Foraging Seaweed: Harvesting a French Coastal Superfood

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An endless variety of leafy green treasures grow along the rocky coast of Brittany, France. Tag along with seaweed forager Cristelle Maine as she shows you how to collect and cook a scrumptious superfood quiche. Produced by The Making-Of: The Making-Of: />Directed, shot and edited by Ignacio Lantero. Interviews by Constanze von Hartmann. Featuring Cristelle Maine. Approximate location: /> Foodie Originals take you on a journey to connect with the personalities foraging, harvesting, growing, creating and making food. Check out all of our Foodie Originals here: /> Subscribe to our channel here: /> This original piece appears in Sn 4, Ep 6 of FoodieTV, a free iOS app showcasing the best stories about food from all around the world. Get the app here:

Nebiyu Samuel
Your production value in these videos are amazing! Very clean and fresh. 
I love seaweed to death, I wish I could just pick them naturally
This was very peaceful to watch. I like that seaweed girl.
LanAnh Do
Mother Nature is trying to feed us, we just need kind harvesters that doesn’t over charge
Juniper Hall
It will never cease to amaze me how much our planet has to sustain us.  Cristelle's enthusiasm is adorable.  My slightest note of criticism would have been on the shooting of the final dish.  The white balance is slightly off and a seaweed quiche should not be attempted to be shot in a cross section unless you're very brave.  Overhead that quiche, guys.  Otherwise, all that feta mixing with the green stuff almost negated the point of the video.  But still, awesome clip and now I'm addicted to the channel.  Thanks a lot, I actually had a lot of work to do!  :)))))))
Frame Shy
i like that she is not cutting the stem
Kayanow Morbihan
Merci Christelle ! et bravo pour ce reportage...
Looks to me like I would be sneaking in there for a couple of nights and eating me a couple handfuls of that stuff since I love sea weed but it's so expensive.
Nij Jin
1 kilo spare ribs + 500gram of seaweed = Great soup. easy and taste good.
Luvena Sisil
So wonderfull place OMG 😍😍😍
Keerthi Suria Kumar
I have no idea how you manage to get such beautiful looking videos irrespective of the topic. Marvelous. Kudos.
seinna june
oh wow this place is beautiful. I've never seen so much seaweed in one place!
Sheila meri
Do you rinse the seaweed off before drying it? Is all seaweed healthy? I live in Florida and there is seaweed on the beach.
Raquel Najos
yay I love this video let me sub.....oh wait I already did
Chris Lee
Nice :D
Number 1! Thanks for all that you do! Brilliant to see see weed harvesting in action
this was really great to watch, thanks for this
Gosh her hands must be so blistery from the scissors.
andre luiz
It's most beneficial for RH negative people, because of the great cooper content. But it's good for everyone.
Acho Ays
thanks alot, it's very interesting receipe, anyway you're rock....
Wow so many different species in one place.
deep hudson
That's spot Just like a heaven of Seaweed ...
lily lily
I like seaweed very much. Normally I fry them or just add some chill oil,salt,sugar, veniger to mix in the seaweed. But my parents dislike seaweed. I also like sea Cherry
Yummy! It is good for making miso soup. 🥣🤤
Xìng Hua Lì
I love watching such videos like this.
Mostafa Asadullah Chowdhury.
Bay of Bengl is most popular and best quality seaweed produced area in around the world.😃
My favorite seaweed is the one you eat and you said delicious. That's my favorite back home when i was a kid and make that a seaweed salad
pak Choiri
keragaman makanan laut halal Berbagai macam harta hijau berdaun tumbuh di sepanjang pantai berbatu di Brittany, Prancis. Tag bersama dengan rumput laut menjelajah Cristelle Maine saat ia menunjukkan kepada Anda cara mengumpulkan dan memasak quiche superfood nikmat.
Michael Rivadavia
Well done! Bravo!
Julie uhc
it's so healthy and yummy!
Latika Sone
Wow 😍 Iam amazed 😵
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ya, actually milk products make you old and use too much land, fat comes from seeds, and calcium you can rub two pieces of chalk together.
It's Wednesday, Screw Ironing
😍Delicious! I'll be right over...😉
Jelio TV Жельомир
Is this in France?
Ben Salim
Thank you
Robert Jalu
Nice - in the Pacific we just eat with Coconut
Rainor Shine
These are delicacies and delicious. They are expensive in Korea. I envy you.
Ray Shikatsu
that actually looks so good
J'ai mangé des algues pendant un , mais toujours acheté dans le magasin. Merci de me donner l'idée de cuisiner moi-même. Votre tarte semble délicieux. S'il vous plaît pardonnez mon mauvais français. Je manque la practique.
food and cooking
미역이 지천에 널렸다 미역국 끓여 먹음 맛있겠다
Stefan Donoval
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Aussie Francisco
I love it 😍
Alexa Esco
I wish I can also speak french😢
keisha alana
Kamu bibinya mhasya kah?
Lush Palms
I want to be a seaweed girl.
Eri Vodica
How can I cook the green sea Lettuce pleaseeee...!?
tiên mỹ
Chị hái cái đó ở đau vậy
length 4:20 fits in cus we getta sea weed
101 Life
Awesome!! I paid too much for them in the supermarket! !
กิจติกร พรหมรักษา
I want to have a girlfriend there.
Dan FM
Love it!
Suriani Zainal Abidin
I love seaweed
dj uno 1
Mmmmm so lovely
Lengockhang144 Khang
the best food.look delicious....
Alexandre Andrejow
She has food all around her and she knows how to use it.
Where the heck is this location? Is it in south of france?
Ariya maya
I like to eat this
thinh tu
nhiều rong biển quá
rhi 4136
Mmmmmm vilaine arêtes tu me donne faim. Snifff y en a pas des comme ça par chez moi. 😄😄😄
I feel like ive reach the end part of youtube weird
Mode Stir
Ew. Seaweed taste and smell like raw fish.
Brett Segmento
All of this looks so disgusting! I tried seaweed once and it tasted like fermented fish!
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Olin the Blasphemer
Your stupid
r24pl made me watch this one :) thumbup. wodorosty maja smierc w oczach.
jojo being raip
if i put dildo inside my mouth maybe that will help me to speak like that ;)