Please believe me // Rebecca & Sarah | The Roommate

► Song : I Do By Westlife ► Ship : Rebecca & Sarah ► Fandom : The Roommate

Annie Marie
I love the way you change de story! Great work! Kisses!
Annie Marie
It's a movie! The Roommate! Is not romantic story... It's about a murder
Dina Cuabo
Wow this is awesome...
Julyana Arse
how is the name of the serie or movie???
Trần Phươngg
they should be together
what was rebecca's problem/sickness?
belle baby
can they just kiss already
Dave G.
great song. i love how u positioned the story. if u love minka like i do, then you should check out her latest film Searching for Sonny.
Luzineide sousa silva pacheco
otimo historia de amor. faca o filme completo.
me too
Lyn Andy
How I wish the movie was like this.♥
Zara Chan
Thank u
I Do By Westlife
Zara Chan
Can somebody please tell me the title of this song, tq
Itziar Garmendia
El video está genial de verdad :D
Itziar Garmendia
El video está genial de verdad :D
Amber THE Cat
Very nice, horror file turned LOVE STORY. Well done (thumbs up)
@MadamHotHen Thank you :)
Wow... you did turn the story around and make it unbelievably romantic. I so wish the producers of the movie had had your vision. It would have made a lot more money at the box office. Don't they know that we want to see lovely stories and not something gruesome we can always get from newspapers? Thank you for this absolutely beautiful work.
this is the best thing i have ever seen. awesome job
micaela petiton
super meencanta la pelicula es hermosa
@TheMartinhali The Roommate
Please, what's the movie????? Never seen that before!!
kkkkk mudaram completamente a história, não existe romance entre essas duas.
Pinky Fantasy
Omg i just realize how edit evolve so much now
Muzair Mughal
I love you
Pinky Fantasy
Also i ship them
Ratna Sari Dewi
So sweet..
Alejandra Maldonado
i want someone like this next to me...
Muzair Mughal
I love you
zoey card
My favorite part was were the crazy roommate wants to put on Sarah's necklace that has her dead sisters name on it.
Jammyllyalanakukuldossantos kukuldossantos
Alguém sabe o nome da música na parte em que a loira atende o telefonema do Jeison?
Amélia Saragoça
samcia gugo
Fernanda de Souza Ribeiro
filme  maravilhoso vale a pena ver
Sarah Entredicho
It not a good ending movie
Pretty song!!
Bla bla bña
Perzsi Ordoñez
Rebecca is fcken psycho
Mara Cristina
por favor algum sabe nome da música
Bhavin Lalka
Son of bitch lesbian