dinner or going out for a meal, you probably don’t think too much about what you’re going to eat. Sure, you’ll ponder over the menu to decide whether you’d prefer wings or a burger, but we’d hazard a guess that you don’t really think about all the intricacies that make up the elements of your plate. And there’s certainly a lot going on behind the scenes. Whether it’s the odd chemical structure that makes up your dinner, or certain bacteria that can either make or break food depending on how it’s served, there are plenty of weird things happening both before and after you’ve gotten your food. Today, we’re explaining it all. For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] Our Social Media: Facebook: />Twitter: />Instagram: /> For more videos and articles visit:

Netflixer Life
Video that ACTUALLY starts with what described in the title?! Nice.... Nice!
There is no way in hell this takes 11 minutes to explain
Yes now that is a title that speaks my mind
Tomorrow, I'll propose to my girlfriend with a peanut butter jar ;D
*I think ur going bananas* Goes to supermarket *_Buys ALL THE BANANAS AVAILABLE_*
I’ve never even taken the stingy parts off, I never really cared that they were there 😂
Icecream Dream
Who knew? Even bananas have a story. Interesting... Edit: OMG!!! Thx for liking!!!
Elaine Marie
4:22 ...honey that was "older than Christ" What? Who writes these scripts? LOL
Stringy things on bananas are blessed
Ren Dee
Making Diamonds from Peanut Butter...🤣😅😁🌶?.? Come On Skippy!!!!
Karl von Bahnhof
There is another food, except honey, that never spoils -> McDonald's fries :D
Now I know I can kill someone with oyster and get high on nutmeg... Could be useful someday
3 to 4 Bananas 🍌🍌🍌🍌in a Smoothie Baby!
_Kit Kat Kaitlyn_
You can make diamond out of peanut butter Hold my beer
Rose Ten Fingers
Sick! Oysters_ noway! I disagree on ever eating them, poor things were probably screaming then had a heart attack before thier eaten 😫😰🤢🤭
The food that can be turned into diamonds... sell the food and buy diamonds XD
One thing you didn't mention... With regards to 'baby carrots', (what a misnomer to begin with!) these things aren't that good to be serving up to your young children. They are thrown thru a bleach wash cycle too... So it's prbly best to just do the extra work & cut your own carrots down to size (or just julliene them as kids love that) if you love to protect your children from unnecessary chemical processors.
Alexis Barrera
You just keep blowing my mind. The
Mary Williams
Mary Williams
👍👍👍I use to LOVE💘 bananas👍👍,I 🌟ate to many of bananas🍌 , lost my taste for them 😲, stop eating🍌 them😲 ,🌟but after watching👀 this VIDEO'S💻 im start back to eating them 🌟its has vitamins my body 🌟needs everyday🌟 or every other day🌻 THANK U🌻,FOR SHARING ,📿MAY🌻 GOD BLESS U 🌻ALWAYS📿 .🌻
Messi Magic
Richest always making my day and me over here learning more science. Thx👋👋😜🤙🙌
Me: Bring me a bowl of string mom Mom: ???
Barbara B
Super interesting! Wonderfully informative video!
Henrik Ekholm
I love spicy food,chicken wings,honey and oysters too, thx for the vid 😀
Ve Vee
I wonder how many people are going to try to over dose on nutmeg.
Auspicious Moirail
God bless this chicken wing woman...much good
rob robert
You cant make diamonds in "your own kitchen" unless you have extremely expensive scientific equipment capable of producing pressures and heat greater than the SUN!
Havana banana 🍌
I sometimes pull the stringy bits off if they dangle force of habit lol
Noboil Frog
A lot of 'honey' on sale has never seen a bee and is HFCS 🍯☠️
valencia carlin
I love eating spicy foods because they don't bother me since I can't taste anything I eat.
c.a. greene
Whenever you eat spicy food, remember to have something sweet after, it will decrease the heat in your mouth! This is why baklava is served in the middle eastern nations after hot dishes! Baklava was originally made from the flowers of the Indian rope plant ( hoya plant) as its star shaped flowers come out in big ball like blooms and drip a Cinnamon sweet nectar that is so rare only the members of the royal family were allowed to eat them! Also known as princess candy! If you have a flowering hoya plant never remove the budding sights after flowering because the plant will continue to put out flowers on the stem for many many years, removing them stops the plant from flowering. The sights will multiple with each flowering season. Indoors they flower all year.
Gail Becker
What? Diamonds? I am eating peanut butter and celery sticks right now!
Dennis Perez
That was a relaxing video!!! 👍😊❤💋
ship master
Now i want chicken wings😭
meg nemo
What about canned or jarred oysters those ones cant still be alive. Now personally I wont touch them now that I know that they are unclean animals designed just for cleaning the ocean.
Ignacio TROUBLE Ramos
Banana Smoothie And Milkshake Yummy 😋😎😄
Roxie Kelley
O my god be with us all You jests don't no this days and times
Roxie Kelley
I love fish and chacking And it is so good
Geovany Flores
I love those stringy things they are good to bas you only get a bit. :O
any time any where i love to eat banana ,,they are yummy and make me energetic person + thanks for your video
bLaDe Gamer
Always wanted to know what were those!
Richest: try roasting the banana peel Me: * looking at banana peel* Also me: BOI
Brenda Spoon
Always did- but recently i eat them now..thanks. We need all our nutrients. Since they deleiting are.adding took much from our foods.
I never liked oysters before... I'm certainly not going to eat them now.
Michael Cossette
This is the best premium channel ive been watching this channel since you had less than a million subs keep up the good work
Laura Metheny
Umm that comment about peanut butter diamonds being better than what Jesus did was too much. You really should be more sensitive with your commentary's. 🤔
Bobbius Shadow
Do your homework, TheRichest. Chicken wings as a dish have been around for centuries, if not millennia. What you said is true ONLY in some western societies.
TheOtterDragon TheOtterThinks
Gacha Gacha 13
I know You Wont Pin This *5 years Later* *Dies From Staring At Screen without eating or drincking*
I haven't eaten one banana in the past few years, I'm probably not an average person
I loved this video, you guys did something different! I watched though the whole thing. 🔥👍🏿
J. G. Q. Orijuela-Sancho
Chicken Wings are eaten in Asia for years now even way way before Buffalo Wings.
ilona kathy rowbottom
I've always loved eating that part n even sometimes even scrapped it of into my smoothies lol. Mmmmm I guess I'm different. But healthy. 👍🏽😜👌🏼😏😉
I’ve been watching your videos since you joined YouTube you always give me good information that I never knew keep up the good work
"Try roasting it" Me: BOI YOU YELLOW AF
Ronda Hildreth
Peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich! Baby carrots with honey, butter and Tarragon! Chicken liver wrapped in Bacon with Seasame seeds (Rumaki) 😆
I think youtube watches me. I ate a banana and turned on youtube and this was this the first video on. Now you tell me right after I ate a banana. You cross the line with eatting the peel gross. glad I am not an oyster fan.
Fiona P
You're not getting your mitts on my Peanut Butter. Not even for diamonds ⚛️
Blue Voliet
Heck w/ the vid. I think all these cool comments were alot better. Lol. I almost forgot to watch it for laughing at the comments🤩🤩🤩
Feline Rescue
We ate chicken wings way before 1964 and it wasn't the idea of that woman you mention. Makes me wonder what else here is BS.
Msgenxr Empath
REALLY?? People used to throw away wings until 1964?? I find that hard to believe.
Max Power
Those banana strings are called "Squimmets". My reference: HBO's "Not Necessarily the News" show circa 1985.
Nah!!Hey!HEY,hooray! James
The roots of chemicals side effects.. Sometimes we need to be aware of. The food and drug administration, wake up!
Mario -_-Rodrigues
My banana is very big LoL my banana garden
5:11 skipping the oysters these days.
CharaDaKillerPsycho and FriskTheMercfulPunMaster
Lol for some reason i went on this vid when i dont even like bananas
Tyler R Vlogs
So if the bananas strings aren’t tight. U just throw it away? U already opened it
David Oliva
Then there is that one person that says. I only ate the strings not the banana
King Stephen Ribeiro
no views and 8 comments wow
Capsaicin is good for muscle soreness
Im Done
BABY CARROTS! My whole life is a life!😟
Ever Hernandez
great video thank you for having it😊
NPC #4782
Why does this channel have 11M subs but 10k views after 3 hours
Eat the banana peels? Or *smoke* them?? ;-)
jessi Ratliff
Lol I've always left the strings on I've never really noticed them
Renata Gross
Thank you for your informative video.
Eli Stimson
"eat the peel without gagging" 😂😊
if peanut butter can be made into diamonds, the laws of mathematics state that every diamond you encounter from now on can be made into a peanut butter sandwich! hmmm can sapphires be made into Slurpees?? how about rubies, they might make good pizzas! emeralds are obviously mountain dew
hah, butt-bananas.........3:03 she said, "butt-bananas are the only food with mysterious and often valuable secrets." heh
Ann Brown
ICK! Sounds creepy. I remove them. Has to be a better way to get vitamins. 🐲👀
Yep nutmeg is the old fashioned, pal of ye olde sailors.
ginger cox
I always pull the strings off. I also peel from the bottom. There's a little dark sticky thing at the bottom I take out.
Joy Jones
Wait till the spice and pepper get into your eyes then you determine whether it is a physical reaction or a mental one
Bridie Gordon
Early squad
Mwenya Mutale
I think the not eating chicken wingswas only an American thing because in my country we eat the neck and feet too and some people (me included) also eat the internal organs hahaha we don't waste food ( before you think I'm crazy just remember that you eat cow organs so why not the chickens heart or liver lol)
I actually like to eat slightly under ripe bananas out of hand. I like really ripe bananas for homemade ice cream, smoothies, banana-nut bread and banana pudding. I can't ever bring myself to eat raw oysters. They're living snot. Gross.
This 'version' of how buffalo wings were invented is incorrect by a long shot.
I thought she was 18
Turns out 11mins for ad rev
Mer Mer
If capsaicin can cause blisters in your mouth, the pain is real and your brain is trying to tell you to STOP EATING THAT!
Don Guapo
Where did you find all these clips of people awkwardly eating bananas? 🤔
I've never seen a video from The Richest that's 50 views and under. Wow
Mankind can NOT be better or smarter than GOD our creator. Be careful of your statement.
TheSnowBirb yay
I always called them banana umbilical cord... heh
sarang mahatme
*Subscribed to richest & keep learning*
0:40 bAnanas
About the chicken wings? Really? Seriously? So you mean to tell me slaves weren't given the wings. They were just thrown away? Yeah - no. If the innards of hogs were eaten, then so were chicken wings. Sell me another will ya🤨
I always eat them first, then I eat the banana.
Spider- Man
I want a banana now...
Doloris Seeley
Yes banana egg shells coffee grounds also good for garden