Naruto Episode 311 English Dub | -ナルト- 311

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Naruto Episode 311 English Dub | -ナルト- 311 Naruto 311 Naruto Episode 311 Naruto 311 English Dubbed Naruto Episode 311 English Dub Naruto Ep 311 English Dubbed Naruto 311 English Dub Naruto Ep 311 English Dub Naruto Episode 311 English Dubbed

Haris Syafiq MTA
The ending is pretty sad..
Syafiq Saleh
Lee is kind character that unite all of them to hangout.
Smog Lo
19:36 Neji: “You guys better not be trying to cheat!” *Meanwhile using Byakugan.*
naruto is a perfect mirror of pervi sage
WhatSoEver 545
best filler ever
if i got 1 penny each naruto filler i would have a million dollars
Zach Beecroft
I don't like fillers but this was a pretty good episode
angy p
that braaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kelsey Lanette
Did neji cut his hair???
yay he fell because of the power of youth
Master Bradley
poor sakura
Yuu Hyakuya
The bra makes everthing in this filler complete
When lee cried lol.. and when chino said that small underwear must be.. pertaining to sakura
Ace Laguna
Naruto reminds of me being alone of my life journey 😢
d channel
Giant larva 😂😂😂😂😂 can't stop laughing
Ninad Ayare
it was so sad😭
Izzat David
Neji 😭
Illias Maduro
this filler is for pervs
zaYn jaVed
That bra though
Olamide Adyemi
3:15 that moment when your trying to get noticed by a drama king
lana hakoun
22:18 itachiiii my heerooo
best filler ever
한국어과 아랍김지엄
There is naruto in korean? I don't understand english well
tok tik legend 69 im already tracer
what is kiba wearing on his head
lana hakoun
Maaann I have a crush on shikamaru
Darkness seeking Legend.
What is filler by the way
Straw Hat Luffy
Don't be so salty
Potato Yash
wow this made me feel very happy
lol they keep floating up
TheReborn 1
Naruto is more suspicious than rock lee. Heeheheheheheehehehehehehehehe, LOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOL 😂 😂
pranav kombe
ino l love u
sakura flat ahahah
Adriane Antolihao
😭😭😭😭It's so sad
An Dollie
Is it me, or is obito and that tree guy transparent?
Jun Manuel Literato
The bonds
What the heck was this episode lmao
they overdramatize just because lee peeped
nicholas santana
7:41 shino hair is........
This reminds me of the movie
Opheila Rowe
Pretty okay filler
Talo BB
Naruto was all cool but most of the time he has something to mess up with
Opheila Rowe
8:37 I wonder why
NON Fumare
For me Sakura is the best girl in Naruto Shippuden. 11:45 is very beautiful and sexual. Her boobs are not much big but her body is equally very sexual. Muscles, intelligence and beauty is a perfect combination.
Azares Gaming
Mt dew ang sa baso
Sasa Lazic
Jiraya is proud
ah shino there is an insect on your croch
Jun Manuel Literato
Shikamarus buttt so hot
Rhena Yuwanita
Naruto play with himself
arent they ded
Michael Madoroba
God I hate dub
Aᴋɪ_ᴄɪɴᴀᴍᴏɴ UwU
Ms Hell
0:15 я один слышу сука ебнул
Master Bradley
wait a second.... what happened to the war
ahhh butts
gay & lee is a perfect representation of filthy frank and idubbz
adzmie ahmad
hahahaha..that bra
15:22 y does ino look like a granny
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boobs
Eric Brooks
What happened to the war?
Marshal nicio
6:25 what does kiba say? Brown??
Potato Sunset
This is the most saddest moment in my life 2:49 LOL 😂
Jun Manuel Literato
Shinos dick. Is larva ? what
Elyies Marino
Naruto u studied of course it's a larva it's not a penis aee guys
i remember my friend told me about this episode hinata has huge tits
gamer j.v
lol y does naruto like watching dicks like wtf