Dexter Season 6: Episode 4 Clip - Imagination

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Dexter finds himself at a bizarre crime scene.

I agree thats my current question (Ok but even then rudy or brain, when did deb ever find out that brain was his brother? he never told her that...that he was his brother!?)
Ok but even then rudy or brain, when did deb ever find out that brain was his brother? he never told her that...that he was his brother!?
FUCK FUCK FUCK ! yea, i can say it on youtube, why can't Deb?
Dylan Crain
@thursday21987 Deb always knew him as Rudy. I can totally understand Deb still wanting to call him Rudy.
@thursday21987 Dexter just said Brian a SENTENCE before Deb says Rudy. She knows his name is brian, but refers to call her rudy, as SHE knew him. As for season 5, Dexter calls him Rudy because he doesn't like the idea of his brother's name, who he mourned, being compared to the likes of jordan chase and his rape cult, especially when he's empathizing with lumen and rita as victims. The show never fucked up, you're just being nitpicky without thinking about it.
Conor Foley
deb didnt know that Rudy aka Brian was Dexters bro confused
@TheFarmerboyproducti i think it was season 4
Marc Gianatiempo
Do the writers not even watch their own show? I mean, I know a lot of people were fired after season 5's ending, but FUCK, Deb KNOWS the name of the Ice Truck Killer is BRIAN, she found it out in season 4, yet they made her say Rudy... They did the same thing last season only it was Dexter that called him Rudy. How do you fuck that up twice?
Kirk Pinkney
when did Debra realise that the icetruck killer was dexter's brother!!
After spending the last hour trying to confirm the references to revelations, I am now confused. In this scene there are 3 horses, with the correct colors (white, red, black). The fourth horse (pale) should have "Death" riding it. But instead Death, who wields a scythe like the reaper, appears on the white horse. The writers are certainly smart enough to not make a mistake like that without reason. The white horseman should be wielding a bow
Great. Looks like we got a couple of bad guys deserving of Dexter's attention. It's slice n dice time..
Who cares if a few words were censored? It's just a one minute preview of the episode you'll see in less than a week. All this arguing is silly and pointless.
what the hell debra cant say fuck??!?!?!?! for fuck sake
@JayCificity Glad I help :)
@czDante92 Oh, I recall it now. Thanks. She finds while digging thinks about Harry!
@czDante92 God! I completely blacked out one of the best season finales! About time I do a Dexter Marathon. Thanks for the info!
Mea Hunter
én az 1500. :-)
@JayCificity she don't know that Dexter knew that, though.
@DJB24966 I dunno about acting but her character is just fine. Well, 100 people, 100 tastes I guess.
click 7 for the LOVE OF GOD ?!
WTF? How's Debra know Dex's brother was the Ice Truck Killer? Masuka's intern?
George Bumgarner
@czDante92 lol, sorry but Deb is not only the most annoying character on the show, but her acting is also terrible.
@DJB24966 there is special place in hell for people like you!!!
where is the fuck?!
Hello, viewer 1,500. You're the next one for dexter's table.
@realmofsilence Plus half of Deb's dialogue is bleeped out haha
B P 61
LOL @ beeeeeep. #fail
DEBRA JE LA BAISE @@@@@@@@@@@
George Bumgarner
Can we kill Deb already?
iMDB has this same video on its Dexter's page, uncensored.
Couldnt you guys have made this longer...not by much, just 49 more minutes...:D
@realmofsilence Not to mention that showing dead riders made of numerous body parts is good, but saying "fuck" isn't.
dont bleep deb :(
Man, this season is so great.
@Smallville744 Thanks!
Season 6 Episode 4 right!!
@edgarpriednieks LOL I totally do that all the time
Ivan Lind
@EspenSe7en Debra started getting suspicious in season 3 when dexter let it slip that Harry had an affair with a CI so Debra was interviewing all Harry's CI's to find out who he had an affair with and that lead her to Laura Moser and then she Asked Deputy Chief Tom Matthews about it and he told debra the truth after she looked it up on a database ond saw Dexter on the post about Laura Moser's Death
@edgarpriednieks season 6
@EspenSe7e it was season finale for 4th season...the "The Getaway" episode...
except for miguel prado, i just love the style of all the lead negative characters from all seasons...too good..
@rosey312 That's probaly it. But I find it odd that I could not remember. I've watched that season twice <.<
@EspenSe7en I think she found out season before last when she was looking for her dads lovers.
How does Debra know that the ice truck killer is Dexter's brother? <.<
Eddy Que
1) don't "BEEP" swearing out... it really ruins the scene lol if anything just mute it 2) her response to her co-workers is actually accurate to how women operate lmao, women do not want to be in charge period and it's evident
Uno Dos
Quinn better end up dead. Every time I see him I want to unload a shotgun into the tv screen.