Using The T-mobile HTC Mytouch 4G in 2018 || Old Smartphone Challenge!

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Check out the playlist for more challenges! I Accepted a challenge set by Erica Griffin to use the HTC Mytouch 4G for a few days as my daily driver. Here is what happened! Challenge your favorite creators so I can add them to the playlist! B&H Dealzone: /> Amazon Daily Deals: /> DBZ art is by Barrett Biggers /> /> Please Support the Channel by using my affiliate links : Amazon: />Gearbest: />B&H Photo: /> Thank you very much Like and subscribe Contact Info: /> /> />Or on Youtube as well

Your Daily Bread
XD times really have change xD
Gulam Mohammad Shahina Bano
Wow HTC 4G smart phone 2018 🔥 The Great video Sir 🔥
Rusu Valeriu
Oldies but goodies ! 🤗
Madeline Laurent
My first smartphone ❤️
Why 4G? There Is No 4G network
Yash Raut
RR is out for honor 7x need a tutorial video about how to install
Pako St
Great video! I wonder which gapps pack you used to get the Play Store running? Or is that the Play Store for up-to Gingerbread? CM7 was amazing at the time! I still remember how much better it made my Acer Liquid A1 (re-used SoCs which failed the binning for Nexus One) before jumping on a Nexus S in 2011. I miss that Nexus. That upgrade was really big- real 5 point multi-touch, Exynos Hummingbird was a big plus, small with really great shape despite the glossy back and the outstanding Voodoo Sound from supercurio. Oh, and Gingerbread as a whole for gaming- NDK only apps? Yes, please! The recent apps menu was really terrible (holding the home button) before Holo though.
James Rowe
Dat "CRT screen off animation". Looked SO amazing on AMOLED screens.
Amarpreet Singh
Same looks as of HTC touch 2 😃👍🏽 good old days🍻
Daniel Moore
I had to be pulled away kicking and screaming from my Nokia E72 or BlackBerry by my daughter's to get first android way back then
Feroz Muhammed
It's nostalgic, but it is interesting that it still held up pretty well in 2018.
Ssubaho. NIce video. Never expected that it will even work being it over 7 years old.
I might just bring back my Samsung Dart for 2018.
Angel A-ones Roman
Nice challenge and walk down memory lane, the device actually works pretty good.👍
Kyle Lan
Hi again TK, have you received my email? I thought you may get behind of it.
Jake Bloodless
This video is great. I used to love this phone so much.
sooraj veer
sir how much time you taken for announcing the result of gibeaway
I had that phone and loved it!!!! I used it for nearly a year! That's the longest I've ever willingly used an Android device
Chemy Torres
Wow, that's old, but you know my min was using a Pantech P8000 until last December, was not the best experience for her, but funny to see her struggling.
Is this the best device from 2010 that still can be use today??
I had the MyTouch 3G Slide and wanted this phone sooooo bad
prashanth amanchi
No i dont want to use this phone now...but nice review😀
James Lesko
You , sir, Are. the. Best!
Navaid Sheikh
Hey i participated in giveaway 😊 Very nice phone
Yamini Nagarajan
Old always gold :) Awesome video😊
Renato Laporte
I kinda of liked Froyo, I loved when I installed asop froyo on my HTC desire. PS: how come 4G? o.O when did T-Mobile began rolling out LTE in the US?
Jay T
Wow I remember having that device. It is crazy to see how far android has come since then. I remember when we only had knock off versions of angry birds ninjump and fruit ninja.. I also remember having to wait a long time til streaming Netflix was available on my phone. Didn't perform that well but i have allot of memories of that phone.
Rodrigo Blank
i use her in 2018
Robert Clark
You are the only one that actually chose a true throw back. The rest chose devices that could easily still run 8.0 via lineage and etc. Which is kind of cheating. Lol. Good for you. A real test.
2Creeper41 Games
I have a mytouch but it doent show the updates plz tell me why
Martin Hernandez
Lotion. Hand lotion.
Tyler Cameron
I just want to say this phone wasn't made specifically for T-Mobile. The MyTouch 4G is a rebranded HTC Panache, which is admittedly a somewhat obscure phone, but it wasn't built for T-Mobile like many HTC phones were made specifically for CDMA carriers.
I still have Mine
I remember really wanting this lol
I had a very solid experience with this phone back in the day. I did this challenge, too. I used the Mytouch 4G Slide on the stock ROM and I couldn't get 4G either. My supposition is that the bands used for HSPA+ have been re-purposed.
Laurel Dunn-Scott
I used to love this phone when I first got it. I still miss all that metal. I know it was heavy. But the phone felt awesome. I didn't mess with that terrible ( i forgot the name.) my touch assistant button. That part was always really laggy. But this was a great upgrade for me coming from the Motorola cliq.
Des Zee
Nice vid. In 2010 I was using a Nokia N86 8mp.
Chris Powell
I had the one with the physical keyboard
Lord Noctis Lunis Eclipse Sawyer
Use an iPhone 5s in iOS 11 and a Moto E1 With A Custom Android Oreo 8.1 ROM & Tell me how old it is (Both of them super mayor lags everywhere)
Dick B.
In 2010 I had to replace my Blackjack 2 with the Jack on an emergency basis - my daughter was in labor with her first child 1200 miles from me when the BJ2 died while I was at work. Windows Mobile 6 - forever ago. Sammy's Infuse was my first Android phone and my first time rooting. Thanks for the memories.
patrick cadette
Buster Lee
Thanks for posting this. Ive been a fan of XDA for years. As a matter of fact I have a Galaxy S2 Skyrocket that is still in service. Your videos on XposedFramework were a lifesaver TK. My daily is a Note3. I do like "new" tech BUT at todays current prices I cant justify getting rid of my note3. I can STILL do more with it than EVERYBODY else I know with their 1K$ phones. I get a good chuckle when folks see me plug in to the TV and sit down with a keyboard, mouse, watch, and controller on the couch to play Tomb Raider and watch Game of thrones. Get to a hotel and it turns heads in the lobby when i bust out my phone and change the TV channel. Why would I downgrade to a "new" phone?
Anonymous Hacker
Nice video bro💜💚💟💟❤❤😘😙fann