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The Honda ST1300, Kawasaki ZZR1200 and Yamaha FJR1300 compete in MotorcycleUSA.com's 2004 Sport Touring Shootout. Read the full comparison test: /> Subscribe: />Website:

FUCK YOU for making me click on this worthless video
Your an idiot...
Who won the Comparison Test? What type of 'test' was this anyways?
this is better or cbrXX for travel? it seems that the CBR has more top speed so this gives ZZR 280?
@BMWGrover Hah! Yeah I just saw a couple of these on the Oregon coast. They each had their wives driving an RV and had a trailer for their bikes. Fat guys, leather jackets with a skeleton's hand on the back giving everyone the finger.
Anyone know what the music is?
Billy Crandall
@tatonka55 You sir, are a legend.
@BMWGrover been touring on my 1200 custom with no troubles , at 66,000 miles now and our longest trip has been over 4000 miles in a week. "Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ingorance" Albert Einstien
Lee Greene
I agree , talk about the bikes I don;t care about your taste in amateur music
@Matosov What's not touring? I don't understand. Are you saying the R 1200 RT is not touring? It is considered by all a Sport Touring bike. The bikes in this test are also considered sport touring bikes.
Chris Matos
@LTCGuffy its not touring.
Honda's out front as usually!
Lee Tolley
Seem like I like the look of the honda better then the other two shown here. Don't know what the handling difference is though between the three.
These are all great bikes but the key reason for the Police bike switch in the UK is due to the ST1300P version having a really bad rear suspension set-up that induces a dangerous weave at high speed. Couple that with heavy police electronics and there have been a few police fatalities. The UK police have therefore swapped over to the better prepared BMW RT-P.
I prefer the BMW R 1200 RT.......it's the sweetest touring bike I've ever ridden.
Dave Dickson
I am a massive Honda fan, but I must admit, most police forces in the UK have switched to the Yam from the ST1300. Must say something about the performance of the Yam, dont you think? Personally I prefer the Honda, but it is the only one of the three I have ridden, so I cant judge fairly.
motordudesj, WTF are you even talking about? Great, another squid kid who thinks he know everything there is to know about riding, touring, and bike segments.
T Charlton
3rd grader??
a joke? here's a joke: Q. wot do u call a monosyllabic fuck knuckle? A. an 'ejemxemxoi'
T Charlton
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Billy Crandall
Touring on a HD? Touring on a Harley is you loading up your bike on a trailer, and driving your truck to destination, parking on the edge of town and riding to the city center to local biker bar in all your leathers talking about how hot it is outside.
well from the loos of the video, I think the Yamaha looks the best.
the honda and yamaha are about as sporty as a goldwing downhill and mis-categorised as 'sports-tourers'. a new category more appropriate for them would be simply 'tourers'. they're for middle-aged men who've just had their enlarged prostates fixed, but still think they're young enuf to buy japanese. the zzr1200 is no track day crotch rocket, but would blow the other 2 away on any lap or winding road. its also the least expensive of the 3. kawasaki's 'tourer' would be the gtr1400.
I'll tell you the result. Read the specs, the Yammy has the power if you like the "sport" in sport-touring. The Honda has the comfort. Both are great bikes. Leave the Kawi in the garage.
Sound and Light Technicians
Another one posted by some dweebs who don't actually tell you their results? Its not a comparison is you are just filming you and your buddies out riding, Thanks for wasting 2:05 of my life.
james eadie
boring after 30 seconds, also what were the bikes compared to a 250 cc also how badly dressed the bikers were? also bad music to go with a bad video, film director didnt use best depth of field with his panning and counter panning. found this disappointing also. do you think i use the word also also alot also
That was not a bit of help.